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Harry D and Maneetpal clear this GD. Lalit Jha, Swati, Daljeet Singh and Jai also performed well.

www.UrPercentile.com: The Indian government banned all images of smoking in Bollywood films and television shows . Will it help in reducing the smoking habit of people ?

www.UrPercentile.com: We will start with a one line introduction from each one of you stating your education qualification, job experience (if any) and the names of the institutes you have got calls for GD/PI till now.

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don't be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

jai: Helllo All, I am Jayashree. got a call for an interview from ICFAI.

maneetpal:  this is maneet, done bsc electronics hons no calls

harry d: hi, i am B.E. from T.I.E.T, Patiala. calls from NIILM, IILM, Asia-Pacific and many other MAT instt. Missed CAT due to rejection of form

Daljeet Singh: Hello frnds I am Daljeet Singh, igot call frm IIM-K,I etc

arun thejaswi: Hello and good evening everyone I am Arun Thejaswi I am an agri grad and I got call from IIM A

chetan KIRTANE: hi this is chetan kirtane from mumbai...doing my..T.E CIVIL.(VJTI)

Jai santhosh: hi this is santhosh im doing my btech final year

ANISH BASRAL: hi this is anish did bba cam ffrom ip univesity

a_i_s_h2000: hi ... this is ashutosh doing btech in engg

Lalit Jha: ok, lets start for the GD

harry d: Are we to discuss that the ban is right or wrong or just that will it help reduce the number of smokers???

jai: Films are the channels that create heavy influence on the masses and banning them in movies will definitely help in its reduction

Daljeet Singh: Banning Smoking frm movies will certainly hlp in curbing the menace of smoking atleast it will stop it frm spreading

Lalit Jha: I say that, the ban will definitely help in reducing the number of smokers

maneetpal: well i think its a gud move and evry1 shud respect a gud decision from our govt

harry d: it is very obvious that it'll reduce the no. of smokers but i am totally against this decision


Daljeet Singh: Movies are the most frequented medium of mass communication among our youth, it is the movies that set the popular culture among the youth

a_i_s_h2000: We need to discuss whether complete banning is a viable solution and if so why restrict it to smoking only

ANISH BASRAL: i i really disgree with mannet ...i think its on invidiual to to it or not...we cant if movie cause harm then ....wat abt those whose parents ,relative follow this practice

jai: We have witnessed people resembling the stars. The film industry shoulders the responsibilty of influencing the masses positively and this move has to be appreciated

maneetpal: well i think cricketers and movie stars are workshipd here so any msg given by them effects many souls

Lalit Jha: Movies r a very influential part in a person's life if he or she belongs to our rural and urban areas. What people watch in movies , they try to grasp in life, so banning the smoking in movies will certainly help

harry d: Ban in movies is not a solution. its just to show that govt. cares if govt. cares then it should be totally banned

Jai santhosh: as said my manee pal it has only lil result

chetan KIRTANE: yes..its a good decision..that the govt has taken ...and appreciate it..movies do influence a lot. in ppl especially indian ppl hence banning it will be fruitful.but in the long run i dont think it will work..bcoz it's a individual problem..and one has to face it..knowing the risk in it.

Daljeet Singh: complete banning is a totally viable solution as all the movies go through the censor board berore getting screened,therefore complete banning is completely possible

jai: Though this move may not be a solution it can be treated as a first step towards curbing these ill-habits in our society

maneetpal: well but dont only think abt those who living in gud families with their relative anish, there r many children over their in slum who follow jsut and just move stars like anything

ANISH BASRAL: if stars hev such a gr8 imapct ..theni think we shd having 4-5 sachin tendulakar

maneetpal: i totally afree with dance

a_i_s_h2000: Yes the film industry has some responsibility but there are bigger issues of excessive exposure to be considered first in the industry rather than going after something like smoking

Jai santhosh: though this is not the complete solution for the problem ...it is a rite step

Lalit Jha: This ban might not be so effective in metros and big cities but in small places movie stars and cricketers are taken as role models , so this step will definitely help in curbing the situation

harry d: there is no point in banning a thing at one place and allowing it at the other

maneetpal: just think why indian govt choose amitabh to promote cause of polio drops,it only shows how much affect can a celebrity make


jai: we have started with smoking i hope when they succeed in atleast reducing cigarette consuumptin we may move onto relatd issues too.

