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Dr Shreyas Goswami, Aditi Prabhu, Anup Chada, BhatiaPuneet, Sweety J, Rani Mehta did well.

In these type of topic the evaluator will check your imagination and the role you played to give directions to the discussions.

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : IMPORTANCE OF NOTHING.

Aditi Prabhu: Goodevening all.. I am Aditi Prabhu.. completed my Bcom from Mumbai University, have 5 months work exp with Syntel

rani mehta: hi i m rani i have done be mech and got work ex of 14 months

saul hudson: Hi . this is nikhil sharma. i am currently in my final year engineering (electronics and telecommunication branch) from RAIT(mumbai univ)...have not got any calls as of now

nitin r: Hello friends, I am Nitin Rajpal, a Computer Engineer from Mumbai University, no work-exp. Got calls from Alliance, ICFAI, BIMTECH.

sumeet4me: Hi.. I m Sumeet. CA working in Mumbai since last 15 months.. appearing for CAT this year.

Gayatri Sundaram: G E all i m Gayatri Final Yr Engg (IT) Pondicherry Univ

Dr Shreyas Goswami: hi everybody, goodevening to all.my self dr.shreyas. have completed my mbbs and working for the past 1 year in a hospital-cum-research inst. no calls uptil now.. waiting for some.

ANUP CHADA: hi tis is anup frm chennai , i ve finished my b.e and no wrk exp , waiting for calls

Mahadevan Iyer: Hi friends, am Mahadevan Aiyer from Hyderabad.. working for TCS with calls from 5 IIMs all except B

Ishan Sethi: Hi everyone, I'm Ishan, in my final year of engineering at IP university, Delhi.. I have calls from IIMA, IIML, IIMK and IIFT

Crazy Boy: HI.Harnish. Doing B.Tech(IT)

Amey Rele: Hi!! My name is Amey and I am a CA workin since the last 9 months

sweety j: hei frnds ,,ya i am josy doing my final yr B tech , and ya yet to have calls!!

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : IMPORTANCE OF NOTHING.

Dr Shreyas Goswami: well friends, lets understand what we mean by IMPORTANCE, IMPORTANCE means some special priority or attention givento something particulsr

sumeet4me: As the topic is abstract.. let each one give a full elaborate view of his own..

saul hudson: the importance of nothing : it gave india a place in the field of mathematics:::::india invented the zero

bhatiapuneet22: importance in itself signifies something particular

Ishan Sethi: I agree with Nikhil on that one.. Nothin = 0.. and 0 is the most powerful number in maths

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don’t be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

rani mehta: nice statement rocky but 0 means 0 too

ANUP CHADA: nothing is a term we use very commonly in our day to day life ... when some one asks wat ur doing the instant reply is " nothingdude "

Aditi Prabhu: Well friends, according to me, Nothingness or emptiness means.. a scope to be open to and accept different kind of ideas, without any prejudices..

Mahadevan Iyer: nothing is the abcence of somehting... so nothing is as important as something

Dr Shreyas Goswami: yess, as my friend stressed the importance of 0.... the gift given to the world by india and taken by the arabs to the western world.

sweety j: ya nothing means everything!!it contains all..it has the power to grab evrything!

Aditi Prabhu: when there are pre-conceived notions in our mind, the mind is not open and flexible to new ideas

ANUP CHADA: the term nothing has a lot of meaning in it

Crazy Boy: Well in the hectic lifes tht v all r living we rarely have time when we do absolutely nthing but sometimes it is really important to be absolutely blank n being open to all ideas without ny predefined notions

Gayatri Sundaram: nothingness in can b v imporatant as we could bring out soo many things out of nothing

Dr Shreyas Goswami: yes, we all know that even a stopped clock shows right time twice in 24 hrs.

Aditi Prabhu: the nothingness and emptiness gives us scope to be open to all kinds of perspectives

ANUP CHADA: nothing refers to " empty cup " which is how we should be ...

Crazy Boy: well i disagreee with u unparallel

sumeet4me: I think.. nothing is eternity.. Whenever we look up at God.. we see into nothing.. We try to get his signals out of nothing.. Nothing is very powerful in spirituality as it relates to GOD. Geeta says God is above joys , sorrows, haves and have nots.. Nothing is nothing but "Moksha".

