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www.UrPercentile.com: We will start with a one line introduction from each one of you stating your education qualification, job experience (if any), location and the names of the institutes you have got calls for GD/PI till now.

praveen kumar: Hi all i am praveen With B.E in Electrical and Electronics job experience of 1 year .i am from chennai.

Nithya Kamakshi: hi i'm Nithya, a Chartered Accountant from chennai with 1 yr work experience

amit kam: hi, i m amit s/w engg from pune, i have 2.5 yrs of work exp.

Saurabh Mehta: Hi friends. I am Saurabh Mehta. Graduated with BIT and currently working with mid-size IT company with a workex of 19 months, SCMHRD, SIBM, NMIMS, XIMB calls

nit_34: HI I am nitin. B.E. Civil.. Job Experience for 2.5 years. From chennai

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic is : Hutch goes pink

Saurabh Mehta: Hello friends! as you know the topic is Hutch goes Pink I would like to initiate by stating that Hutch broke away from it's parent company Orange; and thus had to get a new brand image of it's own. So, for the very reason it went pink.

nit_34: Friends, The topic for today is hutch goes pink.Well Hutch one of the recognised service provoder has changed the colour of their logo to pink

amit kam: hi eveyone, topics we r goin to discuss is huth going pink. We have discuss teh marketing strategy bheind this, its impact on telecom market & hutch's popularity being affected due to change in color i.e orange to pink

Nithya Kamakshi: Hutch turning Pink has been a very good Marketting Strategy by the renouned O&M. its been a multipurpose initative. its suugests both than Hutch has moved away from Orange and its given it a new look

nit_34: First of all we should understand what does PINK stand for

praveen kumar: pink is multi meaning colour as pink is a colour of passion so hutch has chosed that one it also a symbol of doing good and hutch definetly want to make that point clear that it is doing good without its parent company ORANGE

vikas mudotia: hfiends hutch goes pink is part of hutch marketing strategy as time to time change is must in marketing your product

amit kam: let us discuss the pros n cons of changing the color code & is it really requred

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don't be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

Saurabh Mehta: Yeah, I do agree with the general consensus here. Huth, with it's parent comapny Orange had reached a plateau. Moreover, due to the break away from it's parent company it had to do that something different, to get NOTICED ...

amit kam: to start with i wud state the change in color will not affect teh popularity of teh telecom service provider. If he has better coverage, low rates, good connectivity goin pink, yellow, blue hardly matters

nit_34: But we should see that Hutch thought has distinguished himself from his parent company by going pink. But it is strong wnough to tackle few issues that all the service provider are facing now. Problem of Cost, Infrastructre, Poor service and so fo

vikas mudotia: as far as I think this this decision is to rebrand the hutch to refresh and bring something new refreshing and innovative product

Nithya Kamakshi: O&M has always projected Hutch through its advertisements as brave & exuberant initiative over the years ever since Hutch was luanched in the country. Now, this goes well with the product too

vikas mudotia: yes right this is something getting your product noticed

Saurabh Mehta: Pink being a bright colour stands out in a plethora of colurs, and therefore serves Hutch's purpose very well. It catches your attention

vikas mudotia: but now question is why pink why not balck green yellow or something like this

amit kam: in order to create of their own identity they had to take this move, & it is justifiable

nit_34: Hutch is losing its customer base in india with all the other service provider like BSNL are cutting costs, moreover hutch is not able to appeal too common Man because of the ocst involved. Hutch is su[pposed to be the costliest service provide in

praveen kumar: see hutch has captured the indian market .and now it is in the peak pink showing its courage witha bright colour

Nithya Kamakshi: Hutch has sent its message loud & clear that its no longer Orange and at the same time publicised Hutch's new look

amit kam: as some of my frinds mentioned pink is color of passion, brighter side ...but i think pink is a fminine color and male counterpart of country will b hard to accept it

praveen kumar: quality is important and hutch is having a good quality when compared to all other peoples like bsnl

vikas mudotia: ithink this is because it shows the strength and normally people has pink as their favourite colour and of course it is eye candy and attractive to people

Saurabh Mehta: Well, the choice of colur is not much of a debate here. They broke away from Orange and had to reflect it to their consumer base in some way. And what better way that changing the colour of your brand. Asian paints did it the same way. More

nit_34: Well yes they are not doing very bad but the question is are they doing good or do they have an idea of looking at the telecom market from a different angle which is the reason they may have given themselevs a new look. The problem I forsee is the

praveen kumar: this is a market whoever is wise can com up and fight against the other n. matter of male and female issues in this

Saurabh Mehta: I don't really support the idea of pink bein a next door guy's fav colour. What it does bring to the brand is VISIBILITY

Nithya Kamakshi: the marketing mantra is to make consumers identify the product / company with the Advertisements / brand. Pink symbolies all that Hutch is - confident & exuberant (if we recollect the initial ads of Hutch - the confident & exuberant smile

amit kam: but it can very well be the case that hutch is targetting the female consumers ... that is where the market lies. It has been studied that its large consumer base which can be explored & hutch took the right step towards it

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Nithya Kamakshi: i disagree coz there isn't much of gender differentiation in the telecom market

nit_34: Well but snithya the question remains whether they have made sufficent inroads in marjket.A greed they have better quality than most of the service provider but does that qualify there failure to reach masses which are looking at the cost criteria