Jai santhosh: especially in a country like..india people here are more influced by what is shhow on tv and movies...so this is rite decision

a_i_s_h2000: The intention of the govt. is commendable but I am not sure if it will help in actually detering people from smoking

harry d: why don't they completely ban it? they can't completely ban it because they earn revenue out of it. If govt. has to think in this way then why does it care as it is individual decision

ANISH BASRAL: i agree with aish

jai: this move will definitely make film buffs to think on this seriousissue. this step is certainly to be taen as one way of creating awareness in ppl about the consequences of smoking

a_i_s_h2000: We have seen in the past that the companies having tobacco related products find some other means like "Bravery awards" etc. to promote themselves

Daljeet Singh: But banning movies is just the first step, if the government bans the smoking frm movies giving the reason that they promote the ill-habits of smoking,The same reasons must be applied 2 drinking, sexual vulgarity, violence etc etc

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Lalit Jha: No aish, it offcourse will help in improving the situation which is right now

ANISH BASRAL: i think this decision by goovt is more of some political cause

maneetpal: well it mite not influence people who r already into it but atleast it wil have a gud impact on our younger ones

harry d: sorry guyz i don't have much to say about this issue but i must say that i myself do smoke but i will be in favour of banning it completely rather than just in movies

Jai santhosh: banning evrything from movies is not a solution which mite result in loss for film industry

ANISH BASRAL: if the govt really concern abt the smoking problem the they shud totally ban it

Lalit Jha: In the other side of it is that tobacco and cigarettes are big part of economy, there are many companies which are making money from this and thus helping the economy...so we can't ban this totally but the rate of smoking can b reduced by this step

Jai santhosh: it is like one can take a horse to the pond but cant make it drink the water.....govt can only ban in movies but this cant stop! people from smoking

a_i_s_h2000: To have a good impact on younger ones we need to have censorship in our colleges in the schools and the speed at which we are moving towards westernisation involving such habits that is what needs to be checked

maneetpal: yah jsut look how much ur day to day fashion sense is influenced by wat u see in movies,what u see over and over again definetly intiate some feeling may be not consiously but subconsiously

ANISH BASRAL: i think baaning anything is not the soln...as if it was ..we dont be hveing ppl indulging in dope n all

Daljeet Singh: Of course the tobacco companies find some other means like "Bravery awards" etc to sell their products, this shows how desperate these companies are 2 promote their products

jai: we can take it this way too if they ban it totally there are chances that other wy of bringing them in may arise. because sudden disappearence may not be accepted by ppl who are into it. so, this slow and steady mve might curb this practice

Daljeet Singh: The govt. in any democracy can not ban any product all it can do is to make the citizens aware of its ill-effects

a_i_s_h2000: Look what is happening on the economic side ... these companies have their kitties soaring year on year


Lalit Jha: I think banning wont help much, this is about morality of a person, if a person doesn't want to stop on moral ground , he can't stop and govt can never force anyone to stop it... so the best way out is to make people realize that it's not good for them

harry d: if banning things in movies help then there are a lot of things that should be banned. children have stopped respecting there parents because of movies. it has been slow but the effect is worse than the cigg effect

chetan KIRTANE: its not possible to ban it completely since tobaccco is a multi-billion dollar industry..and tobacco running have a lot of money to curb the system.take the case of USA tobacco industry..therein..the all the tobacco industry run companies were sued and forced to pay about 260 billion dollars. still..many of those companies r in the list of FORTUNE 500 companies. and also if take the case in india maharashtra has taken back its ban on the sale of tobacco products.So its difficult to ban it completely

maneetpal: yah there u r rite mr anish, if govt takes initiative towards publicising the ill effects of smoking just like they did for smaller families it will really hav a great impact but bannin ur stylish hero from smokin wil too help to some extend

ANISH BASRAL: n i guess by oragnizing awad functions n all they r providing seasonal employment atleast..that our govt cant!

harry d: if govt. wants to earn money out of tobacco then it should advertise it in movies rather than banning it. they should first decide that they want to earn money or save ppl/

Jai santhosh: in the present situationit is foolish to totally ban tobacco ...as the revenues fromit are huge.. even andrapradesh govt tried to ban the tobacco but failed to do so

a_i_s_h2000: Instead of banning smoking, we can take queue from what measure other countries are taking like making smoking zones at places. We cannot expect people to just stop smoking. Yes, it can be phased out in a proper manner

Daljeet Singh: We have to consider the CASE of USA, which in 1950's banned the alchohal totally, but instead of reducing its consumption it increased it, as the product was easily available through smuggling and the govt did nothing to make the citizens aware of its ille-effects, and their reasons 4 banning it

jai: even i agree that if the govt is serious about this issue then it must recover the loss due to cigarette bannning in some other way

maneetpal: but govt isnt making money out of tobacco products they r just increasing their prices

harry d: everybody knows it's ill effects but still if one choses it over something else then it is not fault of the movies