Mahadevan Iyer: nothing is not present.. as darkness is the abscence of light..s imilarly nothing is the abscence

Gayatri Sundaram: an empty cup could be filed up with soo manythings tht could quench someone's thirst

Crazy Boy: i think this is how we shld be but only sometimes

nitin r: "NOTHING": reminds me of Gita's verse about selflessness. When Lord Krishna tells Arjun " Vatsa, Karma Kar, Phal ki itcha mat kar". So in all , we can say that one should do his duties without worrying about the future.

Mahadevan Iyer: abscence is always something which is always striking... it is alwsys troubles us

ANUP CHADA: our cup should be empty and we should be in a position to gather asmuch knowledge as we can thereby we are in a process of filling our empty cup

bhatiapuneet22: Nothing in itself signifies something which is not present or which has no significance. Giving importance to nothing can be felt as literary thinking of or giving relevance to something which may or may not occur or which is both present as well as absent

rani mehta: i wud agree with crazy sometimes in crisis blank mind helps in figuring out wat to do. doing something for just sake of doing is worthless. Doing nothing at dat stage wud be better coz it wud help u in concentrating ur efforts in the direction u r suppose to

saul hudson: i agree with unparallel in the sense tht ....it has often been said tht ignorance is knowledge.....only if u realize tht u r ignorant will u strive harder to learn something .....the self realization of knowing " NOTHiNG" is wht spurs you on to learn more things in life

Aditi Prabhu: .when a beginning is to be made, it shud be with Nothingness, as only then can we come to a very optimum result

Dr Shreyas Goswami: nothing also means vaccum.. space for something... VACCUM as we all know has got a very important role in the field of science.. we have got vaccum cleaners which with the help of this NOTHING makes our home more clean...

sweety j: we should be ina starte of "nothing"which emphasis that we have the capability and \from nothing onlt ne can improve out o..evrything with his hardship!

Gayatri Sundaram: well i cld also tell that when a person has nothing to do .. he could turn in to devil's workshop .. ' Empty Brains Devil's work shops'

Mahadevan Iyer: now, the presence of nothing has to be taken as a lesson to earn something i.e. to make a mark

Ishan Sethi: Nothing refers to the scope and potential of inprovement.. It refers to the very begining of evolution.. It also refers to the 0.. which by itself although signifies nothing, but on the right combination can be all powerful

aakriti mehta: being in a state of 'nothing' also implies a state of complete detachment

rani mehta: very rightly said slash and its the lack of knowledge or nothing that puts u in drive to achieve wat u want

Crazy Boy: yeah exactly a lot of gr8 discoveries n inventions have been made possible by people whom v have thought to be dull or those whom we have thought couldnt think at all

ANUP CHADA: our cup should never be full if its full nothing gets into it and things overflow .. this is an example of unsteadiness

sumeet4me: Nothing is unknown.. Its that part of knowledge which is still covered by our ignorance.. Its every possibility that power that nothing embodies is much more that our "something"

Aditi Prabhu: Nothing is the sole idea used in meditation.. when we are asked to get Nothing in our minds, it is during this Nothingness, that we can think clearly

Crazy Boy: the biggest example tht we have in front of us is NEWTONs

sweety j: nothing does mean "empty"...nothing is a state which has the potential to accept evrychange! And ofcourse "Changes r the most improtant thing one need to have!!"

GD Online-Hope For The Best,Be ready For The Worst
According to me everyone should have a aim in life , n work hard till our best.

  What is Evaluator Looking for
Managerial skills : People handling skill, proactive, Social behaviour, overall personality, sharpness of mind,

bhatiapuneet22: Also as acc to a famous saying " Something is better than nothing" which signifies that if we give importance to nothing i.e. if we concentrate on trifle matters, insignificant matters we can never achive "something". So in order to achieve something or to go ahead in life we should not give importance to small issue.

sumeet4me: yes aditi... its the power beyond past and future..

