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Only Swati Mukerjee clears this GD.

Subject knowledge is a must to clear if this kind of topic comes for GD.
We had two GDs going on simultaneously on the same topic . The topic of GD was : ASEAN AND INDIA.
Don't ever make this mistake of coming out with a statement, which you are not sure of, as done by one of the participant in this GD ( Stating India and China are members of ASEAN). Even if your rest of GD goes fine, you will not clear the GD as the evaluator will never think about you during the whole process.

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www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to select a font color of liking so that the comments of individuals are identifiable easily. We will start with a one line introduction from each one of you stating your education qualification, job experience (if any) and the names of the institutes you have got calls for GD/PI till now.

patel vajubhai: this is Kandarp here

Crazy Boy: Its Harnish B.Tech(IT)

rani mehta: Rani BE mech work ex 14 months

maneetpal: im maneet bsc hons electronics

niks_bhargava: nikhil.bcom...

Mihir pande: hello all...mihir here...im currently doing BE (etrx). will give CAT in nov 2006

Lalit Jha: Hi, This is Lalit Jha, currently working in a s/w firm, will appear for CAT 06

Swati mukherjee: thats good... i didnt think of it one year before...

www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of GD : ASEAN and India

organic_ketchup: thats an interesting topic!

Mihir pande: scrwd..thts wat happens whn u dont read newspapers !

organic_ketchup: now in asia...south east, there is increasing lobbying

www.UrPercentile.com: STICK TO THE GD

organic_ketchup: power centres holding their own ground.

Shiv Sharma: hello friends, i m shiv.. i have done BE.

Lalit Jha: Here we r, Association of South East Asian Nations, that's wht it stands for

Swati mukherjee: Well to start off with, The Fourth ASEAN-India Summit was held successfully on 13 December 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

organic_ketchup: the most relevant part is the power dynamics happening in ASEAN

Crazy Boy: Wht kind og power dynamics ORganic

rani mehta: India & china are major member of ASEAN

www.UrPercentile.com: RANI :India and China are not members of ASEAN

Swati mukherjee: They primarily focussed on ASEAN and Indias need to strengthen their economic partnership in the face of growing challenges of globalisation, terrorism, rising oil prices and the threat posed by avian influenza and other emerging and communicable diseases.

Lalit Jha: This is a great step by the Asian countries in getting together and make themselves felt in the world

Swati mukherjee: yes it is very essential for the asean countries to stick together in view of common causes and also to protect themselves from growing challenges, they need to work together for a common cause

Lalit Jha: India being the 2nd largest populated and one of the developing economic nation can play a very important role in ASEAN

Shiv Sharma: I think that Volume of trade and investment flows between ASEAN and India remained relatively low compared with other dialogue partners of ASEAN.

organic_ketchup: but wat prevented india and china being regional powers not entering this forum

Mihir pande: India even though not a member of ASEAN ...should try and chalk out major issues to be solved which cause a major threat to the south east asian countries

Lalit Jha: But since India and China are kept out of the org. , it's a kind of loss for the ASEAN

Crazy Boy: wht kinda issues r u talking abt Crazy coz India is in the centre of lots of controversies in Asia

rani mehta: sorry guys but i m not aware of ASEAN and its purpose can anyone tell that, Wat good is the association worht if the major powers of asia are not its members like india and china

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don’t be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

Swati mukherjee: Negotiations to establish the ASEAN-India Free Trade Area (AIFTA) have not progressed as expeditiously as originally envisaged despite sincere efforts from both sides, ASEAN Leaders and India to move the negotiations on the AIFTA forward and take into account of the broader strategic consideration of an enhanced ASEAN-India relations.

Lalit Jha: Yes crazy, I know that and that's why I am saying it's not good for the org that India is out of it

www.UrPercentile.com: Can someone list the members of asean

maneetpal: singapore,indonesia,malaysia Crazy Boy: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam

Shiv Sharma: Darussalam,Cambodiai,ndonesia,Laos , Malaysia ,Myanmar, Philippines Singapore Thailand VietNam

Mihir pande: brunei, cambodia, indonesia, loas, malasiya,burma,philipines, vietnam, thailand and singapore are 10 countries that form ASEAN !

