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Suman : I am Suman from IIM Bangalore . In my opinion you should be clear about your objectives while pursuing MBA. You should go for MBA if it fulfills your long term goals and you surely need it in your career growth. If you are totally technically oriented person then one should not go for MBA

B Pathak: Well basically I want to do MBA because I want to have my managerial skills so that when I enter a company I want my progress and my career to be fast....If I do an MBA then my chances of promotion increases rapidly .I want to do it now since I want to enter in the industry fully equipped. Though I have been placed in CTS yet I want to concentrate on MBA and then want to step in an industry.
Harmeet : the reason for me doing MBA is that I want to lead from that front....I  want to be in a position where I can put forward my ideas ,not just do the work the others want me do(stereo type I mean to say)
Swati: I have been working in two software companies, TCS and Oracle, after my graduation. During my tenure in both the organisations and interactions with senior colleagues, I have realised that the business environment right now is very complex, and it requires a right mix of technical and managerial abilities. So after having achieved sufficient technical exposure I feel I need to hone my managerial skills to become a complete professional.

Sumeet: I like the way the managers do. For example even if I graduate as  an engineer . I'm not going to work only as an engineer but as a manager. So having a Manager degree with a btech in engineering would augment my Knowledge and skills. And it would do complete development of personality also..
Mahajan: All the years at college and now workplace, I have had this hidden goal of being a good manager. Coordinating and leading at college, be it in extra curricular or academics and working as a team here at job has always inspired me to move ahead from my technical domain to the much more vast management scene.  I wanted to do MBA immediately after finishing my college, but due to bad luck, couldn't make it to good b-schools last time, so I wanted to use this next opportunity towards my goal.
Rani: I want to do MBA because I have worked in the field for over 1 year and I have seen that most companies are looking for techno managers, if u complete ur MBA ur the chances of ur progress are  faster. After completing my engg I wanted to work in field have some practical exposure and to know what companies r looking for
Shriram : I have always been an independent sort of person and I wish to start up on my own at some point in time in the IT sector. I feel an MBA Systems /IT will help me achieve that goal. I don’t want to do the MBA now...will work for at least 3 yrs before I think MBA

Shruti: I want to do an MBA to be able to influence the biotech research in a bigger way. currently I am working as a researcher and I feel there is a lot of potential in management positions for biotech companies esp. for people with a background in that area. Also I like working with people, motivating and being motivated. I have realised that if I want to continue in the biotech industry it will be as a researcher and that wouldn't prepare me better for an MBA in the future. Besides I also feel the time is ripe for the biotech industry and don't want to postpone it. My other options at the moment are continuing with my job is as a researcher, going for further studies in the technical area and perhaps later working as a consultant.

 Manu: I don’t like insubordination and want to do things in my way... the only way I could do is by starting my own company or get a top position in a company so that I can work in my way, so I want to do an MBA.  I want to tune my mentality and personality right now as it is easy to change the habits in young age and the best period of learning is in teenage so I want to do MBA now itself..
Dr.  Goswami: Manufacturing, research or delivery...As a doctor, I possess an in-depth knowledge of this field both in terms of the basic skills as well as the clinical administration… what I have to achieve now is the knowledge of other management aspects that are required for becoming an expert professional manager…. A lot of management includes dealing with the people.. and my profession naturally helps me in taking care of people and motivating them.
In this way, there is a growing demand of doctor-managers in the field of consultancy services, health insurance, health care products, medical equipments industry, pharma sector.. and that is why I want to study in one of the top management institute...
NIT :   I am involved right now in my company with people management but I do realise that sometimes my lack of knowledge in these fields continue to be hindrance to my progress. I think an MBA will help me meet that goal and clear these obstacles
D Jose: my personal skills include organising events, social services, can work independently or as a part of a team, all theses skills go hand in hand with the skills need for an MBA aspirant. I have organised many events both in college level and school level. I was selected as the best student and was awarded the especial prize for Commendable social service.

Partha :  I want to do an MBA because I feel it will give me the thrust and the value addition to succeed at the corporate level. Just being an engineering graduate won’t help you understand the nuances of business and corporate world. also i feel that having been member of various managing committees in my school and college, i have the required skills to make full use of the MBA

Nilay :    MBA gives a much needed flexibility to anybody's career whichever background he/she might be. it also gives a huge growth to a person at the managerial level professionally.
Sham :  I don’t like work as a subordinator and want to do things in my way... the only way I could do is by starting my own company or get a top position in a company so that I can work in my way, so I want to do an MBA.  After MBA I would like to work for 3-4 yrs in an MNC and would set up my own business.
Ritesh :   I want to do MBA because I want to set up my own business. After MBA I would like to work for 3-4 yrs in an MNC and would set up my own business.
Hemant :  I think I can do better as a manager than as coder and I want to supervise my current manager
Bigwig   : I want to develop managerial qualities like leadership within me. I want to pursue my MBA in HR.

Saurabh :   I am saurabh doing MBA from IIMC. Before giving answer of these kind of question in interviews, I want to suggest you some points to remember.
Don’t go by bookish answers like to gain knowledge and gain experience etc. Because it seems prepared answers. What I felt from my interviews in IIMS that if you are honest to your answer it will give you better chance to be selected.
So first of all give a sensible thought to this question on your own and than try to bring your own passion in this answer. Than your answer will be more real and more impressive. In the end you will able to defend it better. In most of the cases you will be grilled on this question so be prepared for cross questions on your answer.
One more thing, this time try to concentrate more on written part, there will be ample time to think about these answer after written exam.
Finally best of luck for your written exam. Hope to see you all in good colleges.


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