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 Following is the GD we had on " What should be the main priorities of government in the next Budget ?" Nikhil volunteered to be the evaluator of this GD and sent us the following comments. We agree to all his comments. Nikhil has been a subscriber of UrPercentile for many years and is in the 2nd year of his MMS/MBA specialising in HR in Mumbai. Thanks Nikhil .

nikhil: shreya... should be asked to be more updated & get more data for the same.

nikhil: sumeet312988 --> had entered some times, but he had to be good on his points

nikhil: rose_angela --> shold be asked to read papers (i think she is not updated), also she shld be told to think globally

nikhil: rockystone... --> had some good points, but were not streched

nikhil: I think we can make some guideliness for them, as too, if they agree with someone, they can(shld) add in some more points in the same & then pass on, its also said, tht if u accept with someone, u need to show the same in a proper manner. I know this is not possible here, but we can try for the same too

nikhil: I think prashant..-->>was a bit afraid kinda person. he had some points but was not able to express the same

nikhil: sumeet4me--> was also fine with the points

nikhil: slash_saul.. --> was also good, i would rate him 7 /10

nikhil: nri --> had not much pooints, he need to asked to read more

nikhil: i think kunal, sumeet312988, clears then u can give pref.. too --> slash_saul..., summet4me

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www.UrPercentile.com: We will start with a one line introduction from each one of you.

nitin r: Hi , I am Nitin Rajpal, a Computer Engineer from Mumbai University, no experience. Got calls from Alliance, ICFAI, BIMTECH.

Ishan Sethi: Hi everyone, I'm Ishan currently pursuing an Engineering degree from IP University, Delhi.. I have calls from IIMA, IIML, IIMK and IIFT

ashwin nair: Hi i am ashwin nair im currently studyin production engineering in VJTI and have got calls from IIFT

saul hudson: hello everyone, i am nikhil sharma,i am currently in my final year engineering in electronics and telecommunication from mumbai university

Sumeet Kumar: Hi Guys, I am sumeet, final yearmech engg.

sumeet4me: Hi.. I m Sumeet, CA working in Mumbai since past 15 months, preparing for CAT this year.

angela dsouza: hi everyone i m gayatri 4m mumbai doing bms last yr


prashant_cbs: I am Prashant ,Iam pursiung my BBS from college of business studies , I have not got any calls as yet

Dr Shreyas Goswami: hello and good evening to everyone, myself dr.shreyas. i have completed my m.b..b.s. and have been working in a hospital-cum-research inst for the past 1 year..

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : What should be the main priorities of government in the next Budget ?

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don’t be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

sumeet4me: Hi everyone.. I think we can divide the discussion into.. priorities for expenditure and that for Taxes.. And can start with .. how govt should spend its moneys this year..

Sumeet Kumar: The government should stress upon development of basic infrastucture as for e.g in bihar roads, elecricity . These are the basic hinderances to development of our country

angela dsouza: govt shld focus on improving the infrasturctures like airport runway roads r not goood so it shld work on that . rural areas electricity goes of for 12 hrs n in urban areas 5 hrs (mumbai) how come company's will be able to progesss how come students will study?

gocrazy4kunal 11: i on my part feel that the main focus of the budget should be develomentwrks in rural sector besiding addressing anomalies of FBT and containig fiscal n revenue deficit

Dr Shreyas Goswami: also dont forget health... we have the population burst too which requires some focus

nitin r: Hello everyone, As we all know that India is a mixed economy where centre is supported by left. So govt should emphasise on both FDI & FII investment but also keeping the needs of the common man in its mind.

prashant_cbs: India has been performing at fairly well during the past few years, but yto make this growth sustainable major investment should be in the field of Infrastructure.

sumeet4me: I think privat sector participation should be seeked in a big way to enable faster development of Infrastructure.. Also roadblocks like red tappism should be removed..

Sumeet Kumar: Another priority which has benn for the long time is in education sector, where indians are lacking behind.

Sumeet Kumar: Yes sumeet, i agree with you, we should look forward for more active participation from the private sectors in this field

gocrazy4kunal 11: the need of the hour is to develop infrastructure on a priority basis if we wish to realise the dream of 2020 india , because that will automatically pave the way for increased FDI which ultimately means increased job n developed india

angela dsouza: i dont think so india is lacking behind the education statistically it has been proved that india has been improving n ater 5 yrs it will be the no 1 country in the world who will have highest graduates

Ishan Sethi: I think agriculture needs to attain prime importance in next years budget simply because India despite all pregress remains a rural country.. India still has its heart in the villages

Dr Shreyas Goswami: spending on health has been a major focus by the government since last many years,,, but as we all know that still population curve is on the rise and the results are still not seen o the board... in addition to the spending the budget should be focussing on proper planning of the allotment in accordance with the plannning commission..

prashant_cbs: unless it makes its onfrastructure base stronger it is not going to be on the path of continunos development in the field of infrastructure, China is developed so because it spends 12 times as more as compared to india.

Ishan Sethi: Unless we can improve the core of this countries infrastructure(i.e agriculure) we cannot have sustained development

sumeet4me: I think Public Schools and teachers have to be made more accountable for the results they deliver. Govt teachers should be given targets in terms of student enrolments and pass out rates.. Once quality education is assured.. the development in terms of economic value added shall be insured..

gocrazy4kunal 11: on also we should try to encourage schemes based on PPP(public-private-partnership) because by encouraging that we will be able to quiet the critics of privatisation n so our goal will be easily achieved

Sumeet Kumar: Let us see for example in Jharkhand where Mittal is hesitating to setup the steel plant. Jharkhand is rich in mineral deposits as compared to other states, Despite these it's growth is far behind other states . The basic reason is the laco of basic infrastructure

Dr Shreyas Goswami: in this field of health as my friend sumeet stressed that we have to involve and encourage the private corporate sector to take active part..

sumeet4me: I think we all agree to the cause of Infrastructure development..

Dr Shreyas Goswami: ofcourse

Ishan Sethi: Services are already on the upswing in India.. And as for education India is already producing more graduates than it can employ.. But is it producing enough food to sustain th e entire population.. We still need to import onions

angela dsouza: now a days becoz of tough competition it has become difficult to get the job medium performance level students are not able to get the job so govt shld encourage entrepreneurship they shld develop inst which will enable them to get the job or start up their own buinsesss that knowledge shld be practical.

Sumeet Kumar: This is the reason why Gujarat , Maharashtra are far more developed and have pretty high growth rate than these eatsern countries.

nitin r: Govt can have private participation in Infrastucture projects ( Airport mordernisation, highways, townships, etc) and at the same time carry on with its social programmes in health, rural employement projects, and education

gocrazy4kunal 11: well i agree to some extent about what was said about jharkhand but beside that i feel that the other reason there which is the major reason is naxalite problem

saul hudson: the most important hitng for the next budget is to increase the share of education as a percentage of the gdp

Ishan Sethi: I agree with Kunal.. Internal security needs to gain a lot of ground in the next budget

saul hudson: currently it is at 1.5 to 3 % but we have to plan to increase it to a maximum of 6%

Dr Shreyas Goswami: you r right nri18, we can take the example of dr.shetty of karnataka in this case.. he has started the YASHSWINI project with the active involovemnet of the govt. as well as the private sector...

prashant_cbs: Apart from infrastructure another major focus should be on generation of employment,. The growth that india has been what in economists call"jobless growth". tha rate of generaton of employmnent has to be made, and i think self-employment programs shoule also get special focus

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don’t be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

gocrazy4kunal 11: we should see that airport modernisation programme is hanging fire from quite a few months and if conditions like these continue we will be doing injustice to all , we have formulated programmmes like bharat nirman yojna n other schemes but what is required is the work at ground level

sumeet4me: Education is not only for Jobs . but because its essential for a democratic society.. wherein people know their roles and responsibilities in civic arena.. Education no doubt has to emphasis on learning of Skills and craftsmenship in rural parts so as to earn jobs..

nitin r: Yes I agree with slash_sauldhan and respect govt's move to have education cess

Dr Shreyas Goswami: wherein.. if proper allotment of the spendings is done like say health insurance, etc.. ofcourse along with education..the education cess was the right initiative

saul hudson: extending the points abt internet security i believe there has to be given a considerable importance to intellectual property rights whether they might pertain to any field of gaining revenue

Sumeet Kumar: As we have seen how the states like maharashtra and gujarat have impressed the nri's where bihar has failed to do so. Although naxalite is one the problem. But it can be tackled more easily if govt pays more stress on building roads stc. for easy transportation of security forces

Dr Shreyas Goswami: if education and health are given the much needed required thrust.. then the problems of unemployment, population control, poverty will be more better resolved and then subsequently other major thrust areas can be dealt with more easily...

Ishan Sethi: Education cess is one aspect of it.. There is no use of talent without oppurtunity.. If we keep teaching youth and make them proffesionals without providing them with oppurtunities to display their prowess.. It makes no sense to invest more in education

angela dsouza: govt shld improve the railways specially mumbai's crowded trains govt get the highest revenue 4m railways n it runs the highest employment mumbai is the commercial city

prashant_cbs: Further a WB repors says that "1 % growth in infrastructure spendind contributes to 4 % GDP growth " so infrastructure will give our growth a major impetus

saul hudson: another very important issue that needs to be addressed is the inflow of forex reserves into the country ...the step tht the g'ment can take towards achieving this goal is by introducing some amount of leniency in fdi investments and also in FII investments

Dr Shreyas Goswami: i think railways is not an issue with the budget.. we have seperate rail budget for that..

gocrazy4kunal 11: BUDGET should try to bridge the revenue gap and that can only be done if we have some strict fiscal reforms on the table . so FM should focus on some corrective fiscal measures , he should try to curtail the government expenditure n above all work try to privatise atleast non navratnas PSU on a priority basis , some correction is also required in FBT which is the bone of contention

sumeet4me: I think govt should work not as provider of employment but a facilitator of economic prosperity. Yes Sumeet Security is a big problem ... I think the govt's today forget that its basic job is to provide safety to its citizens.. Govt should first concentrate on that.. Econonmic prosperity will automatically follow as a result of Pvt Investment..

Sumeet Kumar: I don't agree to rockystone . Because we can c in some states the eduaction level is very poor

saul hudson: FDI and FII form a considerable chunk of the GDP.... i think for a sustained growth we have to increase the number of foreign institutional investors

Ishan Sethi: Thats beacuse in those state there is not proper utilization of existing funds.. The funds are surplus, but corruption does not allow their proper use

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Sumeet Kumar: although Govt is trying hard, But it should remain as one of the major priorites. Education is very essential for all round develoment of a country. It can also used to create general awareness against epidemic diseases and naxalites. Which would help indian in long run.

angela dsouza: i agree with rocky

Dr Shreyas Goswami: another major thrust area is the incresing amount of fdi.. that is surely helping in economic prosperity.. more fdi should be attracted in areas like health-sector, SME, venture capital field... we have only 2 basic indian companies as far as VC is concerned..(venture capitalist)

sumeet4me: Rocky.. i feel that FII inflows form a very small part of actual investment happening in the country.. thrust has to be on encouraging all pvt investment and not only FIIs as govts have been doin till now..

Dr Shreyas Goswami: this can help in givin boost to the new emerging entreprenours with their start-ups.

prashant_cbs: Exactly the FII & FDI will work towards attainment of sustainable growth so India must make itself more viable destinationn for investment, the policies should ease out FDI and FII norms

gocrazy4kunal 11: policies must be announced to promote developing energy sources ddomestically , beacuse we are importing more than 70% of our energ needs n that is where we are losing the taxpayer's money which should have otherwise gone for development of infrastructure, so if we provide incentives in exploration sector we can get some benefits and contain the oil bill . because frends u also must be aware that our growth rate is dependent on oil prices

saul hudson: extending go crazy's earlier point i think along with privatising ,, the government can also take concrete steps inn reducing the government interface in dealing of goods... as an example ,,, after the goverment removed the state interface during the import of computers the factor of corrupption in tht area was totally negated .... this is very important since corruption greatly hampers the gdp growth

sumeet4me: I think on energy front .. our emphasis should be on acquiring as many reserves in India and abroad as possible.. It seems very remote chance that oil will have its substitute in medium term..

saul hudson: exactly as i said before the intelletual; property rights should be safeguarded in the field of energy resources by adopting a suitable policy

Dr Shreyas Goswami: yes thats true.. more focus on research in the field of non-conventional sources of energy.. we already have research centres in these areas.. but spending in these fields have always been less. that can lead to more self-reliance as far as fuels are concerned...

gocrazy4kunal 11: ya i agree with prashant n to some extent feel that FII norms are nicely taken care by SEBI , but the need is to think beyond n open more avenues for FDI

Ishan Sethi: Even for FII and FDI inflow the country needs to improve existing infrastructure and policies to attract foreign investors and improve inflows

nitin r: I think the Indian economy is moving forward in the rigth direction with guidance from personalities like Manmohan Singh and P. Chidambaram. For next budget , the main areas of interest should be Quality Education to compete with the rest of the world and raise GDP, Good Infrastucture like airports, railways and highways so that India can stand proudly in the Commonwealth games (Delhi metro can be taken as the ideal example of pvt-public participation), and opening up of more sectors like retail for FIIs & FDIs so that we can have more jobs.

Sumeet Kumar: yes sumeet, it is one of the burning problem. India must prepare itself before energy crisis occurs in world

prashant_cbs: The seeds of growth will flourish if we allow more investment ( private & perticualrly FDI) in various areas

sumeet4me: I think.. We r talkin more in terms of economic policies to be pursued than in terms of "Budget".. We can limit our discussion to channelizing of public money into various ways.

Ishan Sethi: I toltally agree with nri18, but i would also add research to that list.. India does very little in that area and hence in every shere depends on technology developed abroad

Sumeet Kumar: yes nri, just i have said earlier that private participation is amust. And upa govt' must look forward into it

saul hudson: the government move to involve a private hand in the making of airports is a step in the ight directiion...i think these kind of steps should manifest themselves also in the construction of roads....we can take a cue from franklin roosevelt in this regard who actually went on to say tht roads depict the state of the country

nitin r: Yes we should look beyond manufacturing and make India as a hub for R&D

Dr Shreyas Goswami: more boost should also be given to the NRI fraternity ... india gets max amount of investment from them,, as compared to other countries getting contribution from their natives..

angela dsouza: govt shld invest in technology becoz due to technology we can work efficiently n the level of performance will be much better

gocrazy4kunal 11: more sector should be opened for FDI , as we have one achievement in telecom sector n we should take cue from that example and open more n more sector , initally there will be some hiccups but everyone will relise its benefit in long run

sumeet4me: I feel here that apart from infrastructure.. State govts should be encouraged and funded for reforms in Police services and that in Judiciary system.. So that Govt does its job of administration efficiently.. as it is its primary duty..

Ishan Sethi: India needs to invest more to attract researchers and developers so that it can compete with the best in the world on cutting edge techonlogy.. This way problems such as the CAT systems on the airports and Energy crisis can be dealt with and indigeious solutions can be found for such problems

angela dsouza: now animation has more demand in foreign so if we develop more animation inst then train the people we can earn foreign exchange

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a summary of the discussion.

gocrazy4kunal 11: also we should focus for some security n labour laws in BPO sector because the are a harassed lot these days nitin r: thank you

prashant_cbs: I fully subscribe to sumit that energy is a major area of concern

saul hudson: yes kumal ,,, along with telecom ,, only the "hotels, cars " sector has benefitted from the leniency shown in terms of fdi investments... it is necessary tht we tap the potential fields in this regard and go a step futher in improving fdi investments

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a summary of the discussion.

Sumeet Kumar: The govt should focuss on development of basic infrastructures. secondly the eduaction sector and t

prashant_cbs: This sector alone has the potential to throw india into crisis nd govt should take steps to make india more energy secure!!

angela dsouza: india has talented people who can make india a great country so govt shld invest in KPO infrasture shld invest in inst who can train people in animation

Ishan Sethi: In conclusion, I feel the major issues for the government in the next budget should be Research and Development, Agriculture, Education and Improving internal security so as to make india self sufficient in all spheres including Energy, Technology, Food and Security

Dr Shreyas Goswami: we discussed various aspects involving the budget and what should be done ... education, health, airports, transport systems should be focussed.. along with that attracting more FDIs and encouraging more private-sector involvement which can also help in getting more jobs and better the econmy.. NRI fraternity should be encouraged more for investments... along with that some discussion on R&D and technology was also done..

nitin r: From todays discussion, we can summarise that govt. should focus on many areas ( infrastucture, education, jobs, R&D, energy) at the same time to sustain its growth trajectory. Thank You all.

sumeet4me: I think there is unanimity of opinion that infrastructure has to be improved as first priority. apart from that govt has to look at increasing the level of investment in the country.. inclusive of FII and FDi inflows.. While education development will be the key to sustaining the development.. On energy front govt has to secure its supplies and also has to have back up of alternative sources of energy.. It has to put in lot of money for the research for non conventional sources of energy.. I conclude here..

saul hudson: if we think of the areas that the government should focus on , in the upcoming budget then those would be 1. increasing the education cess and thus the investment ofn education 2. improving fdi and fii inflows thus increasin the gdp 3. introducing better "trader friendly" schemes like vat 4. policy to safeguard ip rights

Dr Shreyas Goswami: thank u all for this nice discussion..

gocrazy4kunal 11: so accordiing to me the focus should be on infrastructure development using PPP , incentives in energy sector , increasing cap of FDI in sectors like insurance n others , labour laws in BPO sectors , opening retail sector to FDI , n in the end thanks to all my frends for lively discussion

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, will send the result on the group in next few days. Anyone have any comments, suggestions on this exercise or on Urpercentile.com

Sumeet Kumar: Thank u guys it was a nice and healthy discussion

Dr Shreyas Goswami: yes sire...i want to comment..

angela dsouza: even i like the discussion a lot

prashant_cbs: thank u all

nitin r: Yes discussion was very good. Thank you

Dr Shreyas Goswami: but sir i feell that it was not that up to the mark.. becuase... in a live gd.. while one of the participant is presenting his thoughts others are listening..

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