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www.UrPercentile.com :  Amit Gupta, ranga_ravs ravi and Rani Mehta did well in this GD. This GD went in the right direction where lot of examples were discussed which is a must for such topic.

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic is : There is always a wrong way to do things right

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rani mehta: I m rani, i have done Be mechanical, work ex - 14 months calls from alliance, mats

ashish singh: hi all.. ashish here.. be mech.. work ex 18 months. call from sims

amit gupta: i am amit kumar gupta ..passed out from nsit , delhi...work ex 8 months as a software engg....call from iift n iim-k

ranga_ravs ravi: I am Ravi Ranga. I am a BE graduate in mechanical Engineering. Work Experience of 2 years from Knaoh Solutions based at Hyderabad.

s_kjalan: I am sandeep jalan doing b-tech from IIT kanpur .I have no work experience I will give cat this year so no calls for gd

Swati mukherjee: Hi this is Swati, I have done my B.E. in Computer Science & Engg, Job Ex 27 months, no calls as of now...

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic is : There is always a wrong way to do things right. www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don't be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

ashish singh: well guys, what do u say about the topic.. doesnt it talk about luck.. when u get things done right, though ur procedure is wrong.. its sheer luck.. nothing else..

amit gupta: there is alwys a wrong way of doing things right ....all depends on what kind of attitudeand temparament u possesses. well u can't always blame luck fr it ....in today's world its ur sheer guts n perseverance which matters...ur attitude n killer instinct matters .....

rani mehta: In todays world, if you wanna to do something right, something good there r chances that u might have to adapt a wrong way for doing that. The wrong way is not the only way for doing right but sometimes you have to take it as its the easy way out.

ashish singh: thts right.. fast and easy method.. but how far can u really go with it..

s_kjalan: I am not agree with this .Yes its true there is always a easy path but ethically wrong on the other hand even if you want to right things society will support you in the starting but later on they have to

ranga_ravs ravi: Yes, I think the above topic is very apt becos ppl tend to go wrong in thinking that they r doing the right thing.

Swati mukherjee: What we are talking about here is whether Means Justify the End or End justifies the means... most of ud believe that the End justifies the means so we look at achieving the target only and dont give importance to the way the target was achieved which may not be right

ashish singh: at least i think our approach should never be wrong.. though its easy.. but the sucess wont last long if we get it in a wrong way..

amit gupta: well i agree wutg ashish...by doing things wrongg u can't always go far...there will b a pt when u have to take the right path in ur life....when there will b no way u can do things the wroing way...that's where ur talent n ur guts will b testes

ashish singh: always take a right approach though u'll need lot of patience to see sucess.. but it'll be a sweet sucess..

rani mehta: like in mahabharat krishna helps arjun by becoming mouse and breaking the karn's weapon, well thats not the right way to fight in bettle but wat he did was good for his friend arjuna

ranga_ravs ravi: To do any job there is always a right way and a wrong way but it is always necessary to choose the correct path to complete the task. We can at times we can go wrong so we have to be atmost careful in choosing the path to succession.

amit gupta: exactly....that's what matters the most ...atleast ur approach to doing a work or solving ur prob shld b right .....then only if things don't go ur way u can change it .....bt if u start ur work thinking that u have to go wrong way ...then if snthing worng happens...u will never have a backup plan ....u shld alwats have the options .....

s_kjalan: I want to add my comment on the views of amit.You cant say that you cant go far because there is no scale of this.What we can say evey we ourself not satisfied with our decision because doing wrong things mean you did sth wrong or hurt someone to pelase sb feeling or good for others

rani mehta: well there is nothing wrong in taking wrong path for doing good, but make sure that its not possible to do it by you in the right or correct way then rathere than not doing the good thing its better to do it the way you can

amit gupta: think abt the sachin...thr grt batsmen ...he didn' take shortcuts to learn the game...he always wants to b the servant of the game rather than the master of the game.....n we all know what he has achieved so far

ashish singh: does this mahabharata example holds good here.. though krishna took the wrong path, he was supporting the right cause.. so i don't think there's anything wrong in it..

ranga_ravs ravi: Yes, we need to have back up plans to complete the work unfinished. I do accept with amit, that we should have more options for completing the action plan.

rani mehta: thats wat i m trying to say ashish sometimes to do good u have to take the path which is not correct and there is no harm in doing that

amit gupta: bt yes i agree with rani...if the wrong path is taken fr doing a nice thing....fr doing a good thing .....then nthing is wrong in it .....if its done lets say ...fr the betterment of the society ...fr upliftment of the weaker sections of the society ..thenthere is nthing wrong in it

ranga_ravs ravi: Yes, I completely agree with rani becos in this world there is always a bad time and a good time. So we need to accomplish the task in the particular time whether the path taken is right or wrong. But the assigned task should be completed in a particular frame of time. So I can say there is nothing wrong to take a wrong path for a correct deed.

amit gupta: think abt the netaji subhas...he did contribute in the freedom struggle bt in its own way ...he constrtucted his own army in burma bt he did that in his own style...many ppl thght that he was doing worng ...bt his intentions were never worng ...he did make a significant conti ....to the freedom struggle

s_kjalan: Yes I am agree with the people that we can take wrong path for doing good things but we have in the mind your work or your efforts serving more people

Swati mukherjee: I thought really hard and finally came up with this example... of a guy who is trying to win over his lady love and sends her flowers... but she ends up sneezing... because she was alergic to flowers... so even though the guy was trying to do things right he ended up doing it wrong...

