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Following is the ONLINE CHAT GD we had on :

Which of the following is of greatest value :
Family & friends,
Health or
The results are at the end.


On a Topics like this , you don't necessarily have to favour one point or the other. You can be diplomatic in your comments and give positive or negative points of all the points. At the end can say that though all are of equal importance , but in a situation where I have to give up one , I would give up XYX and the reasons are .....

Rani Mehta , Vinay Game, Aditi Prabhu and Biswajit performed well. AditiPrabhu and Biswajit pathak need to interact more with other people in the GD and base their comments on what others are saying. Rohini Chandrasekhar need to support her comments with reasons more often. Others need to improve.

Words like " I beg to differ " should be avoided (Very old fashioned) , instead you can say , I would like to differ.


rani mehta: hi i am rani i have done BE mechanical and got work ex of 14 months

Aditi Prabhu: Hi everyone, i am Aditi Prabhu, have completed Bcom (Honors) from Mumbai University, and have 5 months work exp with Syntel

biswajit pathak: Hi i am biswajit pursuing a btech course in computer science

vinaygame: Myself, Vinay Singal from Ludhiana.i Am doing my BBA.I got cals from Alliance,ICFAI

Crazy Boy: Hi Harnish doing B.Tech(IT)

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : Which of the following is of greatest value : Money Family and friends Health Career

Akshay Sasikumar: Hii, I am Akshay, Automobile engg with 6 months exp.

meetme here: iam bhuvan puruing my B.E mechanical

vinaygame: Wel friends we are in between a very good topic i.e which one has the greater value from money,family,health,career

rani mehta: i think all of the things have their own importance in life and u can not just choose one as being the most important at different times in life different things are of greatest importance

Aditi Prabhu: Hello all, the topic that we have got for our GD is very interesting.. we all give fifferent importance to different aspects of our lives.. It will be indeed interesting to discuss, which of these aspects are most important and of greatest value. well to begin with.. the 4 aspects given here are in some way interconnected and inter-realted

biswajit pathak: Well friends i feel its career which is of utmost importance..but then neither health nor family and friends can be ignored....

vinaygame: wel said by aditi what i feel is this that ll these things are interrelated to each other you cant take away the importance of one or other thing

rani mehta: yes i also agree that they are inter related its like they all are important. you cant get the joys of life without money and u cant have money if u r not serious abt ur carrier and work hard for it and all of money and success is of no importance if u dont have family and friends to share it with and if u r not physically fit i.e healthy

meetme here: a person having a good career w/o a good family relationship is merely watse so all the things are having the same importance in life money only cannot lead our lives right!!!

Crazy Boy: All these things r really imortant in our life n probably we cant live a succesful life without nyone of them but out of them i think its not one but two things tht we really want n tht is Carrer n family

Aditi Prabhu: To enjoy the other 3 aspects, i think the health of a person has to be good.. if the health is not good, one cannot gain the fruits of a good career, family or money let us take one by one each aspect, --Family and Friends are the social aspect of our life

vinaygame: but we can say that what priority we give to these things in context to all the foour features i mean to say that r we giving more importance to money , family, health or career but without money can you do anything can u have shape your family for a good future

meetme here: yaa thats wat iam saying all r interrelated

Crazy Boy: thts right Aditi but cahnces of u having a better body n spoul r more if u have a succesful life which cant be achieved without a good career

rani mehta: without money u cant enjoy ur life to the fullest potential

vinaygame: can u shape ur health in a good manner, can u choose a good career without money

Aditi Prabhu: Man is a social animal, and to co-ordinate and gain from others association, family and friends have to be given due importance

Crazy Boy: yeah family and friends sort of form the bqck bone of our life these r two things that sort of mould us into the individual that we become finally

biswajit pathak: Well friends i feel its career which is of utmost importance.. but then neither health nor family and friends can be ignored...

Crazy Boy: Vinay i think u can

Aditi Prabhu: well friends, lets organise our discussion a bit.. different ppl talking abt difeerent things wont lead us to a conclusion. the point to be remembered is that these foure aspects have their unique place in each one's life...as they contribute in their own way to the overall well-being of man

biswajit pathak: primarily its career which shud be given the ultimate importance. as one's the time when career is gone.....we cannot change or rexplore it once again.

rani mehta: yes when u r young and shaping ur life carrier should be important but not at cost of frns and family, but money is not at the top. it should be the balance between all the aspects

vinaygame: well said aditi wat i feel is that all have different priority to all the aspects, somee favor money some favor family but the thing we shud take care of here is that who give wat priority to wat

biswajit pathak: well now along with that we can say health and family are the platform on which our career is to be set up..

