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Gocrazy4kunal and Arun thejaswani clear this GD.

Subject knowledge is a must to clear , if this kind of topic comes for GD.
We had two GDs going on simultaneously on the same topic . The topic of GD was : ASEAN AND INDIA.
Performance of Swati Mukherjee of the other GD going on at the same time was better than everyone here.


www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to select a font color of liking so that the comments of individuals are identifiable easily. We will start with a one line introduction from each one of you stating your education qualification, job experience (if any) and the names of the institutes you have got calls for GD/PI till now.

harry d: Hi all. i am B.E.(E.C.) from Thapar Institute of Engg. and Tech, Patiala. No job exp. Calls from NIILM, NDIM. didn't appear in CAT

floralbonjour: priyanka, third yr comps, attempting CAT-06

arun thejaswi: Good Evening everyone I am Arun Thejaswi I am an Agriculture graduate I Have one year exp and got a call from IIM A

gocrazy4kunal 11: hi this is kunal doing b.tech from KIIT (DU), mechanical

I mahajan: hi...this is Rohit Mahajan...i have done B.E.(IT) from IIIT-Calcutta, currently working in Wipro Technologies(6 months). I am expecting calls from IIT-B, D and KGP

jd pianist: hi..this is indradeep royfrom heritage institute of technology... studying cse...and i am going sit for cat 2006

Aditi Sharma: hi .. this is mitaali.. doing btech in cse

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don’t be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

The topic of GD : ASEAN and India

Dimpy Sharma: I am dimpy doing be in electronics from pec

harry d: ASEAN is an effort for economic growth and regional peace, India still not one of its members. ASEAN is a good step in bringing the world together

gocrazy4kunal 11: talking about india n asean i feel today the need tday is develop a statregic relationship between our country n conglomerate , recently we have seen some efforts in this direction like holding INDO-ASEAN meet on the sidelines of ASEAN

I mahajan: Whenever we consider Asian nations, India is bound to make its presence because it has been making the news in all the arenas of world superiority I mahajan: may be i am confused, but is ASEAN about the whole world?

jd pianist: in India .....economy at present is going down the drain....rich people are becoming more richer and the poor,the farmers growing crops are being neglected

arun thejaswi: HI friends our topic today is a factual one based on real and hard issues.we are actually in an era of the so called globalisation and liberalisation which is supposed to throw up opportunities aplenty to all of us whether we are rich poor or developing.But we all know that this is just wishful thinking.we already have got the bite of opening up of our economy to the greater global players.we also know how issues are negotiated in WTO by arm twisting of course.It is in this context that I think ASEAN has become important.FTA s and preferential trade agreements are really important now if we have to stabilise our economy

harry d: it promotes regional harmony so we can help each other grow instead of hampering it

floralbonjour: but we have seen in the iraq war that even UN opinion dint hold force.the usa did what it wanted. if india can maintain relations with other asaian countries still how ill joinin ASEAN it make it better?

gocrazy4kunal 11: well be very agree that we are a power in south asia n with organisations like SAARC we have maintained that position but the need is to explore the untapped potential in the south east asian nation , a lot of potential needs to be tapped like signing the FTA by doing this we will be giving our market n our people a uncontrolled to access to theirs

nilesh gupta: Joining ASEAn will give india the clout of support of few countries

arun thejaswi: absolutely I strongly concur with what zero cool has said its for building harmony across the borders

Aditi Sharma: Well I think first of all talking about ASEAN i think it deserves an expansion Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) , that is all that i know guys. bye

harry d: India is the strongest country in the region with Human Resource as one of its main powers, joining any group like ASEAN wil always help as it'll expand the areas of growth

floralbonjour: drool , u can continue adding points still

nilesh gupta: India LOOK EAST policy can be implemented to graeter extent if we join ASEAN, ASEAN members are develioping fast

jd pianist: and when we speak of religional peace...is india trying its best to have peace treaty with their neighbours

I mahajan: in my opinion, India has the capibility to lead the bunch of asian countries towards development. The point under discussion is whether the involvement of India in ASEAN bolster the process?

