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Arya Banerjee : Ever seen a fish out of its peers? Or a fierce feline out of the woods? The idea of specialized MBA is just a way to prevent the “bright minds” of India from going down with the same malaise! Imagine a computer geek breaking his head over a cumbersome balance-sheet, or an accomplished CA trying his hand at some classy HR lessons! the imaginary goose-bumps U are having in case it were you, gives u the necessary  kick towards having a pragmatic and somewhat utilitarian view that’s required to resolve this seemingly professional, but-may-have-psychosomatic-consequences problem!
But now think of a English erudite having an HR session or an experienced consultant taking up IB course, the results are surely going to be optimized. Marketing is something some might love and some may hate Mass Communication! Given the infrastructure, won’t it be wonderful to see the old adage working: “do what you are good at!”
I believe the age of specialists have passed though, it’s the age of all-rounder! Managers! But the specialized person will surely do well. And with facilities for those who want to pursue general one, it will never be intersecting areas of interest or job-market.
Therefore, I support the new trend of setting up institutes with unidirectional flow of human resource. But it can be incorporated only when there is no dearth of good, strong infrastructure! with willful experts at work, and working for something they love, Economic and Professional Independence may have a whole new meaning. 

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Vijay : I think it is better to do specialied courses as it is easy to get job at entry level . If certain company is looking for people in HR department , they will most likely  prefer candidate who has spent his or her 2 years doing Post graduate diploma in HR. The disadvantage would be in later years as regular PGDBA / MBA gives overall knowledge of organisation structure and department and when one is to be selected for a senior position he/ she must have over all knowledge.

Gudiya : One should not take these speciliased courses as they don't give overall knowledge of management. Unless one knows about overall organisation working it is not possible to work properly , unless you you are at the bottom level of the organisation hierarchy.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants