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Harsha Navduri , Rani Mehta, Ashutosh Goyal and Crazy Boy performed well in this GD.

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : Should IIMs be allowed to setup campuses abroad.

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vikas mudotia: hi every one this is vikas from IITDelhi , no workex, delhi

rani mehta: hi i am rani i have done BE mechanical and work ex 14 months

Ashutosh Goyal: hi i m ashutosh from IIIT allahabad, btech in IT, final year, no work ex

a s: I am ashutosh frm PEC chandigarh and have no work ex

Gayatri Sundaram: hi i m Gayatri BTech IT final yr PU

Ishan Sethi: Hi everyone, I'm Ishan from IP university Delhi.. Am in the final semester of Engineering and have calls from IIMA, IIML, IIMK and IIFT

saul hudson: hello this is nikhil currently in the final year engineering in electronics and telecommunication

Harsha Navduri: Hi Im Harsha Prakash frm Velore Inst of tech studying my Final yr Mech BE

vikas mudotia: this is vikas from IITDelhi, no work ex 3 calls

rajni malhotra: raj gt call frm aipm, iilm, bimtec,,mat scr 77%...sc grad ...6.5 yr exp

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD : Should IIMs be allowed to setup campuses abroad.

rajni malhotra: hi topic talks much abut brain drain

Gayatri Sundaram: well i wld like to comment on that by tellin that they should coz ppl workin abroad wld also get benefitted

rani mehta: it does not only talk abt the brain drain only

rajni malhotra: why we shod have this way , is it not attracting enough forign and indian students

a s: I dont think that IIMs should be allowed to setup campus abroad because i think they are at present not fulfilling the requirements of india

Ashutosh Goyal: according to me IIMs should nt be allowed to open thr campuses outside india, as this will led to downsize its prestize

rani mehta: coz people go abroad for job after finishing thier mba in iims

Ishan Sethi: IIM's are a brand name today. People outside India also recognize their value and worth. A survey a couple of years ago recognized CAT as the tuoghest exam across Asia.

saul hudson: i do not thin the question of prestige comes anywhere in the picture

rani mehta: i think they should be allowed to open campuses outside india

Crazy Boy: I dont think so that its a gud idea coz there needs to be a fine balance between QUANTITY N QUALITY

saul hudson: the iims are a brand name today

rajni malhotra: if they go ut after mba then who will stop the m if the have it outside india

a s: i think that instead of gng abroad , if they setup a campus here only then they could cater to the needs of india

Ashutosh Goyal: if its nt prestige thn y iim think abt opening thr campuses outside india

Crazy Boy: n by doing so u r definately increasing the quantity but compromisisng on quality

Ishan Sethi: If we do not allow IIMs to setup campuses outside India.. it would be shortsightedness

Harsha Navduri: I personaly feel Only if IIms are looking at expansion in terms of strength they shld look at setting up campuses abroad..but otheriwsise there is no point in setting up INDIAN INSTITUTES OF MANAGEMENT outside india..the sole purpose of bringing out best indian managers should not be done away with.. and it should nots etup campuses outside india which in everyway will support BRAIN DRIAN

Ashutosh Goyal: ya thy should sprad in india ony N open doors for abroad students here only, this will benefit us in many ways

rani mehta: well it helps in developing contacts with other universities and collobration helps in exchange of knowledge

rajni malhotra: moving out will take indian resourses out of india

saul hudson: and if they are being recognized for their quality by the president(former) of singapore, i think this is a very good opportunity for the iims to extend the credibility of their brand to other countries outside india too

rajni malhotra: each state may have iiim lest moving out

Gayatri Sundaram: well i dont think it about brand

rani mehta: no it wont take resource out of india but it would help to promote india's education system abroad

Ashutosh Goyal: collobration doesnt mean u hv to move out of country

Ishan Sethi: Well if we open up foreign campuses, it'll lead to an expansion of an Indian Brand name..

rani mehta: no it doesnt, but it wud help

Crazy Boy: BUT i think if v luk at ny of the top B Schools the world over none have campus outside their home country

a s: but setting contacts inthis manner will be too costly which india at this moment cannot afford

rajni malhotra: no it wont help rather add i go

Ashutosh Goyal: as setting more inside india N make outside students to come over here rather thn moving out for thm thr

Ishan Sethi: People outside will become more familiar with the term IIM and it'll bring more worth to the Indian campuses as well

rajni malhotra: not the brain of india

saul hudson: true,, in the field of marketing a brand i think we should keep in mind the four p's of marketing

Harsha Navduri: guys sorry to intervene..do come up with big answers at once...

Gayatri Sundaram: can u explain ur point raj?

Ashutosh Goyal: as it will help in economic way also

saul hudson: i think this applies to the iims expanding abroad in a way

vikas mudotia: i totaly agree with this because in present gobal world everything is becoming globlised so the education. so no harm in making it global. no IIM falls under top 100 of the business school so gaining advertising and earning name will not be bad idea

rani mehta: if we have iims outside india and level of education is as it is overhere then it wud enable out local institute to attract outside students

rajni malhotra: no body in india has to do with haward then what purpose of iim out side india

www.UrPercentile.com: Just for info : A few days back, HRD ministry did not permitt the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B) to set up its proposed centre in Singapore

Ashutosh Goyal: bt makig thigs global doesnt mean u hv to move out, u can make thigs global from ur place also

Gayatri Sundaram: well i belive if IIMS are set up abroad they are going to gain more publicity

Harsha Navduri: I hope its better for IIMS to open gates for students from abroad rather than opening up campuses abroad...they shld have seats for outsoders like all US and Uk universities where manyindians go and study but opening up campuses outside wont be agreat idea

a s: no harm if other foreign institutes can reciprocate it back

Ishan Sethi: Well I suppose it was typical shortsightedness on the part of the HRD ministry..

saul hudson: exactly,,

Crazy Boy: I think these r INDIAN Institute of Management so let them be in India

vikas mudotia: slash make the good point

rajni malhotra: cost of making it out side india will increase ..bring universities in india

rajni malhotra: ratherer movin them out of your control

Ishan Sethi: Well, we also have International Institutes.. I don't suppose they come from outside India.. or have branches abroad..

Crazy Boy: not> really @slash..Let the foreigners come here if they r interested in studying in IIMs, let them compete with the best indian brain

vikas mudotia: but i dont agree with this

rajni malhotra: alt\ready iim will start taking gmat scores

rani mehta: we have to promote our education system and we should attract students from other countries in the way us and australian universities do

Harsha Navduri: ya i agree with crazy boy..like other uiversities let guys come come down to india and study

saul hudson: we have to consider the broader perspectives of expanding the iims to places abroad

rani mehta: that wud in the end help our country and our education system

Ishan Sethi: well crazy boy.. just for information purposes all IIMs hae foreign students already

Ashutosh Goyal: we hv to see ways to develop our resources so tht others hv to identify our value N count on us, N come to here only to make thy way in world instead we go thr to make a way for thm

Crazy Boy: can v ever think of Stanford's n Harvard's of this world to set up campuses ouside India

www.UrPercentile.com: Please no onliners.......make sure your messages are in lines with what others are discussing

saul hudson: i think in a globally wired economy it is absolutely necessary to make our education global

Crazy Boy: Well Rockystone these students come here as part of exchange programme

Harsha Navduri: so thats it if welaredyhave frgnstudents.. the resources brand image and publicity will and shld grow frm what we are here inindia today.. the pt that their image will grw if they setup campuses outsid eis basless..global doesnt mean campuses allover world

Gayatri Sundaram: its nt foreign students that we need, we need more campuses so that more of students get benefitted

Ashutosh Goyal: making eduction global mean tht u r making worthwile for others also, it nt mean tht u hsould go at thr doors to make tht happen. u invite thm here to take this

rani mehta: exchange programs are of gr8 importance, coz they help in understanding diff cultures diff teaching methdology and we have benifint of their facitlity and they have benifit of ours

Crazy Boy: BUT SLASH making education global means opening the doors of IIM's to foreigners rather u going to their country n inviting them to study

Harsha Navduri: more cmapuses doesnt mean outsdie india frnd.ss. which of the best universities in world have branches acroos continents...

rani mehta: same thing works when u open a branch outside india

Ishan Sethi: Not really crazyboy, IIMs accept GMAT scores for foreign students... But that is not the point.. The point is that setting up campuses abroad means the allowing the IIMs to advertise better, improve their brandname and make it to the top 10 in the world

a s: yes and when the demand of india is not being fulfilled than how can we think to setup campuses abroad

rajni malhotra: globelisaton does not mean losin self reliance india is rich in providin education since nalanda university

saul hudson: i do not feel the iims will lose self reliance in any way

Crazy Boy: well ROCKY none of the top 10 B Schools arnd the world have their campus outside their homeland

rajni malhotra: well never go out for thirsty people

Ashutosh Goyal: so if we need only students benefited from campuses thn y nt open here only it will a save a lot of money also for us, N our students will get more from it

rani mehta: yes i agree with rocky allowing them to have branches outside india wud help them in enhancing their brand name even further

Harsha Navduri: do U think all top 10 universities have camouses all over the globe.. thisis a baseless point ..i hope my friend can expalin.. the image and rankings are not due to no of barnches but due to the quality of education they provide and IIMS are climbing the ladder to reach higher ranks

Gayatri Sundaram: yea thts right

Ishan Sethi: None of them have 6 brranches in there own country either... and to add to that, they are all in US and UK

Crazy Boy: exactly Harsh

rajni malhotra: ya hursh

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners please

Crazy Boy: well ROCKY compare the pop'n of India with that of US n UK

vikas mudotia: raj made the good point

Ishan Sethi: Well can u explain why all top ten institutes are from US and UK?

rajni malhotra: talk of iit moving out of india

Ishan Sethi: IIT is already planning a singapore campus

vikas mudotia: but that was history now definition of education has changed

Crazy Boy: its because people from world over r going their to study rather then they going the world over to woo students

saul hudson: i would like to clarify tht the iims r not movin out of india but simply expanding

vikas mudotia: that can not be applied any more

Gayatri Sundaram: they are nt goin ot lose any qlty i believe

rani mehta: just tell me y shouldnt iims have branch outside india, wat r we gonna loose in it? notihing we gonna gain out of it only

rajni malhotra: that will not help all good institutes moving out will charge in terms of us doller

Ishan Sethi: But are u considering India can get the same status in the field of education globally without letting people all ovver get first hand experience

Harsha Navduri: lets not digress towards IITs but if u wnat better resources or bettertech or better people ..everything si reaching IIMs frm their propserous ALUMNI and frgnstduents are lreadythere...so no pt setting up cmapuses outside and losing the INDIANMESS in that

vikas mudotia: slash you made a good point but we have to seet he efffects of it

Ashutosh Goyal: no. of campuses doesnt make point, point is tht wht is d level of education ur giving in all campuses N if u can provide equal levvel in all of thm, thn it nt bad if u open some more in ur own land to get more benefit

a s: how can we gain frm it

Gayatri Sundaram: rather juz more opening fr the students outside our country be it NRIs only

Crazy Boy: Wel RANI why not have IIM's set up more campuses in India itself n start attracting foreign students here

rani mehta: thats not true coz they can get their revenue from their outside branches and cost could be reduced overhere

vikas mudotia: crazy boy.... this will be diluting the iim brand and also its education ...

Harsha Navduri: where do u think IIMs revenue comes frm..its frm the government and the ALUMNi ..

Gayatri Sundaram: there by the students who are more able wld get more chance

rajni malhotra: when iiim will move out we indians will be nris or residents of india

rani mehta: crazy dats a good thing too, i mean wat i wanna say is they should expand i dont mind if its in india or abroad

a s has left the conference.

Crazy Boy: n do u think Vikas that opening campus outside India wont dilute IIM's Brand name

rani mehta: we will be residents of india only

vikas mudotia: so doesnt appear feasiable , ofcourse IIMs going to gain being global.... .

rajni malhotra: talk of reserved seats of indian it shall no more be an indian institute

Ashutosh Goyal: we dont to worry about revenues as iim allumni network is so large tht thy will never face any such probem

Ishan Sethi: No outside India, if we open more campuses it'll only add to IIMs brand name

vikas mudotia: no ofcourse not .....this is something being global

rajni malhotra: will have to abide by other country rules

saul hudson: i think we cannot take a principled stand on this issue

rajni malhotra: learning about villeges of india in uk!!!

rani mehta: no i dont think it wud dilute iims brand name, coz they will make sure they have best of faculties and best of infrastructure, iims gonna make sure that they dont ruin the brand image they have

Crazy Boy: n other important point that v r missing is that IIM's gwet a LOT OF FUND from INDIAN GOVt. would they still be supposed to get it once they set up campus outside india

vikas mudotia: and will add to iim reputation , would like to mention no IIM falls under 100 of top b school

saul hudson: we have to consider the broader perspective of being global ,, goin global with our quality of education

Ashutosh Goyal: even if thy open more inside india thy can help a lot as everyone thr wants india to be grownup, if setup new campuses inside india thn thy will help us more thn if we setup thm oyutside ndia

