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Following GD was conducted on 21st Feb 06 . The topic "Cos ttheta" was suggested by one of the subscriber, Sulagna who got calls from IIMs-C,L,I,K .

Gaurav200X and Tina kulkarni clear this GD. Dhananjay Vidyasagar and Vishal Bhinde also performed OK but not good
enough to clear the GD. Others need to improve. This kind of topic is open for interpretation in different ways and
requires lot of imagination and creativity, those who stick to the literal meaning of the topic are likely to fail. For this type of
discussion, the evaluator looks for the candidates who forms the basis of discussion, guides the discussion and get other
people involved.

rajesh kumar: hai guys i am rajesh

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to select a font color of liking so that the comments of individuals are identifiable
easily. We will start with a one line introduction from each one of you stating your education qualification, job experience (if any), location and the names of the institutes you have got calls for GD/PI till now.

vishal bhinde: Hi friends i m Vishal Bhinde, i done engi from Mumbai University. i got calls from XIMB GIM BIM n SIMSR..

dhananjay vidyasagar: hi dhananjay from cochin final yr bcom calls from gim and bim

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of the GD is "Cos theta"

abhishek mishra: let's start cos theta = 1/sintheta

abhishek mishra: Hello friends I am Abhishek doing engg from mumbai uni TCET

vishal bhinde: i m currently working with Bharti tele ventures as VAS GPRS Engi

tina kulkarni: Hello am Prajakta Kulkarni, am a BA psychology, worked for a year with veritas software

gaurav200x: i am gaurav....from cochin university..... I finished my graduation in 2005.... currently preparing for CAT

rajesh kumar: hai guys i am an engg student in E.E.E


vishal bhinde: i would like to start ....Cos thetha is the basic fn of trignometry once u understand cos theta u can understant whole of trignometry similiarly if u understand how finance management works then u can understand whole of finance
sector... like financial analysis, loans debentures n equities etc....

dhananjay vidyasagar: I used to think tht learnin math is not going to get me any where but now i c tht math plays an important role not only in mine but in everybody's lives to build building and bridges and trignometry is an imp part of it so os cos theta

rajesh kumar: i think we must confine to the given GD topic and should not divert to other subjects which r far from

gaurav200x: well, i would like to say that 'cos theta' is an integral part of trignometry, which is used to measure the length and
distances..... With the help of one function, eg. cos theta, we can come to know other functions too.... eg if we know cos, we can find sin theta, tan theta and all the sides of the traingle

dhananjay vidyasagar: cos theta is a term tht we mba aspirants have to be well versed with bcaz we need it if we have to crack the exams hence has got mathematical functions but is it very imp practically

abhishek mishra: Well cos theta is a most important part of Trignometry and what i think is all the term in trigo are related to
each other in such a way that they compleate each other and form standard eqn

vishal bhinde: yes u r right it is an integral part of trigo n so if finance... so v have to start from the basic and go to the apex...

dhananjay vidyasagar: it is one of the frist things we learn in trigo is tht y it is imp caz it is the bare basic of trignometry

rajesh kumar: cos theta is used in trignometry to solve mANY PROBLEMS TRIGNOMETRY IS used in finding large distances which cannot be measured so trignometry which is useful has its basic formula as cos theta hence it is a useful formula in trignometry

gaurav200x: So cos theta is a fundamental entity of tignometry.... and hence useful to find any side of the triangle.... In real, life.... cos theta maybe assigned to a real life situation... eg in euler's formula, which states cos theta + i sin theta... where cos in the real part and sin is the imaginary part.... Hence cos theta can be related to a real life situation and sin to a hypothetical one , both combined give a complete life.....

vishal bhinde: Cos thetha is an even function even fn where as Sine thehta is odd fn Cos thetha is same on both sides of Y
axis... similarly some people r same from outside n inside where as others r not... so as a manager i would like to lears the
skills of analysing people and knowing them better before dealing with them... good management institute like this one will
help me in that....

rajesh kumar: yes i agree with gaurav we can use the formula of cos theta in real life problems

dhananjay vidyasagar: we are relating this theory with real life but how can we apply it

tina kulkarni: i would like to say that cos theta is always defined as the base of the triangle upon the hypotenuse,, and once we have these two basic values we can find the third one and so on.. his is the case with with principle of any organisation, once we decide that the organisation has to follow basic principles of honesty and hard work.. they rest like profits and fame will follow

gaurav200x: one should know, that a person lives a real life as well as an imaginary one... and hence.... he/she has two lives to lead in his/her life.... and hence cos can be used to resemble a real life of a person

rajesh kumar: i think vishal is deviating more from the topic i request all the members to be confined to the topic

abhishek mishra: Well i see cos theta and all trigo terms are use to calculate geometric information