ashwani_happy: Hi frnd srry for being late this is ashwani working in a MNC in hyderabad.

ashwani_happy: My take on the topic is that there are always several ways of doing a task. A right way is one which is acceptable to society and more importantly which is acceptable to your cnscience. rani mehta: but wat i try to emphasise overhere is that dont take the wrong way all the time, do it in that manner only if you have no other options available of doing that

amit gupta: i agree with ranga...ur correct...i think the time frame is very imp,....a stitch in time saves nine.....when u complete the work in time then only its beneficial . i agree with u rani......u shld always try the wrong method only when there is nt a right way available

ashish singh: i agree there too.. believe in ur guts and do things right.. in all the above said examples, i think no one is right or wrong...

rani mehta: Yes i agree with amit netaji has his own beliefs, he wanted to free india and he has his own path for doing that which was opposite to that of mahatma gandhiji but his path was not wrong

ashish singh: it all depends on how u see their deeds.. for sum what they did was correct, for others same could be wrong..

ashwani_happy: ...yes its important to define whats "right" and whats "wrong" first

amit gupta: look at the example of bhagat singh....gandhiji thght what he was doing worng by taking non violent path....bt then he did instigate ppl to work fr the freedom struggle

ashish singh: exactly..

ashwani_happy: I feel the right solution to do anything is one which has highest ROI

ranga_ravs ravi: Now let me put it this way, even though there is a wrong way out we need to search for various options tilll the dead line so that we can get more options. and if we are able to get the correct way why not accept it.

rani mehta: yes i agree with ashish the right and wrong depends on perception of people but that doesnt mean that a young guy stealing for bread is right, he should try to earn his bread so while doing that u have to keep some social perception on right and wrong also in mind

ashwani_happy: If you see example of Gandhiji and netaji Subash...both were correct and right is their own perspective .....

amit gupta: i think finally we can say that there is right n wrong way of doing things ..and as pinted out by ashish u shld always do what ur conscience says is right.....and yes ddoing in the time frame is also imp ..n fr developing that u shld have guts ..sheer perseverance ...n hard work

ranga_ravs ravi: I do agree with amit, but let us also think in the other way out, did bhagat singh not surrender himself thinking that he did a wrong deed though it was for a right cause.

ashish singh: now coming to the topic of this gd.. is thr really any way whn u get things done doing wrong.. i would say no. cause wht is wrong for others could be right for me..

ashwani_happy: no ashish u can't always c thing in your perspective one need to have broader veiw and should consider others also rani mehta: well ranga wat bhagat singh did was wrong but it was for the right cause, he surrender coz he also belived that taking life of others is never right even though its done for the right cause

amit gupta: well i don';t think he did a wrong thing..it was his belief n convection which helped him to get out of all this

amit gupta: exactly ruchi ...that's correct

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ranga_ravs ravi: Even though what could be right for u may not be right for the project. and rani that is what i was trying to emphasize on

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don't be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs. If you agree to someone, also add your comments to it on why you agree

ashwani_happy: rani you might also say the extremist are also doing the right thing

amit gupta: so finally we can say like that it all depends on ur perspective what u wanna do n which way u wannaa do

ranga_ravs ravi: why nt we take a path like gandhiji where he never had to go back on his path of execution.

Swati mukherjee: We can take a very simple example of a guy who is trying to win over his lady love and sends her flowers... but she ends up sneezing... because she was alergic to flowers... so even though the guy was trying to do things right he ended up doing it wrong...

amit gupta: well.....ranga ..he had his own beliefs....ppl have diff beliefs n they do things their way wht's wrong it

rani mehta: well ranga i m never saying that u do wats right for u in the wrong manner, well doing things in wrong way is never justified unless its done for the correct cause and i dont think this jehadis are fighting for the correct resons they r just doing it for money and some other reasons which r not justifiable they dont want wats good for their people, if they wanted that then y wud they kill so many innocent people

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement

amit gupta: well in swati's case ...he shld have taken care of the fact that she is sllergic to flowers ...

amit gupta: finally i can say that what u do ...right way or worng way all depends on ur guts ...n sheer perservrance its what did in time that;s more imp

ashish singh: i think there's neither a wrong or right way to do things.. it all depends on individual's perspective.. what could be wrong for others could be right for him..

rani mehta: I would say that there wud always be wrong ways for doing good things but dont adapt them till u can do the good thing by the right path. If there is no alternative for doing good thing other then the wrong path then yes i think you should do it the wrong way too coz its better to do it wrong way rather then not doing it at all.

ranga_ravs ravi: Well I would finally say that what ever we do shd be based on a social justice and doing things on a personal cause is wrong. Every act that is done should be on a social justice. So there is always a right and a wrong way to do right things. But we shd try to unturn all the stones to go for a right way to do the right thing. and in such case wehre there is no right way, we need to go for the wrong way.

ashwani_happy: .....In a nut shell i will to say that noble cause is noble only when it is preceede by noble dees ....if your cause is very upright and correct but the way u choose to get there is wrong then theres no point in pursuing that cause.....theres no point doing when noble deed by commiting thousand sins .....thanks every one

ashish singh: thank you everyone..

amit gupta: thank u all for ur participations

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone.

rani mehta: thanks everyone

ranga_ravs ravi: Thank you sir, that was a good GD that we had.

ashish singh: absolutely.. 3 cheers to urpercentile.. hip hip hurray..

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