Gayatri Sundaram: but whyt

rajni malhotra: if we tak of global then why not brin g information and education in india

rani mehta: well iims wud need less gov grants coz of revenue they can genrate from their outside branches

vikas mudotia: slash made the goo dpoint

Ashutosh Goyal: N more thing to ponder, rules N regulations we hv to face in forigen

Harsha Navduri: but guys surely no of indians jooiing an IIM setup outside india will be more than the frng students and in the way ur encouraing the brain draina which ahs already like a parasite spoiled our economy..this is a crucial pt people are not focsuiing on

Crazy Boy: i'll like to correct u vikas IIM's r among the top 100 B Schools in the world atleast IIM a is

rajni malhotra: why makin physical structure outside india

rani mehta: i agree with crazy

Ishan Sethi: IIM B recently was in the top 100 of a survey

vikas mudotia: this is not possible raj

Ashutosh Goyal: If our students get selection thr thn d formalities N other things tht we hv to do to go thr a lot

vikas mudotia: be pragmatic

Ishan Sethi: IIM A unfotunaltely wasn't there

saul hudson: i do not believe tht expansion would augment brain drain

Harsha Navduri: it would defintely... u have an indirect encouargement for peopel(indians) there to go for an INDIAN education..

vikas mudotia: this is according to some magazines but still need to be among top

rajni malhotra: brain drain al!!! already the brain raw brain will move out of india who shall cm back

Crazy Boy: moreover i u r setting up campuises outside India for Indians only whats the harm in setting up in India itself atleast it will force a lot of NRI's to come back to India

Ashutosh Goyal: N opening IIM outside will nt be beneficial for indian students, as it will cost thm a lot more, other complications also

vikas mudotia: ones

saul hudson: cud u explain urself harsha?

rajni malhotra: ya ashutosh

rani mehta: i wud not agree with ashutosh

Harsha Navduri: let us not bother abt who have left india but let us look at who wouldleave

vikas mudotia: i would like to correct some of the members are taking it like brain drain, this is not something like this

rani mehta: its not necessary that i wud increase its fees overhere

Ashutosh Goyal: N about brain drain its nt related to it. if brain is goin out thn it will go in any way, if u hv to stop it thn u hv to make better options here, it nt related to outside campuses

Crazy Boy: wwell i dont think so that once u get into IIM's fees matters much coz u can easilyget a loan

Gayatri Sundaram: we can still hav same fee structure and still expand

Ishan Sethi: I agree viaks.. the toipic is not brain drain and opening campuses abroad does not imply brain drain

rani mehta: people who wanna leave india is gonna leave india and opening iims outside india has got nothing to do with it

rani mehta: exactly gaya

rajni malhotra: fee is concern seat is concern brain drain is concern knowledge can come in or move out

Crazy Boy: well rani that is being pretty much pessimistic

vikas mudotia: group is going in different direction

rani mehta: thats not pessimistic instead its the otherway round, we should discuss only pros and cons of it

Harsha Navduri: ya surely i can explain .. can u realise the no of studnets IIMs attract to tsya back in india to go thru that edcucation..whether they stay ornot is a diff issue.. but what way are U helping the Indian Institutes of Mgmt serving the purpose by staying outside

Crazy Boy: u have to improve ur own country so that people come back

Gayatri Sundaram: its juz goin ot bring in more of students in to IIM n more of brand name

rajni malhotra: for that iim must nt move out of india

Harsha Navduri: have practicalis harward setting up a brach in india..its not ...thats why ithas not materialises.. not onlyindia..harvard in US.. it wont

vikas mudotia: let us talk about quality of education

Ashutosh Goyal: thnn those students can here i india also, it never mean u hv to move out to get thm

rajni malhotra: just abranch it shall not be suceesful

rani mehta: ya we have to improve our country so dat people dont go out and people frm other nation come to india for progress like rt now most of our top brain go outside to earn more

vikas mudotia: iand possible changes in IIM image and education

Ishan Sethi: My dear friend Harsh forgets that a lot of foreign universities have compuses in India.. Wigan and Leigh for example

rani mehta: but opening iims outside india wud not affect it

rajni malhotra: and tyhey serve no purpose

Gayatri Sundaram: well talkin about qlty we are nt goin ot lose on it coz once its set up abroad we are jus tryin to know more may b compete with the standards abroad , right ishan

Harsha Navduri: that doesnt make lot my fnrd...imagine a full range IIM outside india.. offhsore campuses is not what we are talking abt

