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How to start Preparation?
Planning is a very important part of any job/ task or for any goal that you want to achieve.



Books to be Read atleast 1 Year Prior to Test
Word Power Made Easy by Goyal saab. Introduces the roots. 


Books to be Read During Last 18 Months
Select any four, including 1 newspaper. :- Business & Management Chronicle .. Book18Mrbefore.htm

Books During Last 12 Months
Select maximum up to  3 on different topics from the following:-Career Forum Study Material.


Books During Last 12 Months (Comments)
I m doing coaching at T.I.M.E and they have provided me with the material..


Percentile Score required to get GD/PI call
There are about 1.7 Lakh students writing the MBA entrance exams..


When to Start Preparation
We recommend that you start preparation for the exam around 1 year before the exam,

  When to Start Prep(Comments)
People who are planning to take up CAT in the final year of their graduation would easily have twelve months ...
  Time-Table for Starting 1 Year Before the Test
Following is a rough time table we have prepared for those have more than year to prepare for the exams.
Time-Table for Preparing in 10 Months
Following is a rough time table we have prepared for those taking CAT next year.

Time-Table for Preparing in 8 Months
Start working on your vocabulary and RC section now as this cannot be done in a short time.


  Time-Table for Preparing in 6 Months
Following is a rough time table we have prepared for those taking CAT next year.
You Have Just 4 Months for Preparation ?
If you just have 4 months for preparation then it will not be an easy game.


Amount Required for Preparation
How much total money will I be spending on preparation, that is on study material, books....



  To Prepare in Group or Not
I am of  the view that self study & group study in combination both are important.

Discussion : Coaching
But today , we can not provide the amount of time necessary for self study, as it requires a lot of hard

Do I Need to Join Coaching to Clear Tests
If you have the will power to follow a tight study schedule by ...



  Comments on Coaching by UrPercentile Subscribers
Reasons why one should join a coaching institute for preparation:

What are Flash cards
Take a thick paper and make around 100 cards out of it of approximately 2.5inch*4 inch.


Do I Need Vedic Maths to Clear Tests
If you are going to attempt the entrance exam in less than ..



  Tips for Improving English
The only way you can improve English language skill is by reading more and by practising more.

Tips for Improving English(From Subscibers)
The best way we can answer it is to read and comprehend every sentence...


Tips for Improving in Maths
The important thing you have to do is give up the fear of Mathematics.Start playing with numbers mentally.



  Tips for Improving in DI/DS
Spend about a minute to read the graph and the data properly.Check the range of the options given.

How Many Practice / Mock Test to Take
We recommend that you take at least 25 Mocks (including the past CAT papers ....


Tips for Practice Test
Don't get bogged down on few questions, and Don't get demoralised if you are not able to solve a few quest.



  Analysis of Practice Test
Apart from analysing the overall result you should spend time analysing each question


Feeling Low due to Poor Performance
Well most of the MBA aspirants feel the same way around 3 months before..



Improving Results of Mocks
Most important part is to understand your weaknesses and strong areas. When you have limited time .



  Comments on Mock Tests
Importance of Mock tests: Mock tests when taken sincerely mirror our preparations.


Mock It ! - Article by Hardik
Come July/August and you shall be tormented by a shower of Mock Tests leading up to the CAT and .....


Time Mgmt. During Preparation
Time Management is very important these days.To be a good manager you must have the ability..




Is GK/GA/BA Required
Most of the people preparing for MBA entrance exams ignore GK/GA. This is a big mistake. 


How to Avoid Silly Mistakes at Mocks
After taking Mocks, analyse all the wrong  answers.

  How to Use Approximation Technique
There are many questions in quantitative, DI and DS section.

  Hurdles : Questions on QUANTS and DI
Our Hurdles are prepared on the basis of past entrance tests  papers. 

Preparing for Second Time?
You are not the only one , by an rough estimate around 50 % of the MBA aspirants have tried...

  TV Shows to Watch
Foreign Correspondent.  Its a show about what the world thinks about India.

  Hurdles : Questions on QUANTS and DI
Our Hurdles are prepared on the basis of past entrance tests  papers. 


Preparation Stage
A Paradise for MBA Aspirants