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Adhananjay vidyasagar: we should also take into consideration life is not like a RIGHT angled triangle life can be say obtuse and acute

tina kulkarni: the same principle can be applied in all walks of life once we identify the basic characters to any argument or
problem the solution to all problems will come along

gaurav200x: Another point substantiating VISHAL is, that cos of a negative no. is postive... which resembles an attitude of a
person.... i.e. the person's attitude is so cool that whether he hears negative remarks or positive, he always considers things
to be positive..... and hence always has a positive thinking, atitude and outcome

vishal bhinde: Cos after 90 degrees is negative but the point is good that v should all b positive in life n must be same from
heart n outside

abhishek mishra: if cos is alone it is opposite of sin i.e cos theta = 1/ sin theta but when they meet the make either tan or cot

tina kulkarni: i would agree with gaurav.. this is to be seen in the real life example of mr.Mittal today, inspite of facing several
problems with his acleor takeover and facing problems of racism, he still is positive about his outcomes

vishal bhinde: Cos thetha is a defined in only a specific interval then it repeats.. similiarly our industry is also defined with some rules and regulations so we must remain confined to them but still get means to get maximum profit.... these are the skills v need to learn n manage...

dhananjay vidyasagar: can we look at cos theta as a bench mark or a symbol for positivity provide v have been given the angles and the measure accurately

gaurav200x: , i dont understand ur point.... how is cos= 1/sin?

rajesh kumar: raj tilak i think u r confused

rajesh kumar: cos =1/sin is not correct\

abhishek mishra: y wait, well it is a gr8 equation i found out while Proving one of equations in trigo LHS = RHS

dhananjay vidyasagar: like me raj too is not goodin math but the point remains how v must look at cos

vishal bhinde: yes it gives us the way to get exact measurements of angles n sides... so it can b used as benchmark to measure your performance

rajesh kumar: sec=1/cos

abhishek mishra: well i know it is 1/ cosec
abhishek mishra: confused

rajesh kumar: ok rajtilak b cool

vishal bhinde: well cos is 1/ Sec but thats not imp i guess...

rajesh kumar: its ok

rajesh kumar: no i am just clarifying rajtilak'

abhishek mishra: ok

gaurav200x: well cos is a periodic function which fluctuates from -1 to 0 and then 1.... which indicates the life of a person, that it is a mix of positive and negative and nothing remains constant.... if it is negative... after a period , it becomes positive ..... and vice vers....

tina kulkarni: also as we take cos theta to be base/hypo it is the smaller side on the larger.. this creates am equilibrium.. and
brings about stability.. thus even in our economy today it is the bigger industrialists that should bear the weight of society and
help the smaller and less previliged people to move forwat.. this will createequilibrium and help us progress

vishal bhinde: can anyone give or relate any real life example related to significance of cos thethta

gaurav200x: vishal:: i think that was my point

rajesh kumar: well i agree to gaurav rajesh kumar: life also fluctuates from place to place in a
confined region


dhananjay vidyasagar: cos fluctuates btw positive and negative like all us future managers have to do but has the future can v b confined btn -1 and 1 but think beyond it

gaurav200x: management teaches us to be positive in life... it teaches us to not become overly conscience over bad times and be a fighter always.... i.e. to say that it teaches us that life changes periodically from good to bad and vice versa.... like a
function of cos

tina kulkarni: as i said earlier it is the smaller side on the larger.. this is the case with successful organistons.. where the
management ormanagers are responsible for work done and make sure they carry the organisatio to safety and success while jeeping the base which is the workforce of the company happy and satisfied

vishal bhinde: ya i agree GAURAV... Cos is related to Finance as i told early... as it has no ending similarly finance has no ebd... as cos keeps changing its value so does finance changes... n we will have to keep a track of it as a manager

dhananjay vidyasagar: if v take the speculative trade sometimes v have to b negative to make money there cos fits in perfectly

vishal bhinde: ya i agree SAGAR all people have negative n positive times in life but v shd keep our personal feeling off as a
manager n should be positive....

