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Why Do I Need MBA?
Some of you may want to have the MBA degree to get a better job or promotion to move ahead


Why Do I Need MBA?(Comments)
Well basically I want to do MBA because I want to have my managerial skills so that when I..


Discussion : Is MBA Worth it ?
MBA should provide business value by allowing a company to conduct its business faster, cheaper ...
MBAworthIt .htm

Discussion on "Is MBA Admission Rush a Hype or a Need ?"
There is a big disparity between the supply & the demand for Management seats from reputed colleges in .....

  Discussion on "MBA vs MCA"
Both MBA & MCA are good career options but they are fundamentally different from each other ....
  Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility criteria is different for different institutes and for different courses.Some institutes may require ....

Types of Mangement Programs
Following are different ways to get the MBA in India listed in the preference of  UrPercentile.com..


Discussion : Which MBA is better for Working executives?
MBA definitely has an edge and as we have lots of good B Schools providing the same, he can definitely go for the...


When to Pursue MBA? (Comments)
First of all we will have to consider four thing before deciding at what stage one should do MBA....


Batch Profile of MBA Classes
A full time 2 year MBA program conducted in India that does not have any special eligibility....


Ranking of Management Institutes
This list is for reference only and is not official list of any kind.  The list is not a complete list....

  When Should I Pursue MBA?
We at UrPercentile.com recommend to pursue MBA after a work experience of 18 to 36 months...

MBA by Correspondance
I think MBA by correspondence is not as effective as the regular course. In regular course we undergo ....

Part Time MBA
The fundamental objective of acquiring an M.B.A degree for most of us  is to augment our chances of secu ....


MBA Abroad
An MBA abroad is not necessarily a better option. Unless you are aiming for the top 20 business schools....

Specialised Mgmt. Programs
Some Specialised Management Programs:: AGRI BUSINESS MANGEMENT/RURAL   ....

      Specialised Programs (Comments)
Ever seen a fish out of its peers? Or a fierce feline out of the woods? The idea of specialized ....

An Article on Specialised Management Programme by Hardik Doshi




  Discussion : Specialised mgmt. Program Vs General Mgmt Program
.. he cant become jack of all trades... specialized MBA is necessary to have a sharp point in every...


Specialisation Members Desire
I  would like to do an mba in HR ....preferably, that is my inclination .In general I think I can do well ....


One year MBA
One year residential full time management program is relatively a new concept in India.  Most of the....


  One year MBA(Comments)
One year Management program is most worthy things for those people who are in industry for more than ....

How to get Admission
Almost all the institute seeking students for full time MBA program will require you to give an ....


Syllabus of MBA Course
Following will provide information on the  course structure of the MBA program, the different ....


  Discussion on MBA/Job/Business
Today we will have case study. There is this guy called MBAspirant, he has following 4 options
Kind of Job to do Prior to MBA
We at UrPercentile.com  suggest that you go in for generalised job in the beginning.. ....

  Discussion on Kind of Job to do before MBA
he should look into marketing, sales or finance and then he needs to look ...
  Discussion: Work Experience Requirement for MBA ?
Freshers should also be given an equal opportunity to compete with those who..

Discussion on Education Qualification Vs Work Experience
though he has done architecture and that too from a good institute, that doesn't make him, qualified enough...


Discussion: MBA After Work Experience- A Better Deal
Management today is a way of learning to master the skills to manage people, work in teams and...

  Gap Year for MBA Prep (Comments)
"There is nothing like free lunch in this world" so to get something one will have to lose something.

Gap Year for Preparation
Some of the aspirants prefer to dedicate one full year for the preparation of the MBA entrance ....


Salary to Expect after MBA
Your salary will depend not only on the institute you pass out from but also on your past ....


  Expected Salary: MBA Aspirants
hmmmm...exciting question...the  word salary excites me like none other, but if U ask me,

Discussion-1 on "Leaving a High Profile and a Fat Package Job for MBA"
Doing MBA makes your growth ladder steep and separates one from the numerous engineering graduates...
  Discussion-2 on "Leaving a High Profile and a Fat Package Job for MBA"
if a person wishes to change the domain where he's working, can such a decision hold water....
  Discussion on" For many M.B.A.’s in India, Dream Job May Be Just That"
It may be of Fat Pay packages, it may be of Adventurous thrills, in the end what matters is his expectation from life.

Tips by our Alumini-Theja K (IIMB)
I'll start with a simple confession : I haven't cracked CAT, I have only cracked an IIM.


  Importance of Past Academics
Past academics of MBA aspirants are taken into consideration, but the overall weightage given....
  Late Result of Final year exams
For most of the MBA courses, candidates appearing for the final bachelor's degree/ equivalent qualification.

Signing an Employement Bond
Some of the companies ask fresh graduates to sign an employment bond for 2  or 3 years. It is ....

  Discussion on "Signing A Bond"
I think the person should not sign a bond , and should take the new job though offering a job of lower grade...
  Life at Mgmt institute
hectic...very demanding...you got to be on your toes all the time... and also lots of fun ....

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A Paradise for MBA Aspirants