Ishan Sethi: we r not out to change the IIM image.. We wis to enhance it//

rajni malhotra: iim wants cluthes of indian govt to move away thats it

Mahadevan Iyer: but woudnt it give a better exposure friends

rajni malhotra: exposer of students can better be done by exchange programme

Ishan Sethi: Rajni.. that couldn't be the sole purpose..

vikas mudotia: i believe business of two countries is interdependent and affects each others

The Fourth ASEAN-India Summit was held successfully on 13 December 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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rajni malhotra: one of the purpose

Ashutosh Goyal: we jst hv to move out our value nt us, we hv to show world wht we hv in us, wht we can serve thm, N thn invite thn to get it form here only from our shop, we dont need to go to thr door as salesmen N sell our things thr. If our product hv value N capability in it thn it will get market in any way. from our shop only

vikas mudotia: so should be business education

rani mehta: it wud give better exposure, we will know wat other universities r trying, we will better understand wat foreign students r looking for then we can give it in india and have an industry in education like it is rt now in us

Mahadevan Iyer: true, but exchagge hs lot of implications like time limit involved

rajni malhotra: so it time limt will save brain drain

Ishan Sethi: I agree with Rani on that one.. Foriegn needs can be better understood by gaining first hand experience...

rajni malhotra: indians get exposer come bak serve india

Mahadevan Iyer: but, setting a centre abroad will also make the foreign firms understand the college and its material better... isnt it true??

Ashutosh Goyal: we can make more foreign exchange here, get wht thy need more here, manage thr requirements here N thn hv thm also herre

Ashutosh Goyal: whts point in moving out

rani mehta: yes and then we can develope our infrastructure our education system we can generate money

rani mehta: i mean it works out for the best

vikas mudotia: raj made a good point

Mahadevan Iyer: so, inturn better opportunities also for students in India

Ishan Sethi: Exactly Mahadev.. u hit the nail on the head

Harsha Navduri: isnt it funny taht u are taking it for granted that the students studying in foreing will come back to INDIA and serve

Ashutosh Goyal: no, setting a centre abroad will also make the foreign firms understand the college and its material better, it nt true

vikas mudotia: indians are likely to get good business and education exposure

rajni malhotra: they can have distance education for them

rani mehta: wat is the assurance that people studying in india wud stay here

Gayatri Sundaram: yes so rather that confining the IIMs jus to india we can exapnd as well as make it one of top 10 b schools in the world

rani mehta: you have to be optimistic abt it

Ishan Sethi: distance education has little value.. It counts for nothing in a lot of places

Ashutosh Goyal: todays world is global world N moving on E thing only. so thr is no need of this. thy can know abt us even if r nt thr

Ishan Sethi: Well optimism drives the world... Pessimism would drown it

Mahadevan Iyer: it does my friend.. it does..

rani mehta: i mean there is no valid point for restricting iims to india only

rajni malhotra: ya same i said we want education ..bring howard here

Ashutosh Goyal: bt whts point in moving out

vikas mudotia: yes rani is right and we should not

Mahadevan Iyer: but, is the basic purpose of setting up IIM achieved??

rajni malhotra: why iim move out

Ashutosh Goyal: wht is d basic purpose maha??

rajni malhotra: iim has not serverd yet in india just addinng ego

Crazy Boy: But Gayatri i have a simple point all the top B Schools have only 1 or 2 campuses we already have 6 campuses(an explanaion for that could be Indian pop'n) but now why set up more campuses n dilute ur brand name n quality

Mahadevan Iyer: it should increase its intake and cater to domestic students and also increase its facilities around the world

Gayatri Sundaram: well nt necessary that havard comming here it can b that we can expand iim outside there by benefit more students n impore on the qlty also

Ashutosh Goyal: can u explain it

Ishan Sethi: Havard does not need to enhance brannd name.. it has global recognition... IIM needs more global exposure before being counted in the top 10 in the world

rani mehta: y not don? it wud help iims further more, they r among the best and if they move out and have outside exposure they wud improve further

Harsha Navduri: the basic purpose is to get great and learned mnagaers fmr the indian students

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement.

