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Past academics of MBA aspirants are taken into consideration, but the overall weightage given to past academics is not very high. The extent of importance given to past academics varies at different institute, so the level of advantage or disadvantage you will have for past academics will vary for different institutes. Most of the institute don’t make public  the weightage given to past academics.   If your past academic performance is not so attractive,  but if you have other plus point like good working experience, other achievements in extra-curricular activities, good score in the written exam and good performance during GD /PI ( Group Discussion and Personal Interview)  or other plus points then it will neutralise the poor academics.

Give your best shot at the entrance exam and GD/PI, there is not much you can do about your past academics now. Just make sure that you meet  the eligibility criteria and then concentrate on preparation. There have been many cases where candidates who just met the eligibility criteria made it while those who had very good past academics could not make it.

One of UrPercentile member  who did not have so good percentage at Graduation level cleared the written exam and was called for GD/PI by a prestigious MBA institute.  He performed well during the Group Discussion but his Personal interview was centered around the low marks in Graduation and most of the questions during his interview were related to low marks during the Graduation. He could not clear the interview. His argument was that if high score at Graduation was the selection criteria he should not have been allowed to write the written exam at the first place itself. He felt, that if a person scores less during the Graduation, it does not mean that he or she cannot succeed in life .  He believed that  it was an irrational system of selection and  that the reason for allowing students with low marks to appear for written exam and GD/PI was to collect more and more Examination fee. UrPercentile circulated his concerns to different parties and got following feedback :

MANAGER (ADMISSIONS) OF THE INSITUTE IN QUESTION WRITES :  Firstly I would like to clarify that we do lay emphasis on academics and expect students to meet this criteria . However the Admissions Committee also looks at the overall profile of a candidate holistically before taking a decision to shortlist him/her.
In your case, inspite of your not meeting the academic requirements, the Admissions Committee decided to overlook this and still give you a chance to prove yourself during the Evaluations . However, unfortunately you did not manage to meet the requirements of the panel during the Evaluations as well and were eventually not selected .
We clearly mention this on our website as well that we expect students to have high academics and it is a natural criteria for any top B-school. However it cannot be the ONLY criteria and if the candidate more than makes up for the lack of academics  in other areas the Admissions Committee does select them . In the past we have had candidates who may not have had the best of academics but have fared exceptionally well during the evaluations and have been selected to the programme .
Hence merely having low academics is not the only reason for not being selected . Sometimes a candidate may fare exceptionally well and hence might even get shortlisted . We cannot bar students with low academics from taking the test - as I mentioned earlier it is at the students discretion whether or not to take the test .
In view of what has been mentioned above it is clear that our admissions process is fair and transparent and I hope you have a better understanding of the system of selection .

Comments By UrPercentile Subscribers :

Mickeystaines :   hmm...has happend to me quite a lot.
Maybe they were not dissapointed by your  low marks...what they really wanted was, to see how you cope up when you are slapped with your own negative points. Maybe they wanted to test how you  stand upto it and still advertise urself even with those backdrops and  because of low marks interviewers get an easy way out to test you....
For times like these you must have a real witty answer ready..easier said than done....but not impossible.....always try to get the positive side of things n it should be done..

Chitranshu Mathur : I don't think it is irrational. They were just asking you a question in the interview, to which you were supposed to reply diplomatically and in a convincing manner.
Past academic record is very important for anyone to judge how well you will do in future. It is not the only thing, but it certainly gives an indication.
Also, almost all the IIMs look at your percentage in graduation, and question you about it if it is too low. IIM Bangalore, in fact, looks at your class 10th, 12th AND graduation marks, which gives them a
picture of how consistent you have been.
I also resented this criterion, as I was an average student at a top institute, but after getting into IIM Ahmedabad, I don't have too many complaints.
To sum it up, their entrance exam helps them test some specific abilities, but your past record shows them how hard-working you are. Both are equally important in making a balanced judgment.
All the best.

Mahtab :
I completely disagree . However I'm unaware of his actual situation , I'll like to repeat his own words that if the marks in Graduation would have been a criterion for  admission, he would not have been allowed to reach till interview. I think that the problem with him might have been that he was not able to give a concrete reason for his low percentage in Graduation. And he was rejected not due to low percentage but due to his inability to justify his marks. Which showed the lack of reasoning which is very important for an MBA.
Or that was a stress interview in which he gave up and could not live the stress in a positive way.

Puneet khanwani :
Hello Everyone, I don't agree with one of our members comments
"Past academic record is very important for anyone to judge how well  you will do in future. "
Life doesn't remain same forever .....some one succeeds earlier and someone later. There can be many reasons for not doing well in your graduation semesters..so graduation should be given only importance ... not priority.

Vivek Singhal : I do agree, its more to do with fees and admitting students with best on academics for putting in papers and exemplifying the final college placements and further woe more and more candidates in order to collect fees.

Sharul Goel  :
I totally agree with you this shows how careless these institutes and in way they are playing with career of students

Bharath kumar :
I completely agree with you , I too hate this system.A student who can not perform well in graduation has always a chance to succeed in life.Just rejecting based on the percentage score in graduation is ridiculous.There will be many reasons for getting low percentage in graduation.It does not mean that you are not eligible.Why do not those people understand that people have talent when they could perform very well in CAT or any other exams??

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