Mihir pande: problems faced by the countries which are its members and INDIA are alike...and a thought should be given so that they can be attacked at with more managemnet

organic_ketchup: it was a move to integrate such small countries into a power block and get some headway which otherwise would not have materialised. bringing big powers wont solve any purpose , as these regional powers- India and China will overshadow the smaller members. that would simply not solve the purpose.

Lalit Jha: I guess India not being a part of ASEAN is a set back for both India and the ASEAN. I totally agree to the fact that India and China being not included in ASEAN is a mjaor problem for the development of ASEAN

Swati mukherjee: The ASEAN countries and India should combat the cowardly and heinous terrorist attacks which struck Bali on 1 October 2005 and New Delhi on 29 October 2005, resulting in the loss of innocent lives. They should resolve to work closely to curb the scourge of terrorism and develop substantive activities consistent with the ASEAN-India Joint Declaration for Cooperation to Combat International Terrorism adopted at the Second ASEAN-India Summit on 8 October 2003 in Bali, Indonesia.

chetan KIRTANE: i agree to what shrinkabaledestiny ..said..

rani mehta: the objective of asean is the combined economic develpment of its member countries and to promote mututal peace in the region

Swati mukherjee: what India needs to do is work closely with Asean.. even though it is not a member...

maneetpal: well india and china not being a member still play a significant role in asia thats y they r invited to attend the mee\t

Mihir pande: ASEAN adn other countries also have another reason to work together , n that would be to be a super power group which would make them a strong shield against the monopoly and the "domination" that USA poses over other countries

Swati mukherjee: They should recognise the potential of harnessing areas of knowledge and technology for furthering ASEAN-India cooperation.

Lalit Jha: On the contrary , since countries like Combodia, Laos , Myanmar etc are there in ASEAN, to some extent it's good for these countries to get some help in respect of the imports and exports, Markets, and all. But if India could be a member of ASEAN , it would have been very good for the other members of it. As currently the economy in India is booming in all fields

rani mehta: yes india should work in tandem with this countries and help them in developing their economies and promote peace in region, india should just act like big b to all this nations


Lalit Jha: it could have been very fruitful for other non dominating members

chetan KIRTANE: india can contribute a lot..especially..thiz 4th asean meet...our honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said tht india would help asean countries..in various ways..and also to teach ENGLISH..langauge..so.. .keeping india out.. is not right..in tht way..

rani mehta: i wanna ask one question too y is india and china not the members

Swati mukherjee: In this regard, the ASEAN Leaders welcomed India’s proposal to convene an IT seminar to elaborate on the IT cooperation and agreed that ASEAN would submit proposals for cooperation in biotechnology to India.

Crazy Boy: dnt u think with countries like laos etc which really play an insignificant role in world economics does the ASEAN really serve ny purpose

organic_ketchup: India can gain a lot from cooperation with ASEAN. besides countering terrorism, which is obviously a major menace....i think its the economic front which needs the boost.

Swati mukherjee: its the south east asian countries... doesnt that answer the question...?

Mihir pande: i would say ASEAN can also gain a lot of support and power if they have INDIA's co-op

Crazy Boy: so u mean to say tht south asain countries r insignificant

rani mehta: U look at all the members they dont really have the power required to change anything. if India china or even pakistan decides to do something i dont think it can play a major role in this

Lalit Jha: I totally agree crazy, india and china must be a part of ASEAN.

rani mehta: oranic if economic front needs the boost then they should have india and china in the group coz they can help this countries

organic_ketchup: there are strong power lobbies ruling the roost, G4 being the foremost. these association muscle their way to benefits. unless, the lesser nations stand together and make a strong move, the pattern will remain the same.

Mihir pande: they came in to existence in 1967 with 5 original members in bangkok.

Lalit Jha: Yes rani, thats' what I am emphasizing on....

Swati mukherjee: no they are not... but its just that the organisation is based on geographical positioning... but i dont think that should curb cooperation in any regard... and if there is cooperation.. which is there as proved by the Fourth ASEAN-India Summit in Kuala Lumpur... then how does it matter if India is a member or not... it is cooperating with ASEAN in all fronts...