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Aditi Prabhu: family and friends are a social aspect.. money is of course a monetary aspect.. Health and Career are personal aspects, now whether we give more importance to one or not, there has to be a fine balance between all of these

Crazy Boy: i think it differs from individual to individual, not everyone has the same defination of a successful life. on the expence of ur Familyu @ Vineet

rani mehta: i wud say family frns and ur health r important but carrier and money gives us the means to maintain that

vinaygame: according to me i give more importance to money, becoz it is the aspect which can keep your other three aspects a good shape

biswajit pathak: these two factors are the cement and all the other raw materials which are necessary in the construction of career which is the building...

vinaygame: how can u say ta the expense of family friend@crazy

Aditi Prabhu: a good career will obviously result in good income.. so i think we shud first get ourselves a satisfying career

biswajit pathak: hence i feel these severalfactors go hand in hand, and money can come automatically as soon as we have made a secured career!!

Crazy Boy: well Vineet if u have frnds just coz u have money then those people cant be called ur frnds

vinaygame: but if u dnt have the resources to build up that good career. thn wat@aditi

vinaygame: exactly @ crazy...but u can also have frnds who love u not ur money

Crazy Boy: yeah so thts what iam saying Family n frnds r the back bone of ur life.

Aditi Prabhu: well the resources to build up a good career is sound decision making ability, and the ability to know your strengths and weaknesses

Crazy Boy: Absolutely infact thts wht a true friend is

Aditi Prabhu: a SWOT analysis of the self will help is decide what our priorities in life are

rani mehta: i agree with vinay in that money can help u maintain other three aspects but then again its not only money

biswajit pathak: well also we must keep in mind several factors in mind while one's career hunt ..

Crazy Boy: All said n done i think its really upto an individual to decide what his priorities r n what he thinks is a successful life

rani mehta: yes i agree with crazy, its your life and u have to decide your priorites

Crazy Boy: maybe my defination of a successful life might not agree with urs

Aditi Prabhu: let us talk about Health, something we havent covered in our discussion till now-- this is one of the factors which is not dependent on any other factor as such..

rani mehta: for some sucesss means money, for some its position, for some its their family and friends

vinaygame: yup thats rite crazy but one shud gaive a fair deal of priority to the most obvious thing

Aditi Prabhu: it is completely on us, how we maintain a sound body and mind

vinaygame: rani position and money is one

rani mehta: so in the end its really upto u and wat u really want in ur life. no its not

biswajit pathak: firstly its the support needed while making a career....

vinaygame: ok...health is again a mojor conbut on personal basis

rani mehta: c some people have lot of power like our prime minister or minister but they might not be reach

biswajit pathak: then the other are the resources thats the finance factor which comes into play....

Aditi Prabhu: health is something which needs to be given more importance than anything else

rohini chandrasekhar: there goes a saying " health is wealth"

rohini chandrasekhar: and i compeletly agree with this proverb

Crazy Boy: Well my point of view is that Health really depends a lot o how HAppy u r as an individual n to be Happy u have to be successful(offcourse depending on wht u c as a succesful life) so again indirectly health depends on other three factors

vinaygame: well said chandra . health is wealth and a sound body is always an asset

biswajit pathak: apart from that if one is not in a healthy state he cannot perform well in watever field that he may want to make a good career...

rani mehta: everything is inter related

rohini chandrasekhar: i beg to differ from ur view Mr.crazyboy, i think happiness depends onlhealth

vinaygame: what are the ur views about the career one shud have

rani mehta: u cant really choose one filed and say that this is of the top most importance

biswajit pathak: so in this way we can see that the health plays a very important role

rohini chandrasekhar: we are happy only when theres is health...

rani mehta: but good health does not guarentee hapiness

rohini chandrasekhar: in my opinion, everything is interrelated to health...

Crazy Boy: Well i would say that Vice Versa is also true@rchandra

Aditi Prabhu: there are two dimensions of Health-- the Physical and the Emotional.. again they r interconnected..

rani mehta: ya i agree with crazy

biswajit pathak: and as mentioned previously the support which one needs in his career building stage can be obtained

biswajit pathak: by the family and friends...

rohini chandrasekhar: in my opinion, if we have health, career and money will automatically come

vinaygame: wel i suppose that we shud go too technically on health issues as we may require some doctors to correct us

rohini chandrasekhar: and we havin good health wud keep our family and frnds happy thereby making us happy...

vinaygame: we shud also not forget the other three issues of this GD

Crazy Boy: i think lets put it this way at different point of times in your life u r gonna have different prioritites in life

biswajit pathak: well now in this aspect it depends on the mental aspect that the people need whentheir morale is down...

Aditi Prabhu: yes i agree with u crazyboy

Crazy Boy: now it might be career byt maybe 10 years down the line it maybe ur family

Soumya Sah: I think most important of all is our health as it is personal. Next comes family and friends as they are our support system

Crazy Boy: or nything else

rohini chandrasekhar: agreed mr. crazyboy...but in the long run of life...there's nothing without health...

