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Gautam : Full time MBA is not affordable for all due of financial and family responsibilities. Not every one has the opportunity to get a financial backup during the MBA course of full 2 years. There are two types of lump sum required during this period :
1. For Pursuing MBA,
2. For getting the money for family expenditure and others loans (If any).
One may get the loans from the bank for the entire course fee, but how to gather the money for the family expenditure and loans (And of course medical emergencies)? I am in Asia's largest software company and working for 5 years from which 2 years is in leadership role. I have Family dependencies and Loans. I don't have the luxury to quit job and join a full time MBA. I saw one of my friends and colleague who is a 99+ percentile holder in CAT for 4 consecutive years and joined IIMC, but had to quit IIMC and take the current job just after one month due to medical emergencies of his family. I realized that the same condition is applied for me and many others like you. So why not to be a responsible person first and then a responsible manager? After all this mind set of being responsible will certainly have a positive affect after having part time MBA from a good Institute. I am certainly going to join on of them very soon.

Soni : The fundamental objective of acquiring an M.B.A degree for most of us  is to augment our chances of securing a better job, a better income and all this culminating to a better lifestyle. Towards that end our endeavor is also to try to get the degree without it cutting into our current activities...in most cases our current occupations. Here the concept of a "part time M.B.A" helps us keep both ends of the bargain..get an added degree...without have to pull the brakes on our professional careers.
Now many readers might remonstrate by saying its far beneficial to do a full time M.B.A as its of a lesser duration.(18 months instead of the stipulated 30 for part time m.b.a) and also many have the ostensible idea thats its perhaps "less of a diploma/degree" and thus might not secure job offers as lucrative as promised by regular M.B.A courses.
However not all  have the luxury of leaving their jobs for 18 odd months with families to feed or loans to pay..and for myriad other reasons. For them and also for many others, part time M.B.A is the most viable option...sure its for a longer period of time and it would definitely be cumbersome to manage work and the grueling pressure of the course, but in the end it surely pays off, and voila!  we have a degree.....and having served at our work places for 2.5 years we don’t loose valuable moolah...and now we can bargain for better jobs,,,a higher pay packet and thus...a better life style.
As ultimately thats what we are all thriving to achieve, albeit by different means...

Gopal: I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. I chose to try enrolling for a part-time MBA, especially PGSEM:
* The motivation to pursue PGSEM was to get a broader perspective of an organisation and the environment it operates in.
* Having faired reasonably well in my career so far, wanted to pursue MBA while pursuing a full-time career.  "Trying the equivalent of converting a turbo-prop into a jet while in flight!!".  It will be a tough juggling act, but isn't that what management is meant to be?!
* Lastly, I live a couple of kilometers away from the IIM Bangalore campus and it would be a shame not to avail the benefits of a world-class facility/faculty
Sona :    Part time course from reputed institutes adds value. Even if there is no formal placement data shows that almost 50-60% of the people change their jobs for better during a time span of 3 months to 9 months after completing the course. But it greatly depends on where you do it. Institute does matter in such cases. Even for part timers it’s about structuring your thoughts and provides a value addition in fact more than what a full time fresher might feel. In fact, India is the only country where you don’t need to have any experience for doing an MBA. A guy who does not even know what an organization is would study in his first terms About organizational behavior, Structure & theory. The situation really calls for a in-depth analysis of our selection criteria.  And I think in most of the institutes at least the premier ones, part timers are in fact respected by full timers. The problem comes in interaction mostly due to the fault of part timers where they dont have the time to spare with their already busy schedule.
Saurabh  :   I think part time MBA should never be considered a peer or a younger or  an elder sibling of Full Time MBA. They are different in terms of  aspirations, qualifications, responsibilities and career progression. Part time (PT) MBA is primarily for two kinds of people. Firstly for, the people who  are unable to take year long break from the job. Secondly, the people who are not able to secure admissions in full time (FT) MBA and  thus are left with PT MBA not as a choice but as the last option. PT MBA can be more useful for some people while also can be another  book mugging exercise for some people. It depends on the kind of job and  surroundings you are in. If you are in some technical job where you are  just doing coding, then during the duration of PT MBA you will not be  able to put the concepts being learned into practice. This will harm your learning for a managerial role as FT MBA would have equipped with you  right means to test this theory in practical waters.
Abhijeet   :  I am not in for of part time MBA course. A course like MBA needs full devotion and dedication. It is extremely difficult for a person like me works for a software company. As everybody knows that private companies pay more to utilise the maximum of yours. So it will be very difficult to have a balance between both. For people who has no work should go for a full time MBA. Why to go for part time MBA if they don't have any other work to do in the other half.  
Ashuka : Well I think part time MBA is suitable for those who have the caliber of handling their job as well as the their part time MBA equally well, and those who dont want to leave their jobs for MBA.but i am a type of person who concentrates on just one thing at a time with full devotion. so i am preparing hard to get through a good B-school after my engineering.
Vinay : I am graduate in BMS from Mumbai university. I aspire to acquire my post graduate degree (PG) in Finance. I feel MBA in finance is right path towards it. MBA course by structure is designed to meet the practical requirement of the industry. By the very nature of the course, it requires a student's full time and attention. A part time MBA does not develop the required attitude and approach in a student. Part time MBA courses are usually designed for those who have a good number of years (say 3-4) of work ex. Its for the individuals who missed on a opportunity to do an MBA before taking up a full-time employment, or for those who need a post graduate degree to scale up the corporate ladder. It is strictly NOT advisable for fresh graduates to take up a part time MBA course while they have time to do an full time MBA. An MBA program demands complete attention of the student as there are lots of practical things to do like presentations, projects, workshops, case studies etc. which when seriously taken, broadens the horizons of a student. A part time MBA does not gives an opportunity to capitalize on these things as the person is already engaged with his/her work at office for the entire week and its the weekend where he/she attends the lecture and tries to concentrate on studies. One may argue that there are evening lectures held daily, but after the hard day's work at office who can concentrate on other things?
I would always prefer a full time MBA over a Part time MBA.

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