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www.UrPercentile.com:  We will start with a one line introduction from each one of you . The topic is : Should government allow retail giants like Wallmart in India .

a_i_s_h2000: Hi, I am Ashutosh Agrawal. I am in my final year of B.Tech at IIT Delhi.

amit gupta: hi..this is amit gupta...b.tech in computer science...from NSIT, DU.....i have calls from iift...iim-k...and i am working in perot systems , noida ,,since july

ashish jain: Hi all, i m ashish frm surat, final year B.com preparing 4 cat

MANEET SINGH: i this is maneet,done basc -electronics hons and call from fore only

Ashutosh Goyal: hi im Ashutosh N Goyal, btech IT from IIITa 3rd year

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic is Should government allow retail giants like wallmart in India

amit gupta: allowing giants like wallmart in the indiam market helps to get revenue...the foreign exchange comes in...these giants companies setting up their campuses in india make the retail market more competetitve

Ashutosh Goyal: to continue with this topic we hv to consider some points in mind. As wht wallmart is all about. our malls condition in front of it. gain n lose and .......

MANEET SINGH: more compititon means more variety for consumer and may be a decrease in price

a_i_s_h2000: Retail giants like Walmart have presence in a number of countries. While discussing on thier presence or allowance in India we need to discuss what separates India from other countries.

ashish jain: This is the most burning topic in today's world of competition. There is a lot more 2 discuss on this topic.The answer is 50-50. some times Yes n sometimes No.Depends on many factors. But seeing todays condition it is a must

amit gupta: giants like walmart bring with them the strong value of corporate culture....they bring a sense of discipline which we indian prob lacks at times. Well coming to the ash pt...indian economy requires such a kind of companies to boost their foreign excnage....to improve their corporate culture

a_i_s_h2000: Retail companies may bring in variety of things as mentioned but we need to see if it would cause more harm than the benefits stated. For example the kirana shop owners may get consumed in the fray

Ashutosh Goyal: whr indians malls lacks in 2days time is........thr is nt much discipline in them. they r very arbitrary in nature. one cant predict whr he can find one kind shop. shops r thr, varity is thr, range is thr, fashion is thr, bt all in random

MANEET SINGH: apart from foreign ex. it generates employement which automatically improve the economy

amit gupta: bt there is a possibilty of exploiting the resources...coming of such a big company literally means ending of various kirana shops

ashish jain: ya as seeing the condition of Indian Government it will take a lot more time 2 become india a DEVELOPED Country. For rapid development, privatisation is a must. To boost National Development i think government should allow retail giants

Ashutosh Goyal: we hv to put some compition in market to make thm more benificial....... these wallmart kind giants can bring necessary discipline in indian market

ashish jain: but amit i think this kiryana shops wont help much 4 rapid progress

amit gupta: the indian malls as said by ashutosh ...r coming up with new ideas ...to atttract customers.....fr a developing country like us...we need to develop such malls...to attract the ppl to bring in changes

a_i_s_h2000: The smaller shops are already facing dangers due to the mushrooming of various malls in the country in recent years and this may become the final nail in their coffin

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don't be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

a_i_s_h2000: The kirana shops may or may not help in progress but they are very much essential for the people working in them as other alternatives for work may not be that easily available

amit gupta: ya ashu....kiryana shops need to b eliminated ..however that can't b done ....staright away...there has to b some way of removing it..u just can't remove them blindly..think abt those poor ppl who gets thier revenue frm them

MANEET SINGH: well thers is a price differece between malls and corner shops, wen u want to buy a single item u wud still prefer ur local shop and not the mall,further ur corner shop being easily acesseble, it will effect ther business but not to a large

amit gupta: see. aish....if u want to develp ..then one day malls will ultimately overtake these kirana shops.... that's fr sure .

ashish jain: but this shops will go on but 2 make india developed giant companies r necessary n as matter of revenue they provide more employment opportunities

amit gupta: well..malls have that ultimate feel to it....however they can't replace the shops strightaway.....

Ashutosh Goyal: no amit. coming such giants donesnt mean end of various kirana shops...... look who og thr for shopping...... only those who can bear 2-3 time cost of same product...... india's situation is nt tht every one goes thr for purchase..... bpl

a_i_s_h2000: India is slowly opening up its markets with the FDI cap increasing in various sectors. So it may be a logical extension to do so in the retail sector. But it should be done in a phased manner so that the interests of every segment of the people

amit gupta: well..they give u all the kinds of discount thse days...most of the malls have cheap kind of kirana stores like big bazar , sabka bazar etc...where u get the commoditied fr nominal prices....so price shdl nt b the case

ashish jain: This giant wallmarts r increasing day by day n in this age of aompetition they provide good quality wid less cost leading benefits 2 local consumers.Kiryana dont do such

amit gupta: i agree with ashu.....fully

Ashutosh Goyal: ya it will help for FDI in india more..... it will generate empolyment also....... n must thing tht wallmart can do in indian market is increase in compition for place or marker share

ashish jain: again the kiryanas r local or regional but the giant wallmarts r global n national which leads 2 many n many benefits

a_i_s_h2000: As someone said that middle class still prefers the local shops but this may change with the schemes being planned and implemented by various malls like those of making things available at prices below MRP.

