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XAT 8th Jan 2006 :
There were 127 questions and 1 Essay to be solved/ written in 120 minutes + 20 minutes. There were 3 sections and each question was of 1 mark and negative marking was 1/3rd for first five wrong answers and 1/2 marks for more than 5 questions in each sections making accuracy the key factor of success or failure. Speed was not that important factor in this test as was the case in CAT this year. There were 4 choices per question. The paper was difficult compared to CAT and compared to XAT in last few years.

The sections were as follows :
 A) RC and English usage : 40 questions. There were 4 passage of variable length with 3 to 7 questions on each . Passage were difficult compared to CAT this year. There were another 2 questions based on tone of dialogues between 2 managers of different countries. remaining questions were based on Vocabulary, jumbled sentences and grammar based.

B) Quantitative Ability : 44 questions There were many questions in higher level maths with lot of questions on Functions, Trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry , Equations, Maxima and Minima, and permutation and combination. There were questions on Number system, Series, Logs, data sufficiency, probability, Compound interest, Integration and differentiation etc.

 C) Data Interpretation and Reasoning : 43 questions There were 5 caselets in reasoning section with total 24 questions in it. and 4 caselets for for Data Interpretation with 19 questions in it. (UrPercentile.com) The 5 caselets on reasoning were on arrangements of data and conditions given with some caselets on two dimensional data and some on single dimensional. The 4 caselets of DI were based on tables , Line graph & Pie chart. Essay Topic was : "India has the largest pool of talented manpower, but very few innovations and patented products."

XAT 2005 had 175 question + 1 essay to be written in 120 minutes +20 minutes. There was negative marking of 1/3 for each wrong answer.

75 questions on Quantitative Aptitude

35 questions on General Awareness

65 questions on Verbal Ability

No Sectional time limits.  No question on permutation and combinations. Many question on DI. In GK a lot of questions relating to commerce and industry .

Details of GMAT
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a pre-requisite for admission into many ...

  Pattern of ISBAT
There were 225 questions to be solved in 3 hours. There were 4 sections and each section had time limit.
  Pattern of NMAT
NMAT -Dec 2005  pattern and difficulty level was as expected and as per their brochure.


XAT 2004 had of 3 sections on Quant, English and GK. 60 question on Quant , 80 questions on English and 60 questions on GK making a total of 200 questions. The paper was of 2 hours and there was negative marking.  There were some question on DI .  In Quantitative section there was importance given to questions on functions, permutation and combination, probability and sequences & series. There was a time limit for each section and you were not suppose to go back and attempt the section for which the time is over.

GK is usually  from History, Geography, Science, Indian constitution, global business environment, major global events etc. One should also know the names of the top business executives who have been in news recently, punch lines of advertisements, mergers and acquisition details etc.

Sample XAT essay topics :

1.       Flattery is the infantry of negotiation.

2.       All boats rise in high tide.

3.       If you think you can, you are right. If you think you can't, it will soon be proved right.

4.       There is always a room for improvement.

5.       Success is a matter of luck. Ask anybody who failed.

6.       If I have 6 hours to chop down a tree, I will spend 5 hours sharpening my axe.

7.       Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you have just today.

8.       Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.-- Warren Buffet

9.       The greatest risk is not taking one.

10.   Winning is not the main thing. It is the only thing.

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