Dimpy Sharma: India dialogue relations have grown rapidly from a sectoral dialogue partnership in 1992 to a full dialogue partnership in December 1995. The relationship was further elevated with the convening of the ASEAN-India Summit in 2002 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. All these took place in a decade, which clearly signifies the importance of the dialogue partnership to ASEAN and India and the progress made in the cooperation.

nilesh gupta: and indian presence in theitr economy will boost growth

gocrazy4kunal 11: n if FTA sees the light of the day we will be spelling another boom for our country , recently we held parleys with our chinese n japanese counterparts n also we had a time to talk to austtralian counterparts , but the need is now to give full attention to this forum , a lot is being done n A LOT NEEDS TO BE DONE

floralbonjour: joining grps is certianly a boost factor. bt the revenue involved in the same cud be used for better fulfilling purpose. like education and emplyment.if joining grp merely cud solve the problem nothing like it

gocrazy4kunal 11: ya i agree with nilesh when he says the econmoic boom that we will see

harry d: Globalisation is good but are we at a stage where we can talk about globalisation?? there is no problem in India's economy or its growth rate if we take care of a few things like corruption, Population and common man

arun thejaswi: ASEAN I think wud be the way out for the impasse we are in relating to agriculture and textiles by joining ASEAN India can 1. ensure markets nearby 2.increase economic cooperation and finally we can also build a regional business and trade block which can give us more bargaining power and more space for dialogue

Aditi Sharma: ASEAN-India functional cooperation has deepened and broadened. In terms of sectors, ASEAN-India cooperation covers wide ranging areas: trade, investment, tourism, human resource development, science and technology, and people-to-people contacts. Recently, several new areas have been included in the cooperation such as health, transport and infrastructure, small and medium enterprises, information and communication technology (ICT) and agriculture. Most of ASEAN-India cooperation projects are in the area of science and technology. Generally, all cooperation projects are funded by the ASEAN-India Cooperation Fund.

nilesh gupta: ASEAn is important 4 india in the sense that countries of asean face similar problems that india face like overpopulation and poverty coupled with ahigh rate of groewth.If these cuntries incresae cooperation then we can stop the world bully US

gocrazy4kunal 11: ya floral u r very right , the money we get thru this needs to be utilized for better purposes which should improve the living standards of poor n down trodden

I mahajan: the presence of countries like Thailand, Singapore and Phillipines and their fast developing economies is a point in favour of joining ASEAN, but the real question is that whether joining any agreements and groups will actually help India?

jd pianist: but if we look at it from another anglr then india should be not so generous when there are innumerable economic problems in our own country

www.UrPercentile.com: Can someone list the members of asean

harry d: combodia, Indonesia, singapore,laos, Malaysia, thailand, vietnam, phillipines, i think they r all

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Aditi Sharma: there are 10 membes

arun thejaswi: Indonesia Singapore Malaysia cambodia

I mahajan: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines , Singapore , Thailand

www.UrPercentile.com: Brunei, Myanmmar also

I mahajan: The 10 members are: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines , Singapore , Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei

harry d: these contries have a good scope in Tourism

gocrazy4kunal 11: ya i do subscribe to views that joining the conglomerate will help , as then we can looK forward for CECA(COMPREHENSIVE ECONOMIC COOPERATION AGREEMENT) and frends CECA is a really a tough nut to be cracked by signing this we will be improving our economy

nilesh gupta: YEs dazzling guy joining agreements will help india as these countries have trremendous growth potentail which even the developed countries know. They too are initersted in setting up agreements so the mottp of unity is strength will benefit us

floralbonjour: to be honest , i dun remmember all the names and if they were so significant i wud have come across them like i did come across SAARC.the truth is we need to work upon internal problems before looking up at what neighbours r upto.true we do need help from our neighbors at times but if ASEAN is ensuring that then its apoint going forwards.if mutual essential help towards progess aint promised then thers no pt spending revenue in joining these grps

I mahajan: nilesh, can u elucidate on how joining ASEAN can help India strengthen its economic zone?

harry d: India is a great place for tourists. the kind of places we have are unique. the himalyas in itself are great. we need to tap this resource

gocrazy4kunal 11: many sectors like tourism , mining , aviation will benefit n then we can use our this clout to play a mesaure role in the global arena frends we must not forget that we are EYEING PERMANENT SEAT IN SECURITY COUNCIL n the relation developed at this stage will do us a lot good when we go for a voting in UN general assembly

floralbonjour: i wud like to raise my point again, in front of country's power no grp stands. remembr the UN-STATES argument and disagreement over the iraq war.if UN cudn't stop it how ill grps lik ASEAN give a sure shot mutual progess or so?