Mahadevan Iyer: true sweety, nothing is not empty... it is something to learn from

sweety j: exactly!

abhilasha kumar: i agree witj gayatri too tho there! "empty mind's a devil workshp"

Amey Rele: Hi guys..... i am an introvert. I love the time when I am by myself and doin g nothing. Every day of our lives we are running behing something or someone. We rarely get a chance of doin nothin. Every time I am saturated with thoughts and work etc. etc.. and overburdened inlife the best thing I think of doin is NOTHING.....I t refreshes and gets ne back my peace of mind...that is the importance of nothing for me .......Just no thoughts no people nothing do just plain nothing.... and it is important for me!!!!

aakriti mehta: concept of nothing means u donot get affected by any external factors and can view everything from an objective viewpoint and are above any materialistic considerations

sweety j: ya we need to try to grab the changes and fill the emptyness contained in Nothing!!

Dr Shreyas Goswami: not attached to any worldly affairs.. THE ANASAKT as geeta phrases it... the one who understands the importance of fullness that is GOD. and who at the same time also understands the importance of SELF.. one has to attach this NOTHING with that FULLNESS... thats where the IMPORTANCE OF NOTHING lies..

nitin r: Now as Shreya has mentioned universe as a vaccum, but in itself universe is infinite. So, it is one's perception of how one sees the things around him and can see even whole universe in "nothing"

Crazy Boy: but i think guys tht we need to always have a fine balance between things s0 being 2 much in tht NOTHING state of mind is also not useful n its Important to sometimes think

bhatiapuneet22: doing nothing can get u nowhere.. if one tries to achieve something in life he/she will automatically understand the meagre importance of nothing.

rani mehta: doing nothing is good but only for a while, its not something dat u can live ur life with. its just a stage of realisation and then u have to start ur work from there and achieve your goals.

Mahadevan Iyer: true amey... nothing is very important ot rejuvenate a particular individual.. but it also has the capacity to drive a person to madness... taking nothing in a construcitve way will help every individual

Aditi Prabhu: Yes amey.. what you are referring to is the sole concept of detachment, Yoga and meditation.. Nothingness is a means to achieve things which the mind could'nt have achieved if it is crowded with thoughts all the time

abhilasha kumar: at any point of time its very difficult to b dong nothing! amey.....

saul hudson: i would like to clarify that nothing does not signify emptiness in any sense ,,,, on the other hand if we look at it from an optimist's point of view if signifies the start of something great

Dr Shreyas Goswami: see.. even this NOTHING has got so much of importance... as it has also been given a place in terms of the main topic of our group discussion..

Gayatri Sundaram: well i wld say it one of the most difficult job in universe to b sittin and doing NOTHING

Crazy Boy: i think Slash thts being to Optimistic we have 2 be a bit more Realistic in our life

Ishan Sethi: I agree with nikhil... Nothing is a start to soething big.. its the starting point of evolution

rani mehta: nothing is important in life but people dont u think if we give it too much importance we might end up in the wrong place. it should be used for betterment and in positive way

Crazy Boy: i agree with Gayattri but also its one of the most imp job

sweety j: Let go in detail of what exaclty we mean by Nothing"in other senses too! As far as india is considered we r not in a state of :nothing" but not up to Fulness , We indias have the power and ya potential we need to recognaise that,we the future has to fill thi "Emptyness " with our effoet!

aakriti mehta: it takes agreat deal of pateince to do nothing and can be a measure of how comfortable u r with urself

Aditi Prabhu: What we also shud keep in mind, is that nothingness alone will not do much of good... If this nothingness is put to good use, only then is it of paramount importance and value..

bhatiapuneet22: When people say one is doing nothing in life that is it implies that one is just lying idle so if that person gives importance to this "nothing" he can as well learn to achieve something in life.

Ishan Sethi: well sadi aditi

rani mehta: after nothing u have to move on and work harder and for ur goal, u have to leave all comforts behind and give ur best shot

abhilasha kumar: nothing could also signify not doing anything realy relevant.....adding value etc.....one could just be sitting n introspecting....palnning for the future or thinking abt the past!

