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www.UrPercentile.com:   The topic of the GD : Hope for the best, be ready for the worst. Anyone who is ready and wants to start can do..

Akshay Sasikumar: I am Akshay, B.Tech in Automobile Engg from Trivandrum, now in Bangalore, worked for six months with an automobile firm.

ankita lohia: Hello everyone, this is ankita lohia, completed my graduation, no work exp, n waiting for calls

rajesh choppala: hi this id rajesh,b.tech in computer science, no work ex, hyderabad

naga mani: hello i m mani,working in essar oil refineries,jamnagar

gansh kamat: Hello I am Ganesh Kamat, Working in a BPO got calls from SP jain and NDI

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www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : Hope for the best, be ready for the worst. anyone who is ready and wants to start can do..

ankita lohia: According to me everyone should have a aim in life , n work hard till our best. Results should be the last thing we should think about.

Akshay Sasikumar: This statment underlines the very fact of life. There is no point in getting worried about what may happen, and then get over excited about what happened. Take things in your stride.

gansh kamat: I totally agree with her we should have a +ve attitude towards life as its our attitude that make the differene to the end result

ankita lohia: If we are ready for the worst things get easy. If we are ready for the answer NO, we will be more confident.

Akshay Sasikumar: I donot agree with the fact that results should be the last thing one should think about. After all, what we are doing, is so that we get a good result.

naga mani: we must be optimistic to make things optimize.Always failure must not go to heart and sucess to head.

rajesh choppala: a person has to hope for the best and be ready for the worst so that we will not get depressed when the result is against us. if we hope for the worst we can get satisfied with whatever we have got

gansh kamat: If we start at a low never will we achieve our goal

Akshay Sasikumar: not true for all cases..

ankita lohia: why m i saying results should be the last thing is bcoz, if we work hard in the right direction , BEST is the thing which will happen

Harsha Navduri: This in another word is optimism.. we have ti put in right efforts in right direction without aniticipating the result

naga mani: we must go for highest goals.Aiming the sky will definetely lead u to Roofs

Harsha Navduri: there is a great quote that says AIM FOR THE STARS IF U FALL SHORT STILL U WILL LAND ON THE MOON

Akshay Sasikumar: yes, but should be realistic.

Harsha Navduri: Aim for the best hoping to acheive that but our efforts shld be so good that they shld take u thru all the hindrances in the worst case

rajesh choppala: after all the hardwork is done, we can do nothing about the result so just hope for the best even if we dont reach there we will be some where near to it

gansh kamat: I believe the second part of the subject " be ready for the worst" is equally important as if ur not strong enough to take defeat in ur stride then u will never achieve and grow. we can take the example of Einstien, who failed 10000 times before suceeding

ankita lohia: ya but due to competition the best is hard to achieve. U have to be ready for the worst in many cases.

rajesh choppala: yeah, i agree with ilikeursmile. with out the hardwork even if we hope for the best we are going to be worst so, it should be work hard and hope for the best

Harsha Navduri: my dear frinds be ready for the worst not only reminds of failures, but also all the possible hicups in due course...

Akshay Sasikumar: Well, the results cannot be altered once, the test is through. Thats the key. You need to maintain that balance between over confidence and 'no confidence' till the test os over. After that, Hope for the best, and be ready for the worst

Harsha Navduri: it reminds us to strengthen our efforts towards that goal..we shld not succumb to any samll intermittent failures and give up..insted we shld still hope for the best i.e be optimistic and persevere with our efforts.. this i think summarises the topic or rather is the essence of the topic

gansh kamat: I feel Mr Rajesh would also like to contribute towards the topic

rajesh choppala: but without the hardwork hoping the best isnt going to do any good to any one

gansh kamat: I would like to change this Quote to Ideally "Prepare ur best , and be ready for the worst"

Akshay Sasikumar: There is one more thing left. The factor called luck, which some people have, you cannot argue against having luck. That is a fact. I can quote many examples in which people have been lucky enough to acheive what they want. This does not show hardwork or confidence. This is called luck. And some people who aren't as lucky as others, may not make it even after a lot of hard work

ankita lohia: Initially everyone wants to achieve the BEST but reality doesnt give the BEST to everyone. But being optimistic is equally important .But luck doesnt suceed in long run . At last ur hard work is wat that pays

Akshay Sasikumar: Thats y this statment becomes very important. You have to hope for the best, however u have fared. And also, expect the worst, again, however u have fared

gansh kamat: I agree with Akshay where hope comes in the factor of luck adds so We should prepare hard to reduce the factor of luck to diminsh to certainty

Akshay Sasikumar: Yes, luck doesnt pay in the long run. But to get through u need luck. Maybe some guys never made it initially, coz they never had luck.

rajesh choppala: yeah luck is also a factor but luck can only play a minor role. no one can reach the goal only with luck and no hard work

gansh kamat: when we acheive it we can san we have suceeded

Akshay Sasikumar: This doesnt mean, they never got anywhere. But they might have risen much higer if they had an element of luck initially

ankita lohia: ya for some initially luck clicks bcoz they have closen the right field at the very first time, but everyone doesnt get the right field at the evry first time. They need to experiment.

Akshay Sasikumar: So, thats y this topic, is of immense importance in our lives. You can only hope. U cannot alter anything. And when u hope that something is gonna happen, u are trusting your luck. Not any sixth sense called 'hope'.

Harsha Navduri: i think gusy we are digressing frm the issue.. luck is not what we are looking at, we are talking abt sth callled as optimism and perseverance which shld take u to theultimate goal...

Akshay Sasikumar: Luck is not what we are looking at. But it forms the backbone of this topic

rajesh choppala: they may be lucky for the first time but luck is not going to be with them all the times. on ehas to work hard for acheiving their goals

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gansh kamat: I think we r digressing from the topic, betn hope and luck

Harsha Navduri: hope is a lot different frm luck, when u trust ur efforts hope arises, and the same hope gives u a spirit to fight back hard if u have tumbled

gansh kamat: Its just ur effort that reduces the %age of luck in the whloe scenario

Akshay Sasikumar: Hope is 'trusting your luck" and also to an extent, trusting on what u have done. But since u cannot influence the result in any way, hope is majorly, trusting your luck.

rajesh choppala: hope combined with luck and hard work will get you to your goal and hope combined with only hardwork may or maynot get you to your goal

gansh kamat: if u have put less efffort than ur dependablity on luck is more, Any one would like to conclude

www.UrPercentile.com: Would request everyone to give a final concluding statement.

ankita lohia: i dont think hope has any major role in the results. Its the deeds which comes front not the hope

Harsha Navduri: ya I would like to summarise this..HOPE FOR THE BEST AND PREPARE FOR THE WORST

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to give a final concluding statement.

Akshay Sasikumar: I agree and abide by the statment "hope for the best, and prepare for the worst". But also, add that since, nothing can be done, its better to always think positive.

ankita lohia: According to me work hard in the right direction thn BEST is what will be achieved.

rajesh choppala: my concluding statement is, work hard and rest all is not in your hands

Harsha Navduri: thgt my lines stillsound similar to what I said.. when One trie stoa cheive something he has to have a plan and prepared and committed effort towards that hoping to acheive the bets possible result.. even if he is bogged down by some failures or worst cases.. the hope will give him the courage and peseveranc eto fight hard towards the sucess.... only bottom line goof efforts prepares u fpr worst cases and hope for the best or the optimism give su the strength

gansh kamat: I belive that Prpare your best so that u can reduce the luck fator to certainty and not depend on luck for sucess

www.UrPercentile.com: Ok Thanks everyone.

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