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XAT ( 6th Jan 2008 ) :

The pattern and difficulty level of XAT 08 was similar to that of XAT 07. The paper had 120 questions, 10 less than last year. The paper was divided into 3 sections and there was an essay to write. The paper was to be solved in 120 minutes, plus another 20 minutes were given for essay writing. There were 5 choices in each question and 1 correct answer was to be selected. Negative marking was on incremental basis as it was during the last year. For first 6 wrong answers there was negative marking of 25 % and after that for each wrong answer the negative marking was 50 %.

The three sections were:

1) Verbal and Logical Ability: number of questions 38
2) Data Interpretation and QA: 44 questions
3) Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making: 38 questions

SECTION 1 : VERBAL AND LOGICAL ABILITY - Out of 38 questions in total , 20 questions were on RC based on 4 passages, 10 questions on Logical reasoning ( Case lets) and 8 questions on English usage ( Jumbled sentences , vocabulary , fill in the blanks ) . The topics of RC were abstract topics (psychology and philosophical) and were lengthy and thus time consuming. The difficulty level was also on higher side. There were few direct questions in RC section.
The 10 questions on logical reasoning were based on 6 caselets. The caselets were short and easier to understand in comparison to the RC passage.

Pattern of XAT(Before 2007)
There were 127 questions and 1 Essay to be solved/ written in 120 minutes + 20 minutes.
  Pattern of XAT - 2007
The unique feature of XAT this year was that for each questions there were 5 options to select the correct answer.
  Pattern of MBA Exams
Syllabus and Pattern of MBA Test - CAT, IIFT , SNAP, NMAT, GMAT, XAT, JMET ,IRMA etc
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SECTION 2 : QUANTITATIVE ABILITY and DATA INTERPRETATION :  There were 30 questions based on QA section and 14 questions based on Data Interpretation part. The 30 questions in QA were based on Numbers, Arithmetic, Averages, Geometry, Co-ordinate geometry, Trigonometry , functions, Probability , series, sequences, Functions, Equations, sets, etc.
Data Interpretation questions were based on Tables and bar graphs, there were couple of questions on data sufficiency too.

SECTION 3 : ANALYTICAL REASONING AND DECISION MAKING :  Reasoning and Decision Making:  Analytical reasoning had 26 questions and the questions were based on Matrix arrangements, linear arrangement, puzzles etc. Most of the questions were in form of caselets.
Decision making had 12 questions, these did not required calculations but required logical decision making based on the case given.

The Essay topic was:  Consequences of Gender Imbalance - the 3rd World War.



The Expected Cutoff as announced by urpercentile the day after the exam is:

XLRI (BM) : Total Score 42 with atleast 13 in each section.
XLRI (PMIR) : Total Score 39 with atleast 12 in each section.
XIMB: Total score 37 with atleast 11 in each section.
GIM: Total score of 30
LIBA: Total score of 24
SP Jain: If you score around 30 and your profile matches their requirement, you may be called.

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