Aditi Prabhu: just meditating wont give any results... the calmness that meditation gives, shud be chanelised in the right direction

saul hudson: crazy boy,,, i think realism comes into the picture only after u have started towards realising your dream .....but for tht u have to start dreaming,,,,, and dreams don't manifest themselves in a whole form .... they stem from " NOTHING"

sumeet4me: I feel importance of nothing is only increased by "something".. In spirituality.. we seek peace in nothing cos v r fed up of "something" or the other.. Nothing in a cup looses its value unless we foresee something coming in.. Nothing's positive/negative power comes from the existence of something..

Mahadevan Iyer: 500 years back, america was not known, but today it is the most powerful... so nothing is the most important thing as it gives us an opportunity to start somethng big

Crazy Boy: i think Nothing is like giving time to refresh ur self recharging ur self n motivating ur self towards ur goal in life

rani mehta: yes aditi it should be channalised in right direction for fruitful results other wise its of no importance

aakriti mehta: whether u seek the company of others to complete urself or if u can seek pleasure in solitude is what is signified by sitting in nothing

Amey Rele: No I am not talking about total detachment ...i am not talking about taking Sanyas....i am just sayin that for some point of time we should nothing ...absolutely nothin.... Is it important do do something all the time??? I dont think so.

Gayatri Sundaram: n i think we could begin a new from anything with the help of this nothing

abhilasha kumar: but i dont think Amerca was nothing......

ANUP CHADA: as frnd s out here are saying ---- nothing is taken for granted --- a person is termed as " good for nothing " but a person can never be gud for nothin ... every individual has a special charecteristic in himself which will help him to come up ...

Aditi Prabhu: Yes sumeet.. Nothing exists.. becoz Sumthing exists.. Both are Complementary..

Dr Shreyas Goswami: moreover .. if a person observes anything which the world thinks is of NO IMPORTANCE at all.. if he is a scientist..like NEWTON, then even he may find the laws of gravitation from a small apple which had no importance..NOTHING compared to the revolution that gravitation theory brought in the field of science..

nitin r: NOTHING can also be taken as a learning experience as one knows the value of something when he has nothing. Also "nothing" can be seen as that phase of one's life when he leaves everything (all physical assets- body, money, etc.) and merge in the holy spirit.

bhatiapuneet22: While each one of us is signifying nothing I would like to throw some light on "importance". Well wat does imp specify. It meand something dear , something necessary something absolute essential without which it is impossible to achieve a certain task or goal.

aakriti mehta: some people also believe that nothingness also signifies emptiness n that is where the true mettle and spirit of the person is released

sweety j: Let anaysis this in our current scenariyo...,Importance of "nothing"in its gr8 sence is the capability to accept the "EVerything",so we need to extend hands and ya change our mind to accept things,grab the oopurtuinites coming up!and ya to work for our society and our Nation!

abhilasha kumar: nri...ur talking about sanyas!

nitin r: Hence when a man is borne he brings nothing with him & same when he dies.

Aditi Prabhu: Nothing can also be given a whole new dimension.. The concept of being an ascetic... of giving up worldly desires.. The way Siddharth Gautam did... and went on to become the Buddha

Mahadevan Iyer: importance to nothing, is something like giving importance to an experience... this is becoz nothing is the result of an experience

abhilasha kumar: exactly....that is the true imp. of nothing

Crazy Boy: WEll i think this importance of nthing has gr8ly been signified in Buddhism

sweety j: Frnds Aren;t we dealing only in one accept of "Nothing"

rani mehta: nri ur going on sanyas side but ya if u wanna achieve the mox dats the path for it

Amey Rele: By the way I am getting nothing out of this conversation..... I am way tooooooo confused here

aakriti mehta: nothing can also signify a lull in the daily routine of life eg in the evening when we do 'nothing', which is necessary for rejuvenation of the mind, body n spirit of human beings

bhatiapuneet22: While we are discussing on this GD ,it means "nothing" to the people who are not interested in pursuing MBA or for those who are interested in some other career rather than Mba.

abhilasha kumar: u come empty-handed n you depart empty-handed with nothing......