Mihir pande: and at that point of time things were different with india too..

organic_ketchup: besides there is a lot of scope of trade on the regional front as well.

Shiv Sharma: i think that if the free trade agreement comes in to existence in asean than definately it will be beneficial for india, so india should work in this field.

Mihir pande: maybe then they wudnt have considered INDIA as a member they could incorporate amoingst themselves

www.UrPercentile.com: No one-liners. Don’t be in a hurry to send message. Think and write complete paragraphs.

Crazy Boy: Well Swati lets be realistic i mean laos compodia etc even if they coorperate there is very little they r gonna achieve

Swati mukherjee: i feel India shouls cooperate with ASEAN... thats what is required...

rani mehta: they r all combined r just as capable as one state or ours, its required by members of asean not by india swati

Lalit Jha: No swati, india might be helping from outside but there are many factors which stop a nation from doing certain things inside the org.

organic_ketchup: the forum actually protects the smaller countries. other wise the bigger powers can really flood the markets of smaller nations which could be detrimental for their growth.

Shiv Sharma: Being in the asean india can also gain support from asean countries for his permanent membership in security council.

Crazy Boy: exactly n basically tht whole association shld be ended coz its just a waste of time n resources more then nythiung

Mihir pande: how can u jus end an assoc...

rani mehta: I dont think without including the major powers of the region, the organisation wud be able to serve its purpose

Crazy Boy: we can have a meeting n say tht association is finished thts how u end it

Swati mukherjee: yes thats true... but why do you think that becoming a member is going to make a difference... it is already cooperating with ASEAN countries in a big way... and thats why they had a ASEAN-India Summit which yielded good results in all fields... as I have already elaborated below.. India being a comparatively developed nation needs to help the other countries... at the same time use the support of the other countries to leverage their position globally...

Mihir pande: they will stll be serving their purpose rani....moreso they will boost the functioning of ASEAN on a much higher scale

organic_ketchup: kindly move the discussion ---> what concrete steps can be taken for beneficial cooperation b/w india and ASEAN

Lalit Jha: Yes, Organic is very right. ASEAN actuall is originated to protect the smaller nations from the other big countries. It's like the smaller fishes move in a group to protect themselves from big fishes to give them the impression that they r also powerful.

rani mehta: Its different when u r co operating and when u r member of something. If you r a member u wud do more to help them rather than just co operating

Swati mukherjee: Even in human resource development we could share relative advantages and strengths with each other. The ASEAN Leaders welcomed India’s proposal to organise an education fair in the coming year to bring together prospective students in ASEAN with Indian universities and colleges. This is also going to help both the countries.

maneetpal: well its not neccesary that india will trade only if she becoms a member nation of asean. we can have a gud trading relation even if we r like a gaurdian to asean

rani mehta: shirnk but dont u think that its just the impression that they r powerful and not reality

Lalit Jha: swati, it's like supporting a party from outside, and another being in the party alliance

rani mehta: yes when u support gov frm outside and when u r a member of government

Crazy Boy: BUT tht brings into question y India, y not China y is it tht its always we who shld be helpping other insignificant countries

Swati mukherjee: Looking forward, we need to work closely to enhance our trade and investment ties through the ASEAN-India Free Trade Area (AIFTA) and acknowledge that our two economic regions could serve as engines of growth for each other

Lalit Jha: no rani, being in group always makes u stronger, like u take an example of different fingers in ur hand, they r just fingers but when they combine in a group to make a fist that becomes stronger

rani mehta: tottaly agree with crazy, we have our problems, y should we go and solve others prob. we should concentrate on our domestic problems

organic_ketchup: acting as a guardian is a different aspect. it invariably brings the big bro -uncle sam kind of feeling. this tendency has to be abstained from. the sentiment for the "guardianship" is not exactly positive all over the world. Mr.Bush's rating has plumetted

Swati mukherjee: i dont think membership makes a difference as long as they are ready to cooperate... and help each other...

rani mehta: shrink dats true but i dont think this all 10 nations combined r more powerful then china or india

Swati mukherjee: I think the question is not about membership here... but how both can benefit from each other.. and I think we are on the rigth track..

