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Following is a rough time table we have prepared for those have more than year to prepare for the exams. You may change it according to your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not sure of your strengths and weaknesses, write two mock tests and spend 2 hours on analysis of each. 

1) Starting date to 15th March :  Start working on your vocabulary and for RC section now as this cannot be done in a short time and needs a continuous efforts over a period of time. You may devote 1 hour a day for this section by reading newspapers and magazines. Read from various sources on different subjects. Keep a dictionary handy and consult it whenever required, keep a diary of new words you come across. Start working on fundamentals for mathematics and on topics where you consider yourself as weak.

Multiplication of numbers till 25*25 should be remembered.

Squares and cubes of numbers till 25 should be remembered.

Pythogoras triplets with any all the arms less than 200 should be remembered. Start working on mental calculations with percentages, fractions etc.

After 15th March continue to spend 30 minutes on reading newspapers, magazines etc everyday till the end. 

Time-Table for Preparing in 10 Months
Following is a rough time table we have prepared for those taking CAT next year.
  Time-Table for Preparing in 8 Months
Start working on your vocabulary and RC section now as this cannot be done in a short time.
  Time-Table for Preparing in 6 Months
Following is a rough time table we have prepared for those taking CAT next year.

2) From 16th March to 11th April : Devote 1 hour and 30 minutes everyday for Data Interpretation and Data sufficiency.

3) From 12th April to 10th May : Devote 1 hour and 30 minutes everyday for Logical Reasoning and Verbal reasoning. 

4) 11th May to 7th June , Take section tests on Data Interpretation , data sufficiency etc.

5) 7th June till end of June for Arithmetic and Algebra.

6) 1st July till 21st July for Geometry, Set theory, Probability and remaining part of QA.

7) 22nd July to 7th Aug for Section tests on QA.

8) 8th Aug to 21st Aug for section tests on English. By now you should score well as you have devoted 1 hour a day on reading newspaper and on improving your vocabulary.

9) 21st Aug to 10th Sept for the section you think you did not perform well in your section test.

10) From 10th Sept to Oct end : Take Full time Mock test twice a week. In Nov till CAT is held take 3 test a week. You should be comfortably able to take 25 full time test.

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How to prepare a Timetable for preparation and how to follow it By Niharika

Admission into one of the six Indian Institutes of Management is every MBA aspirant's dream.

The Common Admission Test (CAT), which is the qualifying examination for admission to the IIMs and other top management institutions across the country, is one of the most challenging entrance examinations. There are numerous coaching centres and classes to train graduates to clear it. Every year, CAT is conducted during the month of November or December. This year CAT is to be held on November 21 in several centres in the country.
Over one lakh applicants will take the examination, hoping for a successful career in management. The entrance examination isn’t, however, their final hurdle.
Every IIM has its own set of independent rules and regulations to judge a candidate.
CAT is just the begining, it is followed by group discussions and a personal interview too...
Here is a way, you can manage time and give your best for the upcoming CAT!
Though It may be thought important to make a TIME TABLE for the preparation of CAT, I believe giving quality time is more important than quantity time.

Start now!
*It is never too early when it comes to preparing for CAT. The earlier, the better! Starting early would give you that much more time to learn, understand, apply and remember.
*There are several institutions like TIME, IMS, Career Forum etc that have a complete module for CAT. Taking up coaching classes in one of these centres will help you systematise the process.
*Apart from regular classes, these centres give model question papers and also conduct several mock CAT examinations to help identify your strengths, weaknesses and thereby enable focused learning.
It is vital to brush up your basic Math and Language skills.

Part of your daily routine:
Make preparation for CAT a part of your daily schedule. Continuous practice is vital. Practice makes perfect. So perfect the art of practice.
First, take up  topic you are most interested in, and give some time to it, about 2-3hrs...
one should study during the time, we feel MOST refreshed, as we can focus most at that time.
If you have joined a coaching institute for CAT's preperation, then never schedule your study time directly before or after the class.
Give yourself a break long enough to refresh yourself!

Set yourself deadlines in simple things like completion of a section. This will not only help you judge your speed, but also help you improve it.
Remember that it's you who wants to see yourself sitting in one of the IIMS this time next year. So give your best. Don't ever let over confidence or laziness ruin your chances.
Giving about 2-3 hrs minimum everyday, would help a lot...but if you feel that you can manage more...then do try to keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself after completion of a section or a difficult problem!
some people tend to study early morning, as hey feel the energy within them the highest at that time, while others prefer night time to be the best!
Do not go on what others say, take a few days to know, which tme suits you best...and choose a time when no one can disturb you for a few hours.
Constant focus is important, and so is everyday practise to keep your mind exercised.
so choose one comman time, and stick to it!

Read up:
Your regular course material aside, you also need to update yourself with what's happening in the world. Read newspapers, magazines, editorials, simply anything you can lay your hands on.
Apart from equipping yourself with general knowledge, you are also improving your reading speed, which is very important in the entrance examination.
Also, you could get a passage on anything from 'Possibility of life on Mars' to 'Water scarcity in Chennai'. So reading a wide-range of articles would help you be prepared for any topic.This also helps in relieving the regular boredom and time table. You would feel focused about your goal as well..
But do not do this in between you study time, else you will loose track.

Believe in yourself:
Have the right amount of confidence in yourself. In times of fear or doubt, tell yourself "Of course I can, I should , I will!" After all, hard work will never let you down.
Treat this as a genuine learning process that's going to help you crack several tests, interviews in future with great ease. Many students opt to take coaching and help from people, to progress and learn to manage time in the test.
And there are many who, work harder to achieve there goals.
Do not start thinking about how the paper would be, tough or easy, what matters most is your hard work!
Every section is equally important, but when you are good at a particular section do not avoid it during your preparations...it could mark a BIG difference in your exam and even help you get through this tough exam!

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants