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Crazy Boy, Shruti and Sumeet4me have done well. MBA Aspirant though participated a lot in the discussion but deviated from the topic many times, took comments from other people on personal basis, did not follow the rules, and changed her stance in between. All these should be avoided in real GD.

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : Is Management an art or science ?

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sumeet4me: Hi everyone ... I m sumeet.. CA working in Mumbai.. I think we all can introduce ourselves first.

mangesh shirsat: hi my name mangesh i am chemical engineer

mangesh shirsat: according to me management is art as well as science

sumeet4me: We can discuss both aspects .. arts first..

sumeet4me: Management is an art... as is learnt over time .. more by practise then by knowledge.. , what others say..

sumeet4me: We r not hearing from "crazyboy..."

mangesh shirsat: when u working in marketing department then u can say

Crazy Boy: Hi frnds iam doing IT

mangesh shirsat: but in hr u need knowlege then pratical

sumeet4me: Welcome crazyboy... We will ask Shruti too for into.. before we continue..

Crazy Boy: Well Sumeet u say tht Management is an art as it is learn more by practising then y do u think tht IIM's havent made Work Ex compulsory

sumeet4me: what u say mangesh..

shruti82: I am working as a researcher in bioinfo, 6 months

Crazy Boy: I think its a mixture of both, it cant be termed either as pure science or pure art

shruti82: lets define art and science first.. as in what do the two terms imply to us

mangesh shirsat: yaa but u know not if both thing are there then it will be good

sumeet4me: I think art is something.. which cannot be expressed by formulae..

mangesh shirsat: art mean pratical approch

sumeet4me: No defined body of knowledge.

Crazy Boy: Well i think Art is something which is learnt more by experience rather cramming things up

shruti82: art = something not exact? Something that relies on intuition which builds up with experience shruti82: Science=something that believes in strict defintions, theories which r testable n tested

sumeet4me: I agree.. shruti..

mangesh shirsat: me too

Crazy Boy: whearas science is the other way arnd u can sort of sit in ur home n learn n understand

sumeet4me: yes..

MBA Aspirant : management is an art

shruti82: more open to inquiry, yeah in a way as someone said... a recipe thing

sumeet4me: And cause and Effect relationship betwwn variables is a must for science

mangesh shirsat: yaa thats true

MBA Aspirant : science doesnt show any team work

shruti82: excuse me, i beg to differ

MBA Aspirant : it is strictly adhered to rules

Crazy Boy: well thts not true as far as i think

shruti82: scienceis very collaborative too these days

mangesh shirsat: it is req. team work

MBA Aspirant : does science include any team work ?

Crazy Boy: yeah i mean all the researches done nowerdays is based more on team work rather then individual brilliance

MBA Aspirant : true

mangesh shirsat: yaa

Crazy Boy: So science also has team work

shruti82: it includes team work at 2 levels i believe: one is at hte level of physical teamwork between people in a lab working ona project

sumeet4me: that means researches now need management..

sumeet4me: but still it does not define management as science

shruti82: and another is more gloabal based on peer refereed journals or international research collaborations

MBA Aspirant : it requires management only

Crazy Boy: Well Sumeet ur whole life NEEDS MANAGEMENT

MBA Aspirant : without management u cant do anything, when u do project in lab u manage the things properly, u cant add any liquid any time, if u do so it will cause a v bad effect, their is specific time to add in it

shruti82: true management isn't just a corporate world concept

sumeet4me: so management is a behavioural science.. is it?

Crazy Boy: Well Management can also be termed as a SCIENCE OF MANAGING PEOPLE

MBA Aspirant : it is not science of managing the people, it is a art of managing the people, it totally depends on ur creativity ur efficiency. how effectively u handle them it is ur ability to get work done 4m others.

shruti82: Hmmm interesting perspective about management=behaviour science

sumeet4me: we got nice definition here.. but when u involve people.. u cannot draw exact casue effect relationship..

Crazy Boy: n i think the best defination can be that MANAGEMENT IS THE SCIENCE OF ART OF MANAGING PEOPLE

shruti82: but management in the corporate world doesn't require just managing peopel i think. it also requires managing other resources eg. company time, finances etc

sumeet4me: I think management is more tha just getting work done from people.. it is getting work done 4m others

MBA Aspirant : u go anywhere u require management, 4m our birth to death, management is there

Crazy Boy: Well Rose i think ur forgetting that Management is not just about managing people which enables to achieve organization goal

Crazy Boy: managing people is just one aspect of management as such n is called HUMAN RELATION(HR)

sumeet4me: management.. is satisfying people, motivating them, managing resources, achieving goals and a lot more..

shruti82: maybe we should focus on management with respect to the crporate world? We seem to be gettgn lost here

Crazy Boy: we can manage the finance, marketting etc etc, be4 that u have to do research

MBA Aspirant : true, when u launch new product

Crazy Boy: so u cant say that managing an account is an art

sumeet4me: I have a suggestion here.. Eachone one of us should have a message of atleast few sentences... in that way we will be better able to put forward our thoughts..

MBA Aspirant : then sampling advertising , u cant advertise then sampling then research, 4 this also u have to follow the flow, wht is thissss , it is management only

Crazy Boy: So ROSE dont u think now that its both art n science, n think of management as whole not just HR

MBA Aspirant : i was talking abt marketing that time i didnt utter any single word abt HR, did i?????

