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Rajeev : I think MBA by correspondence is not as effective as the regular course. In regular course we undergo practical training which builds the base in dealing the practical problems involved in companies or in our society. No doubt correspondence guides a lot in theories but it doesn't provide such type situation to live in as that of  the regular .But in other respect as we know MBA is very important for improving our skills, so correspondence  MBA gives  the opportunity to fulfill this purpose.
Vikas : In my opinion, to seek knowledge is the right way one can take for one's life , but what you pursue and how you pursue it also matters a lot.
Education is universal and should be achieved by all , medium and content is one's own prerogative. I would like to emphasize that higher education like MBA and other Post Graduate courses should always be interactive and a wholesome learning experience , where you imbibe ideas and work upon them.
One also should get to know the view of others and there reactions to the view you hold. My firm believe is that professional courses such as MBA and others try to impart a analytical aspect along with research and statistical abilities to an individual which an interactive environment is a must. Which seems to lack in a Correspondence MBA Course , moreover it is an opportunity of a lifetime before you embark on a journey whose goals are rapidly changing according to ones own ambition and environment around us , therefore to prepare us for such a scenario a dedicated faculty , interactive classes and grilling discussions are a must.
I presume I have made my point on the way I would like to choose my education , decision is always in one's own hand.

Asif : The word Administration attached with MBA talks a lot about the meaning and relevance of this course MBA. When we talk about MBA, we really mean the administration skill, the leadership quality, the ability to  deliver to name a few. And all these things are very hard to find in books.
Skills are not meant to be learned, skills are meant to be developed and improved. And how to develop that? We need a proper ambiance and infrastructure  To really understand the basic nuances and understanding of all these skills.
An MBA by correspondence lacks few of the above mentioned parameters.  So if a person really mean to do an MBA course, Correspondence MBA is not the correct way for it.
Prabhat :  According to me, a correspondence course in MBA is good enough for working professionals, students. But more importantly I would prefer a complete in-campus course rather than to go for any correspondence course.
Actually any MBA in correspondence is more beneficial for the experienced candidates and for the working professionals because to get the best output/result from correspondence course one has to have an in-depth knowledge of corporate culture. And that can only be gained by two ways, i.e., either by working in any esteemed organization or doing a full time MBA. Obviously, The institute selection also plays a big role in deciding our fate. Generally students made a mistake selecting the institute from where they are going to do their correspondence MBA. They Select the institutes which are very popular in full term course. But all such institutes don't have any track record in Correspondence course. And it is a blunder. To me one should concentrate only on those institutes which have an Excellent track record in the very field in which it is going to do the course.
Rajarajeswaran S :     Well I want to make one point clear, we should learn the things in practical rather reading. No one can learn swimming by just reading the guide even if the person read the book for life time. My view is that MBA in correspondence is only for the people who like to have an extra degree next to their name. Let us learn the things in practical to acquire more knowledge. I prefer Regular MBA. Part time and Executive MBA are acceptable, but I don’t know how correspondence peoples will work in practical way when they are given a chance to work on the field. So according to me correspondence MBA is for the people who want an additional degree not for the practical implementation. Anything that we learn that should be practical in some extent. I dint mean that we should only learn the things in practical, but to some extent. And in Regular MBA we have good peoples to guide us, and we have good chance of placement than in correspondence course. Let me finish with this short views on correspondence MBA. 

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