gaurav200x: another thing, which is a part of my point is that every organisation starts from scratch and then rises to glory....
similiarly an org, which is on the top can also go deep down to dust.... which proper mgmt... hence the irony of the func is
depicted.... from 0 to -1 and then 0 to 1 and then veice versa

dhananjay vidyasagar: hence like a learned trader v change according to the situation bull when v have to bear when we

tina kulkarni: exactly.. we need to be positive and as managers and also capable of facing change with the same positive
attitude as is the changing value of theta

rajesh kumar: ya thats a good point vishal in cos theta if we have negative input also we will get positive value,that if we take cos theta in management we can change every negative to positive

gaurav200x: we have to be always positive in life and give positive output to become successful mgrs.... which is the
property of cos.... (obviously within 90 deg)

dhananjay vidyasagar: hence cos works only within this 90 degree
dhananjay vidyasagar: ??

vishal bhinde: like COS starts from 1 similarly MBA aspirants also star with much enthu but fade of in due cource of time... i
would like to tell all should continue working hard n u will suceed

tina kulkarni: also we need to experiment and encourage others to broaden their views and accept new ideas as the valure is
never constant

gaurav200x: A +ve mgr is one who resembles his office, surroundings... and is the brand name of his project... i.e. to say
that we can come to know abt the org just by the attitude of the mgr.... which resembles cos theta.... because just by knowing cos theta and one side... we can know all the properties of the triangle

dhananjay vidyasagar: v r ment to break barriers and think ahead initially v must play btw -1 to 1 but once v have attained that 1 we must move ahead and not b scared to move back a lil to move ahead even more i believe cos func can b used initially but v have to find out own barriers to break

gaurav200x: well vishal buddy, all the aspirants needn't start from 1.... some start from 0 and make it to 1.... while some start
from -1 to 1... hence it varies on the individual

vishal bhinde: YES i ahree TINA v should be flexible n take others into account... being stagnent in an developing n changing
economy will not be much useful...

abhishek mishra: When cos is zero it have the highest value and when in it @ 90 it has lowest value so dealing with human
behaviour i think As a manager it is one of the best way to take risk

tina kulkarni: well i would like to say that as managers we must accept change, help the organisatin to move forward by taking the responsibility of the workforce(base) on our shoulders and be openminded and ever changing

vishal bhinde: i mean all start with lots of enthutiasm but after some faliure they leave it n take random or lower B schools or
even leave hopes of MBA so i told that all should keep trying in life.........

www.UrPercentile.com: Ok, Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement.

dhananjay vidyasagar: cos apart from being a mathematical tool which helps professionals and students attain their objective it is also a scale tht v r put into in management which v r ment to break by takin good daring decisions to break across 1 and move ahead

gaurav200x: I think cos theta resembles human life..... the ups and downs.... from -1 to 0 and then 0 to 1 and again from 1 to - 1..... it resembles, that all whether gud or bad lasts only for a certain period and life cycles keep on repeating.... mgmt is a life science which teaches the same and hence mgmt is pretty much like a cos theta.... giving +ve outcome always

abhishek mishra: Well Cos theta is one of the important entity which we can not avoid in mathmatical term and if we relate it to our daily life ,many similarity we can find with that.

vishal bhinde: i think like COS v shd be flexible n well defined but still never endinding n keep learning as our economy changes ev rapidly........thank u all

rajesh kumar: i new to this type of GDs i cant get with u, i think this does not help us to develop skills of GD

www.UrPercentile.com: Ok thanks everyone , will analyse the discussion and send the result at the group in 1-2 days

dhananjay vidyasagar: it does helps u think out side the box

tina kulkarni: thank you urpercentile

abhishek mishra: thnx

dhananjay vidyasagar: thanx urpercentile

gaurav200x: thank you every 1..... nice GDing......

vishal bhinde: YES it helps.. tnx URpercentile

rajesh kumar: ok thanks ur percentile

dhananjay vidyasagar: hope u let me pass

gaurav200x: thanks urpercentile........

abhishek mishra: well this was my first time i am ok with my contribition

rajesh kumar: ok byeeee
www.UrPercentile.com: bye everyone
dhananjay vidyasagar: bye
vishal bhinde: bye
abhishek mishra: thanx guys have a good day 4 yr futures

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