Aditi Prabhu: Yes, thats true.. nothingness of mind is a way to rejuvenate it

Gayatri Sundaram: well but this emptiness holds soo manythings tht when we are alive

rani mehta: bhatia its of no importance to us but then again panel sitting wud select the candidates based on dat and we want the admission dont we so its important

Dr Shreyas Goswami: also,,, IMPORTANCE.. as we see.. is almost always given to the notable features of any issue.. say for example gandhiji in the freedom struggle.. but there are always the unknown freedom fighters who never came to light.. who were NOTHING compared to gandhiji.. but still without them our independence would have not been possible..

Crazy Boy: Well i think we r here luking at only one aspect of nthing but another expect tht can be delved upon is tht nthing also signifies dullness n depression in life n sometimes its like being a loser

Aditi Prabhu: Nothingness has its importance when it is at the right time and exercised in the right manner..

Mahadevan Iyer: u do something new, then u have an experience and u either make somehting or u end up doing nothing... this nothing will act as a moral from the whole experience and make u move in the right dierction

ANUP CHADA: when someone says you dont know anything abt the subjec or about something ... the person to whom it is referred to takes the clue and then goes deep into it and tries to master it ( some of them ) so nothing helps a person to improve himself and gain cognizance

aakriti mehta: this concept by puneet can be generalised to sy that something which is of importance to one person can mean nothing to some other person whom it does not concern or who doesnot consider it a priority

ANUP CHADA: ya of corse as one of our frnds pointed out we come with nothing and we go back with the same

rani mehta: yes crazy and nothing does not always bring the good things and success and opportunities and all the good stuff we r talking abt unless after realising u work hard on it.

bhatiapuneet22: if we break "nothing" into "no-thing" it implies no thing or such a thing which does not exist or has no existence as such but still it has been included as a part of the English vocab. So can nothing signify no thing practically?? well that's again a big question

rani mehta: crazy has very rightly said abt the other aspect of nothing

sweety j: What ver be the importance "we need to understand whatexaclty "nothing"is confined to!lets analsye that with respect to evryfield of life!we have a gr8 exponential profile underlying if we need to go form Nohing to Fulness.We only need to accept that!

sumeet4me: I think "Nothing " has its importance apart from spirituality too. A Soldier ensures that "nothin " crosses LOC. Any implementer seeks that nothing goes wrong.. The complete absence of any event , substance or person is sought many times for the good.

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks every one , request Anup Chada, Aditi, Bhatiapunnet, Gayatri to give concluding statement and other to give their opinion on who performed the best.

Aditi Prabhu: If we look at the Business perspective, a real entrepreneur is one who turns Nothing into Something..

Crazy Boy: GUYS havent we heard the phrase "Something is BEtter then Nothing" n have been using it in our life for a long time so isnt this statement contradicting with the topic of our discussion

abhilasha kumar: frankly i too am very confused.....n as far as i see it the whole idea behind this topic" importance of Nothing" is that we need to know clearly what nothing signifies to each personally....the emptiness and then v have to immediately rush to fill in the lacunae.......

rani mehta: nothing means dulness, lonelyness and sometimes it doesnt work for good

Dr Shreyas Goswami: IMPORTANCE of NOTHING... also symbolizes that even the minute things in life must also be given due importance... they may seem nothing important but if not given importance may cause havoc.. like even a small briak in aeroplane can cause crash.

saul hudson: as it is rightly said .... hope for the best but prepare for the worst..... i would like to put it as hope for getting everything but prepare yourself to get "nothing".......and it is not as if GOD has not given u an incentive in such a case .....getting "nothing" is the best incentive a person can get to move ahead in life.......being an optimist, i think in such a case god gives us an indication that we need to start with a new vigour

Mahadevan Iyer: true pink, lets take the case of Mr. Lincoln.. he ws nothing 20 years b4 he became the president of america... it is hardwork and perseverance and hard work which will make a person learn something from nothing... so in all it is the attitude of every individual which gives importance to nothing

nitin r: Hence we can say that Nothing can be perceived differently by different people. For a leader, "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" but for a loser "NOTHING IS POSSIBLE"

sumeet4me: Hey guys i think we can conclude now..