Lalit Jha: Actually there are many age groups which smoke, the initiative is to make the lower age group understand the ill effects of smoking and try to suppress them as much as possible

a_i_s_h2000: Yes the govt. is looking for various avenues for revenue but it should not be at the expense of its people. It cannot sustain in such a way

Daljeet Singh: Therefore, its is very important to promote the ill- effects of smoking and other such products rather than banning them

Jai santhosh: yeah but if govt bans the tobacco...the loss will be put int he form of tax ....and inc in prices etc etc

harry d: if we r looking for revenue then govt. should legalize marijuana as it is far less harmful than cigg and also promotes peace.

maneetpal: yes u r most affected by such things in ur younger age so it will definetly help in decreaing the impact on younger 1s

Jai santhosh: it is a long process to totally ban tobacco....

a_i_s_h2000: Banning will definitely help in detering the lower income group people. They consider the movie stars as their idols and try to emulate them

Lalit Jha: No daljit, if u say smoking is bad and u r smoking on the screen, how much will it be of effect.... so to preach something u need to follow that this is the idea behind that

jai: its mostly the younger ones who try to imitate the stars in their formative years and if they dont see any of their stars smoking then it will really have a positive influence in thier minds nd who knows an aversion can be naturally created in the following years

Jai santhosh: this is just the first step of the long process and it shud be appreciated

Daljeet Singh: ends does not justify means govt have other ways of making money rather than just selling or allowing to sell poison to its own people

harry d: marijuana is being smuggled out of India and India is still the producer of best marijuana in the world. Why should we lose revenue by marijuana smuggling and why not legalize it.

a_i_s_h2000: Yes jai if the process continues then it is good but if this comes as just a populist gimmick then my friend we are losing the motive

maneetpal: obviously its difficult to ban such things totally but showing it again and agin onscreen will definetly pull more and more people towards the problem

jai: though the idea behind is that, how many of us take only the good? its not that we are willing to go in bad ways but it is knwn that negative things approach the mind quickly so why take risk ?

harry d: i just have to say that banning smoking in movies is just to show ppl that govt. cares while they keep on earning by letting ppl die.

Jai santhosh: but leaving thi sonly on govt doesnot fully solve the prob....may b evry one in comunity shud try to stop nad make others stop smoking

Daljeet Singh: aish we shoud not discard every step of the govt as populist gimmick , we shd give time 2 see the results of this ban

Lalit Jha: The whole motive is that the public should be intelligent enough and this can solve the banning problem,.... but still 40 % of india is illiterate and so they don't really understand the hazards. So a very influential way to make them understand is by not showing them

harry d: if a thing kills people doesn't mean it is bad. many ppl die in road accidents so will we go out to motivate ppl to stop using roads??

a_i_s_h2000: We can give time to the govt. but there have been many cases where nothing has happened

Swati mukherjee: Thats very true shrinkable destiny... specially the illiterate population in India is largely influenced by the media.. and they consider the actors on screen as larger then life figures... from whom they can draw inspiration.. so they try to emulate them... which can be really hazardous...

harry d: rather than banning smoking in movies govt. should try to make proper effort to check that noone below the age of 18 gets a smoke

Jai santhosh: but aish one cannot think like that and stop all the effors....so patience is needed

Swati mukherjee: zeero)coool its not a question of asking people to stop using roads but its just that the illiterate population tends to emulate the people on the big screen... so the govt is just trying to use a preventuve measure...

harry d: the best way to fight with such menaces is to promote education.

Lalit Jha: No zeero, u can't really do that, u can't apply such rules to any effect in any community....

Daljeet Singh: i agree wit shrink the motive behind this move is to save ppl frm getting influenced by by their idols, after all most youngsters have movie stars as their idols that is whom the wud like to be if u ask them

Jai santhosh: smoking affetcs people regardless of their age ....so banning smoking for below 18 may not be such a good idea

harry d: so the problem is illiteracy and not movies

jai: well i think to trace thaat people <18ys dont get access to cigarette is a very painful task and this has the probability that other kind of malpractices aris

a_i_s_h2000: Also consider the legal aspects ... How would a law banning smoking could be implemented and How could such a thing be taken to the next step involving more areas

harry d: santosh u r right that smoking effects elders also but that is thier choice

jai: Sure, literacy can definitely play a major role i bringing out the idea behind this move of Govt

Lalit Jha: yes, zeeroo, and since the problem is illiteracy and u can't solve that overnite, the problem of smoking can be solved to some extent ofcourse by banning them on screen.

