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Syllabus for the Entrance Test
The exam pattern for different exams is different and may change without prior notice.

  Article: Changing Pattern of Exams
While I am penning this article, we have witnessed CAT 2006 as well as IIFT 2006.
  Pattern of MAT
MAT is typically of 150 minutes with 200 questions to be solved. There is negative marking ..

Pattern of CAT 2007
There are 3 section in the test each having 25 questions . Each correct answer would fetch 4 marks thus making ...



Pattern of CAT-2006
Cat 2006 was relatively simpler compared to the CAT exams held in last few years. Especially Quants and DI section.


Pattern of CAT(Before 2006) SUMMARY OF CAT 05 : The paper had 3 section with each section having 2 sub-section.

Pattern of IIFT 2007
This time paper was simpler compared to the last year one . It was more focused on testing the required skill set...



Pattern of IIFT 2006
Will say that it was an attempt to make a tough paper in which they succeeded  but  in the process lost  the ..



Pattern of IIFT (Before 2006)
185 questions of different weightage divided into 5 sections to be attempted in 120 minutes with with negative...


Pattern of XAT 2008
The pattern and difficulty level of XAT 08 was similar to that of XAT 07. The paper had 120 questions, 10 less than last year.

Pattern of XAT 2007
The unique feature of XAT this year was that for each questions there were 5 options to select the correct answer.


Pattern of XAT(Before 2007)
There were 127 questions and 1 Essay to be solved/ written in 120 minutes + 20 minutes.


Pattern of JMET 2007
JMET paper had 150 questions in total and was of 2 hours in duration. All question carried 1 marks..


Pattern of JMET 2006
The JMET this year had easy questions compared to JMET last year and the recent CAT and IIFT.

  Pattern of JMET (Before 2006)
The pattern was as defined in their brochure with almost no element of surprise in it, though the diff ..

Pattern of IRMA 2007
The pattern of exam was similar to what was expected and was same as the pattern of last few years....
  Pattern of IRMA 2006
There was  no surprise element in the IRMA test.  The pattern and difficulty level remained the same.
  Pattern of IRMA(Before 2006)
IRMA  specialises in imparting management education for rural sector and so people with genuine ..
Pattern of GCET
The previous GCET test had questions on Quantitative Ability, Reasoning, Data Interpretation,..
FMS 2008
The difficulty level of FMS was same as of previous FMS but there was no question on Data Interpretation....
  Pattern of FMS
Following is the analysis and feedback of FMS (FT) and FMS (MS).
Pattern of NMAT
NMAT -Dec 2005  pattern and difficulty level was as expected and as per their brochure.


Pattern of IBSAT
There were 225 questions to be solved in 3 hours. There were 4 sections and each section had time limit.


  Details of GMAT
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a pre-requisite for admission into many ...

Pattern of SNAP 2007
The competition level in SNAP also is not that much so a person who has prepared well for MBA tests.
  Pattern of SNAP2006
The competition level in SNAP also is not that much so a person who has prepared well for MBA tests.
  Pattern of SNAP(Before 2006)
SNAP is conducted by Symbiosis .There were 5 sections with 160 questions in total to be solved in 2 hours.
Pattern of TISS
Those satisfying the eligibility requirements had to undergo an essay test, objective test and group discussion.
  Pattern of CET
CET Maharashtra 2005 had 200 questions to be solved in 150 minutes..
Syllabus & Pattern
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