Soumya Sah: then comes career and money follows naturally

Aditi Prabhu: Health has to be a priority at all times in life.. unlike the other three factors

Crazy Boy: agreed but u cant focuse all ur life on ur health without caring abt other things in life

vinaygame: we have done huge discussion on health as many of us now started thinking of doing MBBS....but lets now talk about CAREER

rani mehta: u cant just focus on ur health all ur life, its of importance but u have to focus on other things in life too

rohini chandrasekhar: I am not denying the fact that the other things are important...but they come automatically with health...

biswajit pathak: also going to the moneyfactor we can say that to some extent its very important since if a child for example does not have the ample moneyfor getting admitted into a schoolthen how canhe pursue

biswajit pathak: and chase hisdreams, by studying further..

rani mehta: if u dont get the basic education how can u achieve your dreams

rohini chandrasekhar: a healthy mind is a brilliant mind...

Crazy Boy: I think ur career has a lot to do by the family back ground you r in

rani mehta: but you need to work on ur carrier too

Aditi Prabhu: well the topic here doesnt really talk about the "only focus" of life, but the factor which has the "greatest value"... all the 4 factors are valuable, but in my opinion Health is of the greatest value

vinaygame: yup but this depends on individual also

Crazy Boy: maybe for some people who r born in rich families career isnt really an issue

rohini chandrasekhar: i agree with you ms.aditi

rani mehta: i agree with crazy

Crazy Boy: i beg to differ i think its family n frnds

Soumya Sah: How can you work on your career if you are not healthy

rani mehta: for them career and money are not the issue, but then wat if u r healthy but u r lazy and u dont focus on ur career when ur suppose to

vinaygame: but some industrialists wnat thier kchildren to be doctors , engineers and more importantly its u who shud decide wat u want to be

biswajit pathak: well so apart from that there are many factors which are really important for career making

rohini chandrasekhar: a healthy individual has a great career and family and friends...

Crazy Boy: n as i have said earlier these r the two aspects that form the BACKBONE of ur life

Aditi Prabhu: once damage to the health is done, it is sometimes difficult to reverse it back.. and damage to the health means that all our other achievements in life are futile

biswajit pathak: but if we generalize all the factors which hav been mentioned, as the darwinian theory says, "Survival for the fittest" so i feel life has to go on

vinaygame: wel biswajit u are going too deeply but i think that we shud have just coommon discussion on the above features

biswajit pathak: and if someone has to live

rani mehta: i wud say all of them have due importance in ur life at differen span of time and it isu who has to decide where u wanna focus at that particular time of your life

Soumya Sah: If you are foremost healthy and then also focus on your career without forgetting your family and friends then you'll be truly happy

rohini chandrasekhar: yes very true..."survival of the fittest" ...but when will that come...when an individual is fit and is able...

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement. Also answer this : If you are in a situation where you have to give up one of these which one will you give up ?

biswajit pathak: well concludin i wud say that career is important though neither family and frnds and health cannot be neglected

biswajit pathak: i wud giv up money if givena choice

rani mehta: i wud give up money coz that u can earn if u have focus on ur career u can earn enough money to leave ur life hapily

rohini chandrasekhar: conclusion: the four factors mentioned in the GD are all interrelated to health...and there cannot be " THE MOST IMPORTANT" factor....

Aditi Prabhu: well the group has come up with some interesting points, and we can conclude that all the factors are inter connected and have their unique importance in life.. If asked to give up one of these, i would give up money.. coz it can always be earned back..

Crazy Boy: Well i would say that we can never have a fixed priority all our life and our priorities will xahnge at different points in our life n if GOD forbid iam in a situation to leave one of these it would be Money coz u still have a gud career n if u have the will u can make the money again as well

vinaygame: wel in my point of view u cant give up anything as all are of their specific importance and as they are interrelated with each other ...i give more priority to MONEY...In case i have to give up something i will give up the factors that come in my way to restrict these features

biswajit pathak: since i can obtain this by makin a solid career....or with the help of my frnds....or if i am physically fit,,by doin a job..

Soumya Sah: I think that money can be given up in favour of career ie spent on enhancing it and also for the welfare of our family and friends and especilly for our own health

biswajit pathak: thanks....

rohini chandrasekhar: if i had to give up any one...i think money would be it becoz it can be earned back...

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, Any comments /suggestions on this exercise...

biswajit pathak: well hav to say to urpercentile that its indeed a genious invention.....thanks a lot for giving a chance.....

Aditi Prabhu: it is a rewarding experience to be a part of such mock gds.. thanks for introducing something like this..

Soumya Sah: I think that a moderated GD esp if it is urpercentile is hard to get anywhere else online

rohini chandrasekhar: thank you urpercentile and friends for such a enriching experience... would love to be a part of such GDs more frequently...

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