Aditi Sharma: India's initiative in proposing an FTA with ASEAN signifies its desire to develop close economic linkages. The setting up of an India-ASEAN Regional Trade and Investment Area as a long-term objective should be the main focus for the India-ASEAN dialogue in the coming months and years. Till such time an RTIA is set up, it should be the effort of ASEAN and India to enter into broad-based bilateral agreements in areas such as science and technology, biotechnology, IT, space technology application, financial services, human resource development, education, etc., the areas of recognised excellence of ASEAN members as well as India.

harry d: it depends on how we deal. Iraq war is a totally different issue

gocrazy4kunal 11: ya not to forget the menace of terrorism can only be fought till end if we have better understanding between out asian counterparts

nilesh gupta: Asean countries have high growth potential by investing and maintaining friendly relations b/w these two countries indian industries will be able to get a foothold in these countries which will hwlp us grow

I mahajan: India is a place of many more potentialities than the ones being discussed. The actual point of discussion is that whether joining ASEAN and leading it helps India in exploring the global avenues or would it result in yet another *no help* dialogues

floralbonjour: i agree its a different issue. bt these grps do have peace in mind , dont they?peace is one of the foremost rwquirements in joining hands with nations

I mahajan: I agree that peace is very important for the growth of a country, but does such peace hold true when all hell breaks loose

harry d: to develop we have to cooperate. we can't just shut our doors and think that we r growing. joining it will bring newer prospects in India

nilesh gupta: let us asuume that if ASEn partnership goes further and it reaches a stage where we shal have common currency like euro.Wouldnt that be beneficial??????

harry d: i agree nilesh

gocrazy4kunal 11: beside we can learn a lot form exprience of countries like singapore in economic arena as they have set a standard for everybody , so if they come with their FDI along with some good exprience i see no harm in it , absolutely no harm

floralbonjour: yes, so such grps shudn't be for name-sake when it comes to peace.i dunt wnaa go off topic br peace is very imp when forming such grps

vijay goel: ya if we join hands to other it will surely be beneficial

jd pianist: yes.......i agree .but if we look at it from another angle.......what are advantages in joing this group??????

arun thejaswi: ok guys all of you are right India does have a great scope of tourism we have all kinds of environments here but by joining ASEAN we are sure to attract more tourist and if needed we sure can provide preferential treatment to members of the ASEAN countries.I also agree that we dont have a voice in the UN yes but if we speak as a regional block then I think our voice wud not go unheard .and that is why I think that we must join ASEAN at the earliest.also as Nilesh has said yes we can think of a common urrency which wud rocket our trades

nilesh gupta: it would end the hegemony of the dollar in the asian region for amoment let us consider the possible diadvantages we wuld have if we join ASEAN

I mahajan: Here, i would like to mention Russia which didn't get involved with any groups or alliances, but still posed as the greatest threat of United States' dominance. So, does a country actually lead such groups for its growth or just as a measure to ensure that everybody is together on issues which need common discussions?

harry d: u r right floral but what happened with Iraq was an exceptional case and we can't take it as a general case

vijay goel: and also russia is developed country and we cant compare ourselves with russia

jd pianist: if its...only peace.......then i would say that .......it wont take much of a time for a hell to break out.......and if its economic growth then......i dont think that this countries are well known for their economic position

harry d: US was determined to attach Iraq and noone could stop them. they would have fought with any country that came in there way. they had there personal interests. Please watch- Fahrenhiet 9/11 for details

floralbonjour: agree with zero completely.hopefully our country's demands towards progress r nt ignores in the wake of joining these grps. iw ud be glad if neone cud cite an eg where a country actually developed manifold due to the "ASEAN" grp

nilesh gupta: Bickering b/w two memmber nations wuld prove to be disavantageous as INDAI wuld be unecessarily drageed into countries who r not neighbours

gocrazy4kunal 11: simply see the EU n see their UNITY what they have done among them , they even have the same currency barring one , they go for anything togther so they hold a large ground in the economic and political world , n we are still not able to have a common currency in SAARC for get the case of whole ASIA , but if india takes the lead and plays the role of sheet anchor by forging ties with groups like ASEAN , we could realise at least few of our dreams if not all

I mahajan: I agree with zeero there. Peace isn't the motive here. Do we have things to ponder on in order to have a strong group of nations working towards harmony?

nilesh gupta: I Agree with KUNAL

harry d: If we take the initiative then World Peace can become a reality. but for that we need to interact with other countries.

