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Rani Mehta and I Mahajan clear this GD. Others also performed well but need to particpate more with concrete points.

www.UrPercentile.com: TOPIC : The Indian government banned all images of smoking in Bollywood films and television shows . Will it help in reducing the smoking habit of people

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www.UrPercentile.com: TOPIC : The Indian government banned all images of smoking in Bollywood films and television shows . Will it help in reducing the smoking habit of people ?

sheo sumit: hi everyone. i m sheo. ihave done my graduation in comp sc. rom university of delhi.

Shivani Sharma: Hello group I am shivani doing eng in comp. sc.

rani mehta: hi i m rani i have done be mech work ex 14 months


vineefr saini: hello! everyone iam vineet doing my b.tech( EC) in 4th yr. and got a call from icfai,birla,amity,alliancehello! everyone

Rushik Shah: Good evening everybody I am Rushik from Mumbai. Am doing my last year engg.(EXTC). no calls so far.

floralbonjour: priyanka, TE comp engg, takin CAT-06

subhasis_uce: Goodevening everybody Subhasis Mishra here from Hydearbad. Currently working in Satyam computers.


I mahajan: This is Rohit Mahajan from Kolkata. Currently working for Wipro Technologies...done my engg. in IT from IIIT-Calcutta

sheo sumit: hello everyone.i think banning all the images of smokingin bollywood is not going to help people in reducing there smoking habits

rani mehta: II think it would not affect the smoking habits as such as smoking is still considerd cool and its advertisement is still allowed so it wont affect

vineefr saini: so group talking about smoking onscreen is definetly a rampant decision accrd to me frm the govt."s part..

Rushik Shah: Yes. I think that is avery right move by Government as many of Indians especially Teens and youth see them as there idols so and like to follow there style and habits. it can be straightly infered from point that this are the people who are used by different companies to promote their brand and are rather successful.

rani mehta: I agree with choclate u r not banning scenes of drinking of violance then y the smoking, it wont make any changes

I mahajan: I agree with you all because habits like smoking are picked up from many diverse social outlets than movies or television shows

subhasis_uce: I think this is a good move from the governments point of view as Indians always believe in following the so called screen heroes.

rani mehta: Indians do follow the screen heroes then shouldnt drinking be ban also, this serves no purpose

subhasis_uce: Ofcourse it will have long term effects and this one is only the beginning

vineefr saini: if one has to take a concrete step v shud ban it in our country.dis is i think is the uproot solution of the problem. banning it only onscreen would not help !

floralbonjour: i agree with subhasis. many of the illiterate though dun learn or write they do watch television and in the event tend picking upo those habits

rani mehta: The tvs and movies have freedom of expression and it should be allowed

Rushik Shah: well something is better then nothing. And if govt. finds reduction in smoking due to this move then they will further expand this rule if I am not wrong

subhasis_uce: When the government can ban advertisements for all alcohol products in TV channels then whats wrong with this decision

floralbonjour: banning smoking all of asuddenw ill be a drastic step inviting protests.banning influential use on tv is a very good move

I mahajan: If the only point of banning smoking is the hope that people might imitate their reel -life heroes and do the same, i believe that government needs to have a look at other forms of bad practices present on the TV and films too. For example, so- called violence can provoke young minds to bad fights, so why doesn't the govt go ahead and ban violence also?

rani mehta: Well this illiterate dont go out and do the stunts they show heroes doing, come on yaar people who smoke, smoke coz they think smoking is cool and by just banning it on tv doesnt mean that u will have its effects in reducing the teens frm smoking

sumeet4me: Hi everyone.. This is Sumeet, CA 24, just joined..

Rushik Shah: yes freedom should be given but there should be censorship also for or else they will start showing many other illegal and socially harmful things just for TRPs

subhasis_uce: Bollywood has certain obligations towards the society and let it proove it's stand by banning all such activities

I mahajan: The topic doesn't restrict our vision to illiterate people...i am sure, and i know most of you will agree that most TV watching population is urbane.