Lalit Jha: No rani, may be they r in the process of making , they r 10 today, tomorrow they might go up to 50 and in that case they will emerge more powerful

Mihir pande: how can theuy go upto 50....it says...south east asean nations.. Mihir pande: u jus cant have anyone joining the assoc

rani mehta: It has always been india's policy to help other neighbouring small nations and we have never created threat for them at any poing of time

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maneetpal: well i dont think that these nations r by any way powerful thatn india and china and its not that they have thrown us out .its just that india is just having a close on all summits to see if we shud join the group or

Swati mukherjee: the membership is fixed guys... we just need to ensure cooperation...

Lalit Jha: crazy it's just a figure of speech dont' take that literally

organic_ketchup: see, its not abt size comparison. its about voice being felt and heard. but yeah, it needs tooth to pitch its voice.today we have examples of intl organisations being powerless and lame. take for example NAM. and why not UNO. its just a yes-sayer to the allied powers.

Mihir pande: they are there for a specific purpose for like countries....and now that its geting global...india and china also can help thse countries since these both countries today are more powerful compared to others..

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement and views on the topic.

Crazy Boy: Well sry again guys but i have nother question

rani mehta: dats wat i m saying even UNO is ignored some times then wat this group is gonna do

Swati mukherjee: In that case as ur saying organic ketchup they should unite with US and not India...

Lalit Jha: So, I think these countries should realize the importance of group work and work in coherence with each other and help and cooperate in alll the aspects say, economy and in natural calamaties and all

Crazy Boy: Wht if just one of the countries tht is either India or China join it

Swati mukherjee: here we are talking about a group of countries working together for a common cause...

Crazy Boy: it would really become one sided then

maneetpal: india became a sectoral dialogue parter of asean in 1992

rani mehta: crazy mihir dont u think to help them we should join them??

organic_ketchup: in response to rani, India creating threat to small nations...well india has done that and it faces the wrath. It cut off East Pakistan, it is funding one of the sides in Nepal. there are precedents, where India has done not exactlyy the right things

Mihir pande: i dont think so...why do formalities have to be completed if u wanna help someone...

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement and your views on the topic.

rani mehta: but wat harm in completing the formalitise

Crazy Boy: answere my question

maneetpal: india hav already been in free trade relations with countries like thailand so that proves that its not neceesary to be a member nation

Mihir pande: completing the formalities i dont think there will be probs....or mayb there will be....but u knw how it is....takes time..lotsa probs..time consuming...takes on years..

Swati mukherjee: I think that ASEAN and India should work closely to ensure that the broad strategic forum will further contribute to promoting peace and security, economic prosperity and development in the region. Membership is not an issue here, cooperation is, India and ASEAN r working closely on a number of areas which I have already elaborated and they need to keep the good work going.

rani mehta: ASEAN in order to have their purpose served i.e economic development and promtion of peace, should include INDIA and china to have their voice heard globaly

Lalit Jha: I would conclude this by saying that, ASEAN is a very good effort for these small countries and India should be helping and cooperating so that the market and economy of other countries could come to India and thus we can have the principle "Live and Let them Live". The topic is really good and can be one in the recent GDs. Thanks mod

organic_ketchup: ASEAN has to grow up as substantial power, if the polarisation has to be removed in ASIA. India has to work hand in hand with ASEAN, both will be benefited.

Lalit Jha: Thanks to all the guys and gals ofcourse

Swati mukherjee: Thanks everybody...

Crazy Boy: Well i think this whole organization of ASEAN doesnt really serve ts purpose n is a waste of time money n resources so instead of thinking of making India join them probably the association ahld be stopped.

rani mehta: thanks everyone

organic_ketchup: now plz mistake correction time. feedback time. wat we cud have done better

Crazy Boy: THNKS everyone n specially urpercentile

www.UrPercentile.com: ok thanks everyone, We had 2 sessions oing on at the same time . Will send the rsults on the group soon. Any comments ?


maneetpal: thanku to evry1 as i had no idea about the topic, uall made me to start searching for thistopic rite from this moment

organic_ketchup: 2. we did not discuss the details and nitty gritty of cooperation. we were just floating around.


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