I mahajan: In my opinion, India does interact with nations, not only Asian, but all the nations of the world in different levels...

floralbonjour: agreed zeero but when have we nt taken initaitive? INDO -PAK talks and all?coming bk to topic can neone give me a good eg of ASEAN helping aparticular country to progress manifold?

vijay goel: ya i am agree wiht dazzling guy

floralbonjour: i wud like to know the practical progress report if neone cn help me find out what ASEAN Has done

harry d: 7-8 years back we couldn't think that we'll be able to talk with people from different parts of the world so easily but today when we chat we not only interact but understand each other. we have so different backgrounds but we understand each other. India has resources like man power and internet facilities. its just a matter of broadning our scope now

floralbonjour: lets be in the topic friends

maneetpal: well i dont think that these nations r by any way powerful thatn india and china and its not that they have thrown us out .its just that india is just having a close on all summits to see if we shud join the group or

Swati mukherjee: the membership is fixed guys... we just need to ensure cooperation...

Lalit Jha: crazy it's just a figure of speech dont' take that literally

organic_ketchup: see, its not abt size comparison. its about voice being felt and heard. but yeah, it needs tooth to pitch its voice.today we have examples of intl organisations being powerless and lame. take for example NAM. and why not UNO. its just a yes-sayer to the allied powers.

Mihir pande: they are there for a specific purpose for like countries....and now that its geting global...india and china also can help thse countries since these both countries today are more powerful compared to others..

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement and views on the topic.

Crazy Boy: Well sry again guys but i have nother question

rani mehta: dats wat i m saying even UNO is ignored some times then wat this group is gonna do

Swati mukherjee: In that case as ur saying organic ketchup they should unite with US and not India...

Lalit Jha: So, I think these countries should realize the importance of group work and work in coherence with each other and help and cooperate in alll the aspects say, economy and in natural calamaties and all

Crazy Boy: Wht if just one of the countries tht is either India or China join it

Swati mukherjee: here we are talking about a group of countries working together for a common cause...

Crazy Boy: it would really become one sided then

maneetpal: india became a sectoral dialogue parter of asean in 1992

rani mehta: crazy mihir dont u think to help them we should join them??

organic_ketchup: in response to rani, India creating threat to small nations...well india has done that and it faces the wrath. It cut off East Pakistan, it is funding one of the sides in Nepal. there are precedents, where India has done not exactlyy the right things

Mihir pande: i dont think so...why do formalities have to be completed if u wanna help someone...

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement and your views on the topic.

rani mehta: but wat harm in completing the formalitise

Crazy Boy: answere my question

maneetpal: india hav already been in free trade relations with countries like thailand so that proves that its not neceesary to be a member nation

Mihir pande: completing the formalities i dont think there will be probs....or mayb there will be....but u knw how it is....takes time..lotsa probs..time consuming...takes on years..

Swati mukherjee: I think that ASEAN and India should work closely to ensure that the broad strategic forum will further contribute to promoting peace and security, economic prosperity and development in the region. Membership is not an issue here, cooperation is, India and ASEAN r working closely on a number of areas which I have already elaborated and they need to keep the good work going.

rani mehta: ASEAN in order to have their purpose served i.e economic development and promtion of peace, should include INDIA and china to have their voice heard globaly

Lalit Jha: I would conclude this by saying that, ASEAN is a very good effort for these small countries and India should be helping and cooperating so that the market and economy of other countries could come to India and thus we can have the principle "Live and Let them Live". The topic is really good and can be one in the recent GDs. Thanks mod

organic_ketchup: ASEAN has to grow up as substantial power, if the polarisation has to be removed in ASIA. India has to work hand in hand with ASEAN, both will be benefited.

Lalit Jha: Thanks to all the guys and gals ofcourse

Swati mukherjee: Thanks everybody...

Crazy Boy: Well i think this whole organization of ASEAN doesnt really serve ts purpose n is a waste of time money n resources so instead of thinking of making India join them probably the association ahld be stopped.

rani mehta: thanks everyone

organic_ketchup: now plz mistake correction time. feedback time. wat we cud have done better

Crazy Boy: THNKS everyone n specially urpercentile

www.UrPercentile.com: ok thanks everyone, We had 2 sessions oing on at the same time . Will send the rsults on the group soon. Any comments ?


maneetpal: thanku to evry1 as i had no idea about the topic, uall made me to start searching for thistopic rite from this moment

organic_ketchup: 2. we did not discuss the details and nitty gritty of cooperation. we were just floating around.


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