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UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD :  Heads you lose, Tails I win.

RESULT OF THIS GD : Ankur and Shruti clear this GD.

Shruti: Hi. I did a Bachelors with honor in Life Sciences and am currently working as a researcher for the last 6 months, Got call from the IIMs

Ankur: Ankur. Final year Electronics engg. Mumbai University. Calls from L, I, K

Nikhil: Hi all, This is Nikhil, currently pursuing my MMS/MBA (2nd Yr.) in HR in Mumbai.I got admin.. through CET.  for work ex.. its around 14 months, but with graduation.

C.Sharma: From Delhi , B.com grad of DU , 61 % in grad , no job experience , got SIBM and IIFT so far

UrPercentile.com: Good. The topic of the GD :    Heads you lose, Tails I win.

UrPercentile.com: Time limit is 25 mins, Request Shruti to start.

Shruti: Sorry I can't make head or tail of the topic, would want someone else to give a perspective

Ankur: Heads you lose, tails I win can be taken as a example of where negotiations start from and in case there is no agreement this is where the negotiation ends

Nikhil: Its same both the ways & it can only be seen in cinemas, but this cannot be a scenario in todays world Nikhil: In todays world u could see either --> win - win or win - loose.

Ankur: Agreed   Tails I win is alright...... but heads you lose is not necessary, in fact thats the difference between compromise and negotiation

Shruti: This phrase puts things in black and white, wheras the real world isn't so

Ankur: one is lose-lose where both the parties feel they have lost something whereas negotiation is win-win...... so tails i win is good but heads you lose is not an appreciable attitude

Shruti: The desired scenario is win-win, but does it happen?

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Ankur: it may happen........

Shruti: or is it that to avoid embarassment the other party pretends its a win-win

Ankur: negotiation proceeds by both parties deciding what they care about most and what they dont care about that much and can let go of

Nikhil has left the conference due to connection failure. 

Shruti: The recent summit in HongKong is a good example of negotiations and discussions yielding something reasonale and acceptable to all

Ankur: can you elaborate?

Shruti: Economic stength seems to dictate all other aspects of international relations. And the issue in that context was that the developed countries were sure of what they wanted . However, the developing countries refused to let them dictate terms and conditions this time.

C.Sharma: they failed to establish a common agenda and therefore  for them the meet failed before it began . NO COMMON AGENDA

Shruti: They refused to let them decide what the 'heads' and 'tails' was .

Shruti: But thats like deciding what are the important things to all the parties concenred or rather grounds they r willign to negotiate on

C.Sharma: this issue depends on whether u look at it at a micro level or at a macro level

Ankur: But the meet showed us how an order can be brought into international relations skewed by asymmetric power equations. atleast an iota of order

Shruti: ch would u like to elaborate on ur point about micro versus macro level?

Ankur: i think this topic does not take into account the third side of the coin.... as we saw in sholay. The point is that there may be more than just 'heads' and 'tails' involved. There are facets and dimensions all of which have to be explored

Shruti: On re-reading the topic I am forced to think that it is more about a uni-dimensional outlook to things

Ankur: Heads I win, tails u lose may be confident but the confidence is built on unsound foundations and do not have their grounding in reasoned arguments. what i mean is that a coin can show heads or tails but it can also stand on the rim in the rarest of cases

Shruti: I agree that it is a very narrow perspective, the kind of mindset which is bound ot failure whether it is at the negotiating table or in a casino

Ankur: when u dont consider that case, it shows that you might be sure of winning almost all the time but not all the time

UrPercentile.com: C.Sharma, request you to conclude the GD.

Shruti: But is it also reflective of the attitude of super-powers in any area.. Eg. say Walmart, where they dictate the terms and conditions because they have the monopoly

Ankur: the GD's concluded i guess

Shruti: hmmmm

UrPercentile.com: Looks like some connection problem at Chitanya Sharma's end, Ankur can you conclude

Ankur: This attitude reflects a hubris which can be witnessed in the actions of dominating participants in an argument. However, it may not always lead to an advantage to them as seen in the hong kong meet. A win-win situation is what should be looked out for considering all positions and arguments.

UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, We had a good discussion. Shruti: thanks

UrPercentile.com: Best of Luck to all of you.

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