Saurabh Mehta: Pink could also be chosen very carefully to target the rural customers. Remember, it's Hutch which has strted the new tariff wars that's very well advertised by actor Irfan Khan's ads.

amit kam: k grnds let us discuss the other ways by whcih hutch could have changed their indentity,e.g changing logo

vikas mudotia: yea this si the servises customer satisfaction that pulls customer toward you not the colour of you product so I dont think that this is a wise or a great step when you consider a marketing strategy

amit kam: i agree tehre is not much gender discrimination but by choosing pink over all otehr colors i think hutch is loud and cclear with tehir messege

Nithya Kamakshi: the market segment is more on the lines of rural & urban. it may be noted that Hutch is entering the rural sector with dis refreshed look

Saurabh Mehta: Initially, Hutch targeted the upwardly mobile masses with all it's valu added services. But, now it has aligned itself toward the rural markets. The potential is yet to be tapped over there.

nit_34: I guess they are strategsing for that. They should certainly make inroads into the rural market. Also they are getting into lot of social awareness campaign which might give them a better accees to rural india .

Saurabh Mehta: Essentially we are coming to a point where the general consensus seems to be aligned to the thought that it's marketing strategy more than anything else.

Nithya Kamakshi: Hutch turning Pink has been a massive re- branding exercise and that it was been tremendous success. (Kudos to the behind the screen efforts of Ogilvy & Mather)

amit kam: lets discuss the repurcussions of this on hutch market value now

vikas mudotia: snithya ur statment is like the rural people like pink colour or something and urban likeorange so hutch chabged the colour to attract rural people

Saurabh Mehta: snithya, Hutch may have re-branded itself and might be getting more and more customers but on a quarterly basis it's market share is going down.

nit_34: Yes I agree with you that it just a marketing startegy but is hutch adddressing the grass root problem that its facing.

Saurabh Mehta: Nitin, could you blease elaborate on that grass root problem?

Nithya Kamakshi: Whenever a product is launched in a new market, it goes with a revamped look to make it more appealing. Hutch has choosen Pink coz the it identifies itself with the same

amit kam: looking at the market shares after goin pink, it is quite relevant that strategy si working for them but let us discuss, are ther any otehr ways by whic hthey could have achived teh same

nit_34: Well as i said its their infrastrucre which is lacking as in is not in many places. there problem with the cost. there so called elite people brand.. are they trying to come out with it

amit kam: like changing logo

Nithya Kamakshi: Quarterly basis of finding out the bottom line is very unreliable tool. It has been proven over time that its inevtiable for cos to have seasonal / cyclic changes in their turnover but the production costs remains static and Advertisemnt is one of the many determinants of profit and not the sole

Saurabh Mehta: Besides, marketing is not the sole criterion. Urbanised India more or less is saturated with telecom density. It's rural India that needs to be targeted. And, marketing and branding don't find much favour over there. Cost does.

nit_34: Exactly.

vikas mudotia: yes snithya is right when one is going for market he has to take care of price, place , promotion but this is not market approch or something like market penetration this is something like market development so chabging colour does not look

nit_34: We just have too many players in URBAN india. BSNl aand Reliance are sweeping rural india. Hutch has to wake from his slumber and start concentrating on chaning its brand image totally.

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement

amit kam: I think whatever strategy Hutch has adopted by goin pink ...they should be more concentrating on fiollowing what they say in their punchline : where ever you go, network will folllow you ....so they should me more concerned about providing high

nit_34: I am not against hutch going pink as it wants to give itself a different look from its parent company. But they should actually concentrate on changing their image and get into the rural sector and bring down their cost of service,. Also they should.. That was my cocnlcuding statemtn

Saurabh Mehta: Well, it seems that the general consensus has been that Hutch going pink has more to do with it's rebranding strategy; to make it clear to the masses that it has changed in some way, and it's by breaking away from Orange's shadows. Also, on

vikas mudotia: in conclusion I wiuld say that hutch strategy to change colour to approacg any market segment is not going to great help this is the it services or value ofor money to its present suscribers and comitment to customer that is going to matter

Nithya Kamakshi: "Hutch turning Pink" is a very effective marketing strategy and could even be sucessful management case study in marketing. Coz invest heavily in advertisement and not always do they reap the desired results. Hutch has publicised its orga

www.UrPercentile.com: We had two sessions of GD going on simultaneously , the topic of other GD was : "should government allow retail giants like wallmart in india" . Will send the results of the GD in 1-2 days on the group.

nit_34: Well I guess u ppl r really doing a grt job nit_34: Thanx urpercentile

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks to all those who suggested topics for GD

Saurabh Mehta: I do think that participation was a bit low today. Semi-abstract topics require more plp to paticipate as newer point come few and far between. Anyway, it's been a good exercise. Thanks! =)

Nithya Kamakshi: urpercentile has provided us a very gud platform for expressing ur view

Nithya Kamakshi: thanks to urpercentile

vikas mudotia: is this possible to have voice chat GD in place of this ? as here ther is not proper floew of ideas and proper one to one interaction

www.UrPercentile.com: We will aim for that and continue to improve

Saurabh Mehta: Mod, this GD was expected to last 30 mins!?

www.UrPercentile.com: yes it did

Saurabh Mehta: yeah .. it did. Thanks! =)

vikas mudotia: bye everyone

Saurabh Mehta: Ok friends ... Time for me to say goodbye. Bye

www.UrPercentile.com: bye

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