Mahadevan Iyer: the basic purpose of IIMs was to enhance the domestic students graduating year afte year and equipping them to face the world

Harsha Navduri: why are u all thinking that setting up IIM outside will put it outside..has harvard done the same to getthatrank..We have enough creditsto grrw frm where we are

Ashutosh Goyal: N u think is nt getting served rite now in india, if u think so thn wht product we r producing thr wht thy r?

rajni malhotra: global brand image comes from working good not moving out and propagate

Mahadevan Iyer: it is getting servd, but its not to the T

Gayatri Sundaram: well concluding on this we shld let IIMs b setup abroad n improve on qlt y to make it better n competent with other b schools abroad

vikas mudotia: every product demands marketing and publicity in spit of its quality

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement.

rani mehta: i wud say iims should be allowed to set up campuses outside india too coz it wud help in promoting indian education brand image outside india and we can encourage students to come here for study and this wud help our country and our education system

saul hudson: the iims boast of an excellent quality of education,, i think in the current scenario the iims stand to gain by globalising their education and thus their brand name by expanding to places abroad

Ishan Sethi: In conclusion, I think allowing the IIMs to open a center abroad will help them in the long run to enhance brand name and help India'a image as an excellent global education venue..

Mahadevan Iyer: i joind the discussin in the middle, I can only conclude that, setting up an IIM abroad will definetly increase the opportunities for everyone

vikas mudotia: so this is not only quality of brand but has to be marketing also

rajni malhotra: 1200 people out of 2cr peple in india and if it move out just 500 indians!!

Ashutosh Goyal: well in conclude i would like to say tht we dont to move out, as it will led to lot of problems, better wee make more inside only, get our fame make thm come here, N make allumnies to work for thm N india

Crazy Boy: Well i would like to conclude by saying that the whole idea of setting IIM campus outside India is being short sighted one n we should never ever think of comprmising on quality

rajni malhotra: iim shall not move out it shall serve india dedicatedly, incrising seats ..knowledge

Ashutosh Goyal: we as opening out will nevre benefit indian students in anyway, neither in economic nor in mentel growth.

Gayatri Sundaram: setting up IIM abroad can think about improve the qlty there by qlty enhancement wll b there

Harsha Navduri: well To summarise Only if IIms are looking at expansion in terms of strength they shld look at settingup campuses abroad..else there is no point in setting up INDIAN INSTITUTES OF MANAGEMENT outside india..the sole purpose of bringing out best indian managers should not be done away with.. I hope its better for IIMs to open gates for students from abroad rather than opening up campuses abroad...they shld have seats for outsoders like all US and Uk universities where manyindians go and study but opening up campuses outside wont be agreat idea.. the resources brand image and publicity will and shld grow frm what we are here inindia today.. the pt that their image will grw if they setup campuses outside is basless..global doesnt

vikas mudotia: In conclusion I would say strongly believe IIMs should go abroad because it will enhance its global identity and will add value to education

Harsha Navduri: the image and rankings are not due to no of barnches but due to the quality of education they provide and IIMS are climbing the ladder to reach higher ranks and the ALUMNI as always would be a strong provider of funds..instead of thinking that setting up IIM outside will put it outside..has harvard done the same to getthatrank..We have enough creditsto grw frm where we are..and let IIMs be what they are setup for..Thank U one and ALL

rajni malhotra: quality comes by knoledge not roming aroun d

www.UrPercentile.com: Ok Thanks everyone, will send the results on the group in couple of days

Harsha Navduri has left the conference.

Crazy Boy: thnks Mahadevan Iyer: one final word

rajni malhotra: knoledge share in in this era of communication is not dependet on boundries of india

Ashutosh Goyal: thanx to all

saul hudson: i believe we are being shortsighted by not allowing the iims to move out of of india,,, i think it will stand us in good stead in the long run.. cos then we will have students of different faculties frm different world class institutes studying in the iims .... they shall recognize the potential os india as a destination for fdi investments

Gayatri Sundaram: thanks all

saul hudson: thank you

Ashutosh Goyal: for such a nice one

rani mehta: thanks everyone

Ishan Sethi: GD's over slash@

saul hudson: i guess i was a bit late on tht on

vikas mudotia: thanx

Ishan Sethi: alrite ppl! see u soon!

Mahadevan Iyer: urpercentile is doin a great job, but if it can add what points we missed and what we should have talked.. some detail abt the topic will help

Ishan Sethi: how many of u going to the IIMS?

Mahadevan Iyer: me for sure rocky

rajni malhotra: i like gd kindly moderater shall giv feed back

Mahadevan Iyer: lets hope that

Ishan Sethi: yeah! best of luck.. 5 calls is no mean feat!

Ashutosh Goyal: it is vrey good. as in classroom one we get students from our locality only, bt here we can hv from all across india, this is like real life GD. this will help a lot to all for thr practice

www.UrPercentile.com: ok bye everyone

rajni malhotra: best of luck all i never gave cat exam but shure shall meet all on director"S dining table 10yrs down the line

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