Rushik Shah: Also this move is not made only to reduce smoking but also to keep new people entering this dangerous arena of smoking

rani mehta: well bollywood fulfills its obligation when they do cherity shows and all that stuff for helping people, by banning smoking on tv ur just taking away freedom of expression from them

vineefr saini: dear frenz smoking is dere in hollywood movies 2.so dis is not the soln.now the young genre is smart enough 2 know wat is gud n wat is actually bad foe them,so i think it wud b copmletely absurd to say dat young people blindly follows dere onscreen stars..

subhasis_uce: The most important thing is public awareness which is the last resort in stopping these type of bad activities so let this move take the momentum

sumeet4me: Rani i think its same as opening Cancer hospitals with tax u get on cigarretes

sheo sumit: it is not right to ban smoking from a certain arena like bollywood and others.if govt really want to ban it then it should also ban on selling of cigarettes and all

floralbonjour: we shudnt just stick to the hi fi teens when we regard to society as a whole.it does have effect on oders too..take the eg of that shaktimaan show on tc which eneded in a boy imitating the stunts and this shows that tv has its effects.there r many who follow their superstars in styles and ways. why shud smoking be kept aloof from all this then?

vineefr saini: i agree wid sumit

rani mehta: and wat abt reality and wat purpose its gonna serve by banning the bollywod film, u c any hollywood film u will have smoking scenes and the teens r more seeing this movies

rani mehta: sumeet but smoking is a big industry, dont u think so sumeet4me: I think.. In a democratic country, its the right of everyone to have freedom... so to smoke.. but govt has to ensure that people know it all bout what they consume

I mahajan: I agree with Rani. In my opinion, its the Indian mindset that has to be changed, not the way movies or TV serials are made. In today's world, when we are moving towards rapid development, we also need better means of entertainment and if govt. goes on putting such restrictions on movie-makers, soon a time would come when we would be yearning for good movies.

sumeet4me: Negative publicity can help combating.. then at all we have positive publicity..

floralbonjour: yeah, they do watch all this but do we have a hold on hollywood?no! the atleast since we can't ban we shud stop encoraging it i feel

rani mehta: well u should be aware of the possible dangers and governments role is to made u aware that its dangerous for health that it then its upto u to choose it or not

vineefr saini: only becoz govt is gettin huge revnues by selling cigg. it is not bannin it at all instead dey r hammering d backbone of indian film industry,

Rushik Shah: well you cant make such move straight forward its not easy. It sounds easy to sit and tell but not easy to do. just to close Dasnce bars in Mumbai Govt. found so much resistance so how much resistance would they meet if they Ban ciggarate all at once all over Country. Just imagine

subhasis_uce: This is not all about restricting the teenagers from smoking rather keeping the young generation aware of all it's bad effects which will have a lasting effect on the country's future.

arun thejaswi: well people movies have a lot to do in a nation like ours. Most of the people in India are persons who hold all these celebrities in High regard and try to replicate their actions and antics especially so in the younger age brackets.But here what we have to consider is the high handedness shown by our govt in the right spirit??are we really benefitting from moral policing??I think there should be restrictions but not a total ban

sumeet4me: Dont u people think its not difficult to make movies without smoking scenes..

rani mehta: yes but they can do that by positive campainging i mean just banning scenes in films and on tv wont serve the purpose

rani mehta: can anyone imaging god father without smoking scenes???

I mahajan: Even if smoking or drinking is banned in some states, we keep on learning about their illegal entry and how people are ready to spend more on such things.

Rushik Shah: just so that some industry can earn money easily u cant put whole youths future at stake

subhasis_uce: U can't ban cigarette smoking as a whole.For the time being it's out of question so lets atlest take the initiative of screening it widely.


floralbonjour: but the minset of indians does and will be influenced by media atleast till we dunt have 100 % literacy.media is seen as a powerful way of communicating to masses as a whole. eg , polio vaccine ads. if they expect superstars to lure ppl in taking vaccines they shud well know that the same superstars actions on tv are well watched

vineefr saini: well group smoking sometimes becomes very neccessary for a plot... now i juz imagine how cud v see a movie like devdas widout showing him drinking and smoking..

I mahajan: What needs to be improved is the basic mentality that some people are living with, They need to be taught that line "Everything is good if done in a limit". "Overtake of anything is bad". Its only because smoking and drinking is usually done in heavy amounts that people suffer from diseases.

subhasis_uce: Media is the biggest weapon in 21st century and we need to utilise it for the betterment of the society rather than destroying it.