Jai santhosh: the point here is not the choice but to make evryone stop smoking ....

harry d: if u have laws that say that suicide is a crime then why is smoking allowed

maneetpal: well somethings cant be stooped but just see many people like to luk like their favrite star,wen u hav gone for a hair cut many people give examples like cut my hair like that star,how many of us us humuor shown in any movie i our day to day l;ife like famous dialogues like chhote chhote shehro mein aisi bate ho jati hai etc,so in a way movie hav a great impact on our life so its a gud move in i tink will show gud results

harry d: there are many movies with smoking scenes but actually ehlp in improving the society. ppl won't understand what the movie wants to say till they r literate

Daljeet Singh: We have witnessed people resembling the stars. The film industry shoulders the responsibilty of influencing the masses positively and this move has to be appreciated

Jai santhosh: it is not just iiliteracy .....which makes a person smoke.....but it may be one of the reasons

Lalit Jha: In this regard I must tell u, the whole hindu religion and infact any religion has the same logic behnid them,... Write good things in the name of God and since people fear God, they follow those good things and so adapt in their lives. Similar is the case with smoking ban

chetan KIRTANE: most of of know what r the ill-effects of it but still many of us.are addicted to it. and its a addiction.i have seen a movie called"THE INSIDER" which was based on a true story..wherein a prof knew abt wrong deeds a major tobacco company was doing.and he was fired bcoz he didnt support them.he said its a addiction one will get..and it very difficult to give up smoking bcoz tobacco products have nicotine in it..which inturn promotes the addiction.so..illiteracy is another issue..what abt addiction..

Swati mukherjee: Yes banning scenes in movies makes sense because of reasons cited before but going forward the government should be concerned with the health consequences of smoking by the citizens but then they should think seriously about banning the production of tobacco itself

Swati mukherjee: That would be a really noble deal

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement

harry d: i agree swati

Swati mukherjee: In trying to be more like these stars, they copy the style of the onscreen characters and that often includes drinking and smoking to portray a 'cool' image. The most popular screen moment of Rajnikanth flipping his cigarette and tossing it into his mouth has been copied by many a teen

harry d: i can't find one reason why govt. can't impose a ban on smoking totally rather than just in movies. Even while i myself smoke, i'll support the ban.

Lalit Jha: I would conclude by saying that it's a real nice step by government in the light of knowledge that half of india can't decide by themselves whether they shud smoke or not....

Jai santhosh: banning smoking in movies is a step in achieving the total abolition .....and a sustained effort in this way may be fruitful

Daljeet Singh: In the end i would like to say thatits is very important to promote the ill-effects of smoking through populist media and other such products through populist media rather than banning them.

jai: This move must be appreciated. but this must not be he only step to implement the idea behind this--the reduction/banning of smoking. govt must try to formulate or make severe thismove slowly and steadily till we get this out of our society

www.UrPercentile.com: We had two sessions of GD going on simultaneously on the same topic. Will analyse and send the result to the group in 1-2 days.

harry d: if half of India can't make a choice themselves and govt. wants to stop them from smoking then why r there any tobacoo products in market

a_i_s_h2000: The intention of the Govt. in such a step like banning smoking on screen is commendable but there are still differences regarding the isuues of implementation and their priorities for the same. However, it should be taken to the next step by the govt. in full co-operation with the people of India

Swati mukherjee: Its a good move by the government aimed at reducing the influence that the movie stars have on children, but on the whole this should culminate towards an anti tobacco campaigh for it to do real good.

maneetpal: well just saying that promoting the ill effects of smoking will help incubing the problem is i think a bit too optimistic.well ur teaching ur children that donot smoke and u r showing that ur childs favourite star is smoking will definetly wont help in any way. so i conclude by saying that yes its a very poisitive step and jsut becoz its a style most of the icon films industry seems to be aginst it is not rite,its definetlly going to make a gud impact on society but govt shud also assign anti smokin abassedors like they hav donein case of polio, aids .so it will help more.

Swati mukherjee: smoking should be bannned ,not only in the movies but also on public places ,hotels, buses,everywhere, govt should take a solid step to ban smoking,like closing the cigrattes companies,

Jai santhosh: ok guys....all the best for ur gds

Lalit Jha: Mods, this is real nice effort and so three cheers for u

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