Ishan Sethi: Taking on from what SHREYAS said, Every place on earth is run by not a handful of important somethings or someones.. but rather the whole world runs on the efforts of the nobody's.. There are millions of irrelevant nothings that we ignore in our daily life's.. But that takes nothing away from their importance

Aditi Prabhu: Well the group has come up with interesting definitions abt Nothingness and we conclude that Nothing is as important as Something as shud be used productively

ANUP CHADA: accumlation of knowledge starts with nothing ... its becoz we dont know anything we go to a school , coll ,etc .. so nothing forms the base for everything

Amey Rele: From a philosophical point of view, the concept of "nothing" can have many interpretations. In fact, people can even state that nothing does not exist. One cannot sense, see, feel, or think nothing. There is no contact with nothing. Nothing is where everything isn't. Visualizing "nothing" would make "something". It could be seen as a physical void or as just a word which only has meaning when used to describe a relationship between different "somethings". A single "correct" definition of nothing could be considered impossible, since "right" and "wrong" do not fit within the confines of nothing.

Gayatri Sundaram: nothing has aspects of everything and i believe that we can achive many things if its put in to right way

bhatiapuneet22: A company also concentrates on "nothing" but success, a poor person also concentrates on "nothing" but earning, a movie director always concentrates on "nothing" but a hit film, a MBA aspirant(like all of us here) always concentrates on nothing but aiming high in CAT and other exams...

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks every one , request Anup Chada, Aditi, Bhatiapuneet and Gayatri to give concluding statement and other to give their opinion on who performed the best.

Dr Shreyas Goswami: i am very much sure that everybody has contributed excellently in this abstract topic discussion.. all found out meaning and gave due importance.. its difficult to point out the best one... i feel the whole group to be given credit. without which it wud not be possible..

Aditi Prabhu: Well the group has come up with interesting definitions abt Nothingness and we conclude that Nothing is as important as Something as shud be used productively

sweety j: we india r nothing in the field of other advanced countries,(say in its light spirit) it doesn;t mean taht we don;t have the capability,We capabile we need to Reform our mental attitude which matter sthe most towards everything!By proper attitude nad our indoustrious nature we can meet up to high levels!

nitin r: mahadeva has come out with good examples. Good effort.

Amey Rele: Kudos for the group...it was great fun

Dr Shreyas Goswami: and of course thanx to urpercentile too.. for taking so much pain..

aakriti mehta: i think everybody contributed positively to the discussion n we bought out several interesting aspects of 'nothing'

rani mehta: i wud like to say that nothing is important for realisation and then work hard to remove it frm ur life. if you give more then that importance to nothing it might drive u in the wrong way.

sumeet4me: thanks everyone.. and Urpercentile..

ANUP CHADA: concl remark : nothing is a term taken for granted -- but thats where everything starts nothing is the beginning for everything

rani mehta: i think gayatri did good

aakriti mehta: thanks everyone

saul hudson: i think full credit goes to urpercentile .... after all it has made something out of " NOTHING"

Gayatri Sundaram: thanks rani

Mahadevan Iyer: everyone contributed to the discussion... thanks a lot guys... thanks nri18 for that

ANUP CHADA: thanks everyone and urpecentile the most 4 providing tis opportunity

Amey Rele: urpercentile .....your comments on this GD


rani mehta: nicely said crazy

bhatiapuneet22: Well to conclude, my friends I feel that " less" "importance" should be given to " nothing" i.e we shod concentrate less on trifle issues and go ahead in life, remove those "hurdles" which mean "nothing" to us and always concentrate or give "importance" to that "something" which each of us wish to achieve in life....

abhilasha kumar: agreed everyone had in some manner to contribute..liked the lines towards the end by amy....tho

sweety j: Yes"nothing"in all sense means capable of accepting Everything!!the fulneess!the happiness! he effort!!and ya...it also includes"somethimg"but we need to change up somthing to..eveything and ther lies the sucess or importance of "Nothing""

www.UrPercentile.com: ok thanks everyone. it was a nice discussion...best of luck to everyone

Gayatri Sundaram: thanks a lot fr givin such an oppertunity thanks to ur percentile

Ishan Sethi: exactly crazy.. we deserve some credit for saying NOTHING in this GD

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