Rushik Shah: i agree with floral if u think they can make brands they can eradicate polioo then if they r seen smoking and still potrayed as heroes then dont u think people are bound to get attracted towards imitating the act

sumeet4me: Dazzling what s bad is bad... I think the question is how much stringent the censorship should be..

subhasis_uce: For the sake of some cigarette smokers and for the fun of the people we cant putthe larger interest of the country at stake.

rani mehta: i agree with the dazzling guy if u ban it u might just end up having the black market for that. What government should do is to go out and campaign in positive manner if it wants tennagers to be aware of possible dangers of smoking. just banning it wont serve the purpose. Also if u ban it on Bollywood moives wat abt the hollywood movies???

Rushik Shah: Dazzling Smoking is not good either in small proportions nor in large

subhasis_uce: Ofcourse Rani ur right but for that someone has to take the Intiative and this is the best thing government can do

sumeet4me: I think govt. can allow smokin on screen n a ltd manner.. but it needs to be seen that masses get right message

rani mehta: Government can do much more subhaisis they can have the heroes run campaign promoting non smoking and that wud be a big help coz people follow them as idols

floralbonjour: i feel teenagers r very well aware of the dangers of smoking.atleast those who smoke in cities r aware. when we talk of media influence we shud keep the interests of those ppl in mind who take media as an unknowingly but sole educating medium

I mahajan: Floral, i would differ from what you have said. When people see their super stars promoting vaccines, they know for sure that it is for real, whilst, when things like smoking and drinking are shown in movies, a mature audience can easily make out the necessity in the plot and that it ain't for real.

subhasis_uce: Indians have always followed their heroes from Sachin tendulkar to Rajnikant and u people very well know the influence of these guys

sheo sumit: is it not a better idea that the screenheroes just campaign to discourage smoking just like they do for polio and all.banning smoking will really take out the feel from the movies when the scene really demads it rani mehta: And todays teens are well aware of the possible dangers of smoking, they just dont blindly imitate wat u show it to them on tv or films.

I mahajan: rushik, my whole point of saying that was that excess of anything is bad. If over-violence is shown in movies, even that might affect the illetrate population of the country

subhasis_uce: Dear sheo the screen really demands many things but u need to take care of the consequences before screening them as a whole.

floralbonjour: but if all the audience was mature wudnt the whole world be a "perfect" place?we wudn't be even considering the ban then .. 

Rushik Shah: Yes floral they are aware but they get attracted to glamour world. Thats what needs to be prevented. Just imagine a seen in movie like godfather where AB senior is smoking and ofcourse people, media are beaming at him keeping him in high regard gets awrd

arun thejaswi: ok as rani has said "what about Hollywood movies"???It is to be given a serious thought I think.we can also see that banning smoking in movies has not been backed by any steps by the govt to reduce the sales of tobacco products or to start a campaign against smoking.hence this move is not backed by any strong commitments on the part of govt or any assurance from tobacco making companies

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rani mehta: Yes then y dont u run a campaign with tendulkar or Big B it wud have tremendous success, i m sure it wud help. but banning it on films, i dont think wud create that much of difference

vineefr saini: but frenz d thing iam unable 2 apprehend is if our govt is really serious to uproot dis problem y shudnt d govt juz ban it all acriss d country

Rushik Shah: i am sure seen this many youth would smoking is not bad after all if can get such a collness by smoking

I mahajan: I think that instead of specifically banning smoking, the censor board should scan a movie or TV serial and declare if the use is unwanted there.