amit gupta: these coming up of malls will help in incresing the FDI.....foreing reserves,,,,foreign exchanges ....

amit gupta: the change frm shops to malls will come with time....nt sudden ...proper planning n infrastructure need to b develped...then only we can build a grt future

a_i_s_h2000: The FDI, forex reserves etc. would increase but rushing through the process may harm the people in terms of their livelihood in a much more significant manner which can make the benefits obsolete.

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Ashutosh Goyal: see aish no one can go below cost price. MRP is diff thing. u can find such sshemes on local market also........ and one thing for sure in no way u can find one thing cheeper in mall thn to local shop

ashish jain: BUT the Benefits wud only be got if govt. permits them.It depends on Govt.To increase the G.d.p rate india shud allow them]

amit gupta: hence i say these retailing shops shld b allowed in india.....

a_i_s_h2000: As someone has already cited the examples of Big Baazar etc where things are available at prices which the local owners cannot provide.

Ashutosh Goyal: this will help in developing our life standards also. it will increase our purchase....... as lot more things will be thr to choose. inmore systematic way.. at how many palce big bazar is now in 2days time

MANEET SINGH: well retail sector is the second largest contributer to indian gdp after agriculture but lack of organised sector in retail curbs its growth so entry by retail gainst like wallmart i.e disinvestment will really cause a boom in economy, employment

ashish jain: Ashutosh n Aish, abt M.r.p, i think it depends on The company. V all noe that the cost price of pepsi is 1 rs n they sell it in 10 rs. thus there is 900% profit.Thus M.r.p is of least concerned value But the main aim is the benefits

Ashutosh Goyal: tht wht i was saying

a_i_s_h2000: The middle class or the consumer in general may get benefitted by these schemes. However, what is to be seen is that whether these schemes would be continued once the retailer get hold of the market

Ashutosh Goyal: tht main aim all business hv is benifiet. none can paly with a loss

MANEET SINGH: and as a no. of intermediatries will be eleminated so costs of products will gradually fall than what it is now as products will directly reach consumers thru these retail malls

ashish jain: Benefits of Discount, Credit purchase, Offres can be availed which the normal Kiryana store dun gurantees

Ashutosh Goyal: it has to coz if he doesnt continue with something like tht thn other r also thr in market to put him out. todays situation is nt like tht if once one get d market he can dominate it or monopoly.........

MANEET SINGH: but local shops doesnt offer u the guarentee of selling original products.u cant make it out that whether u r buyin duplicate or an original product

Ashutosh Goyal: ya these things we cant get from kirana shops. and thts these also helps us in making our lives better. thus wallmart kind giants will helps us in a lot manner

ashish jain: But v all shud not also forget the other side of the coin. MOnopoly can ruin the Society. They shud be allowed but wid proper rules n regulations.Government Control shud be there so there is always a fear of it n The system will run smoothly.

a_i_s_h2000: Also retailers have been protested against in various places whre they have their presence. They have been charged of only looking cheap and in practice have products being sold at not that different prices. For example, many retailers only h

Ashutosh Goyal: and retailer thing is nt a big problem. if thy hv to survive thn thy hv to loose some profit and make pools and come up with some schemes n etc , so entry of wallmart will help in one more hiden manner like this of unity to survive

ashish jain: Government started "planning" frm 1951 n today its 2006 Till now there is not much progress as expected. it was thought on this topic many times in Parliament but posted 4 2morow.Though permitted but not 2 a large extent.Its high time 2 take

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement

a_i_s_h2000: Allowing retail giants in hurry may be drastic for the society as a whole. The economy is opening and the retail sector should also be opened but in a phased and regulated manner so that the interests of everyone is protected and the market

MANEET SINGH: also the commerce minister has himself pointed out that all major economies hav shown that local shops coexisted sucessfully with retail gaints, so that too shows that a proper study has been done by govnt b4 tinkin of steps like that.also o

Ashutosh Goyal: in conclusion after this discussion i think wallmart like giants will help india a lot like.... FDI, empolyment, discipline in market, compition, new technologies, variety, new height in life style, new offers, also improvement in indian r

ashish jain: i hereby conclude that government shud allow retail giants like wallmart in india wid proper control in its hand.B4 allowing proper rules shud be declared.Atlast 4 development, it is a must.This will lead 2 the benefits of every class of

Ashutosh Goyal: thanx every one for this good discussion

www.UrPercentile.com: We had two sessions of GD going on simultaneously , the topic of other GD was hutch goes pink. 

Ashutosh Goyal: good eve......... byeee

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone.

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