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Ambreesh : Keep track of notifications through net, don’t delay in applying as there is risk of missing the deadline.

Mitu : Following are the tips: 1) Gather as much informatiton as you can about the institute you wanted to apply.

2) Make a note about deadlines and other important dates.

3) Arrange for a information session with institute.

4) International students please take care of additional formalities like TOEFL score etc.

5) Try to send the whole application package in one go , i.e. application, recommendations, transcripts, and other documents required.

6) Send the official scores on time.

7) Provide with a easy contact number and email Id and do check your e mails regularly.

8) Follow up for you application status and make sure that every formality is been taken care of.

Manish : Make sure to keep photocopies of all documents , application forms etc before submitting to institute . You will need them later at the time of interview. Read the instruction carefully before picking up the pen. Maintain a calendar and keep record of all applications in an excel file.

Visalakshi Writes : 1) First check the check lists in the application form

2) Apply before the due date. Don't wait for the due date.

3) Make sure you are eligible as per the insitution's requirement.

4) It there is need for Financial support talk with ur bank or the intitution regarding the financial arrangement.

5) If you want to study abroad, check for the visa reuirements and have an unexpired passport.

Satish : Follow the guidelines as specified in the application for correctly.

Sunil : Plan early. Make sure you want to apply for the course before you fill up and send the forms. Take your time in filling the form and scan the completed form at least half a dozen times before you send it. Make sure you send the form well in advance rather than wait till the last date of the forms.

Saumya : More institutes are making application easier by introducing online applications. This has made the whole process of application hassle free and comfortable.

Partha : I think that these institutes coordinate among them and form a centralised committee which can take care of the application deadlines and process. Often institutes keep such a cumbersome application process and deadlines that invariably you end up losing money in one case or the other. They should understand that their motive should be to impart quality education and not hoard up money by such frivolous means

Santosh : Whatever decision u take, comply with that all the time and plan ahead before the things go out of ur hand.

Shyam : Good recommendation letters and also good story will get you through.


Filling the Forms
Understand what the admission officer is looking for and write your answers accordingly.
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