Crazy Boy: no biut before tht u were saying its an art of managing people, werent u?

MBA Aspirant : crazt u said managing an account is an art, thats trueeee, when CA manages or handles the AC, he doesnt use science, he uses art, its the art to tally the balancesheet

Crazy Boy: i said its an SCIENCE

Crazy Boy: c science doesnt here mean PHY CHEM or BIO

sumeet4me: Actually management hasn't perfected as a science.. A science has very well defined body of knowledge.. but management just seems to be evolving.. and as our discussion shows .. it has a very large arena to play on.. and is not limited to one single activity..

MBA Aspirant : i did say but when u mentioned abt marketing finance i gave u the eg of launching a product, which was related to marketing

shruti82: Summet u believe that it is an art de to its in exactness and will develop into science?

MBA Aspirant : i never said science means we r tqalking abt chemistry

Crazy Boy: So ROSE if u consider all the aspects of managment then ucan term it as both a mixture of science n art

MBA Aspirant : i just said science has strict rules formulaes

shruti82: doesn't accountign ahve strict rules?

MBA Aspirant : but management has

sumeet4me: yes shruti .. but it seems an endless exercise... Its behavioural science and u learn more from ur resear ches..

MBA Aspirant : another probs, which is called case study which we solve by group discussion, team work

sumeet4me: Accounting is not management i believe.. If it was.. all CAs would have been best managers..

Crazy Boy: not really i beg to differ Science doesnt have strict rules n formulaes. Its also constantly evolving

MBA Aspirant : sumeet, anyone can be the best manager, but being a leader is difficult

Crazy Boy: Well Rose i think at some point of time Manager has to be a Leader

sumeet4me: of course.. So managing includes leading too.. I feel it is not limited to that alone.

MBA Aspirant : noooooooo, goood leader can be a manager but it is not necessary he can be a goood leader if he is a manager.

shruti82: and also a good manager has to be a leader

Crazy Boy: yeah n i think the vice versa is also true

sumeet4me: I differ here..

MBA Aspirant : tell me one thing

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Crazy Boy: yes

shruti82: i think we r moving away form the topic

shruti82: Lets look at management: art or science again

sumeet4me: Good leaders may not be good managers.. we can take example of our politicians.. they r popular but are not able to manage social projects..

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : Is Management a art or science ?

Crazy Boy: thnks urpercentile i was thinking it was more about

MBA Aspirant : 1major quality of leader is getting work done 4m others not to manage social projects he has to give command

shruti82: We all seem to agree that management is both art or science? Anyone has objections to this statment? speak now

MBA Aspirant : n keep an eye his workers r able to achieve or not

Crazy Boy: thnks Shruti i dnt

MBA Aspirant : sharad pawar suger cooperativeleader, dont u think he is a goodleader, kokkkkk MBA Aspirant : come back on topic

www.UrPercentile.com: MBA Aspirant : please stick to the GD topic we are not talking about who is leader who is not

Crazy Boy: Well leave all Pawar's we r talking abt management

MBA Aspirant : some one started argued with me, so i just gave him the ans

sumeet4me: MBA Aspirant,. I think management involves planning.. managing resources etc.. which is above leading.. amanager has to earn for his corporation unlike leader who is solely interested in being popular

MBA Aspirant : now i have come back on the topic

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement and your views on is Mnaagement a science or Art ?

Crazy Boy: 0k sorry for that now plz discuss the topic rather then wasting time on leadership

MBA Aspirant : sumeet u started talking abt leader so i just put forward my thoughts abt leader. management includes planning organizing controlling delegating which everyone cant dooooo. so i would say it is an art

Crazy Boy: Well as i said earlier <MANAGEMENT IS THE SCIENCE OF ART OF MANAGING PEOPLE. It has a mixture of both science n art n at different times u will requiere different aspects of it.

MBA Aspirant : ya u could say mixture of both, i m agree with u crazy, but i m definitely not agree with science only

Crazy Boy: n to proove my point i would just like to conclude by saying that if it was an art then IIM's would have made work ex compulsory

www.UrPercentile.com: MBA Aspirant : We asked for concluding statement

sumeet4me: I think management is perfect at being an art.. It not only can be earned by practise.. but some people are good born leaders too.. it also doesn't have a well defined set of rules or formulae so.. it can be said an art.. but we can also call it a science.. as it is more like a behavioural science.. and few parts of management specially project managemnt techniues involve mathematical skills.. However i believe its a imperfect science.. I conclude here..

shruti82: I agree with summet. However, I feel that by defining it as art or science or both we are tryign to disintegrate the different aspects of it which involve different abilities. Perhaps, it is due to the different types of abilites required too that there isn't a particular field of backgroudn study preferred by management schools

www.UrPercentile.com: Ok Thanks everyone , will send the result on the group in couple of days. " MBA Aspirant "you need to practise more on GD , you deviated from the topic and didn't follow the instructions..

MBA Aspirant : management is an art everyone is focusing on rules, i would say rules r made to do the things in better way

Crazy Boy: THANK U

MBA Aspirant : rules can be changed as per the goals

www.UrPercentile.com: Bye everyone

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