I mahajan: In case, the need is paramount, such a ban would only hamper the making of good movies and shows.

subhasis_uce: Ofcourse these type of campaigns will be a great succeess.One thing is tht this os bound to be a slow process and u shdn't expect 100% result at one go.

sumeet4me: i second u dazzling..

rani mehta: Do you think goverment is that serious in promoting the non smoking campaign then they should also increase the tax on tobbaco industry, it wud be helpful coz its fprice wud increase and that can also help in decreasing sales

sheo sumit: yes i completely support rani. as of hollywood movies US has opposed to a ban on smoking in films on the grounds of freedom of expression.

floralbonjour: i agree that banning on tv should be accompanied by campaigns against smoking. but imagine on one hand u canpaign agaisnt it and on the other ur superstars are freely smoking on tv. wudnt that just counterview the govt's campaigns? 

subhasis_uce: It's already a fact the the tax is increasing every year....and all of a sudden u can't increase that by 300%...even the government needs to take care of the revenues. arun thejaswi: I second what dazzling has said rather than a blanket censoring the censor board must see if smoking is required and appropriate in that movie or serial

Rushik Shah: Chocolate u cant ban this things flat. Imagine resistance they will meet. If they met resistance of months just for banning Dance bars in Mumbai . Imagine all over India. And also before they ban govt. would looking to find some other source of income for tobacco industry provides a large share of revenue 

rani mehta: Its just banning them on screens wat abt the hardcore efforts which is required i dont c any further steps after banning it on screens to move the campaign ahead

I mahajan: In some movies or shows, the use of smoking is unwanted, so the censor board can go ahead and cut those scenes out. But, in movies or shows, where some good amount of significance is attached to a smoking scene, they should give it a green signal.

subhasis_uce: Coming back to censorship the thing is that if u dont have stringent laws then we have many intelligent people who will always have a cause for these screen shots.

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement

rani mehta: I agree with thedazzlingguy if u can allow a rap scene been shown on tv just to show reality then disallowing smoking is just worthless.

vineefr saini: i agree wid dazzling if in d movie dere is any kind of smoking or drinking it shud be mentioned rite at in start of d movie the liners likeSMOKING IS INJURIOUS TOHEALTH AND IT IS BEING SHOWN IN THE MOVIE JUZ TO CREATE THE PLOT.

subhasis_uce: This is just the beginning for a greater cause and we need to give it proper attention for the betterment of the young generation.

I mahajan: The cigarette packets always have "Smoking is injurious to health". Most of the literate (and now illetrate too) population is aware of the negative effects. Still, they would choose to smoke their health away. It depends on individual nature and instincts. Putting a ban on reel smoking idn't going to affect the hardcore smoking population.

Rushik Shah: After this great discussion I think it is a good move by government but also it is fact that we wont be finding immediate results things like this require patience. And we need to wait and watch

floralbonjour: i feel banning smoking on tv is a right step bt the govt , coz if it is accompanied by campaigns it will do a great deal of awareness .if bollywood can suffer a bit for betterment of nationals nothing like it..that's my conclusion

rani mehta: I would like to conclude that just banning smoking on screens wont serve the purpose of diverging teens from smoking it wud just take away the freedom of expression of this industry. Threre are other ways to promote non smoking and government should work on that to really serve its cause.

arun thejaswi: After this discussion i feel that all of us r totally against banning of smoking in movies and serials.rightly said such hollow steps wont do any good to the youth of this country.and moreover as the old saying goes"one man can take a horse to water but 20 cant make it drink" I think for people to stop smoking it is for them to decide not the govt

I mahajan: In my opinion, censor boards should work more proactively removing unnecessary smoking scenes rather then putting a straight forward ban on showing any smoking scene.

www.UrPercentile.com: We had two sessions of GD going on simultaneously on the same topic.

floralbonjour: thanks, but iw ud really appreciate if u do give a feed back to each n everyone abt tjhier mistakes. that wud be really useful

I mahajan: On a lighter note, lets find out how many smoke amongst us

I mahajan: i second floral on the feedback point. floralbonjour: thanks urpercentile

rani mehta: Thanks everyone

vineefr saini: rushik u made my point only 4 the source of income govt is not baning it at all. govt is just cracking a whip on film industry in a complete absurd manner. if u want to take step in a concrete manner ban it completely.

www.UrPercentile.com: That will be time consuming , we do send results and when something odd is there , we do point out.

subhasis_uce: Chocolate u know the government cant do it now as this is a graet source of revenue

subhasis_uce: and tomorow someone will ask to ban the selling of alcohol too

www.UrPercentile.com: Will continue to improve

floralbonjour: ok thanks all, urpercentile pls try if u cn, ill be glad.bye all

vineefr saini: thank u and gud nite 2 all byebye

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