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Hi Everyone,

 Please find my comments on when to start preparation for the written exam.

 People who are planning to take up CAT in the final year of their graduation would easily have twelve months to put in all efforts and prepare for the exam. Preparing, while in college for a year and taking up CAT would be an ideal thing to do ,since the pressure in college would be less and also the learning would be easy since students would remember the basics clearly.I feel preparing for exams 2 years before CAT by joining an institute would not help much better ,since the preparation would not be very serious during the first year.Preparing for CAT six months or eight months before the exam would be the best for working people trying to give a shot at CAT.One might not find time to learn shortcuts from vedic maths but i believe learning the basic shortcuts can help you crack problems faster without Vedic maths. Dedicated preparations for six months would suffice to crack CAT. Analysing our strengths and weakness would be a job that needs to be done quickly for this. Once that is done and preparation is serious,there are no issues.

 Since I am working in a software company ,I have little time to spend after work.I started my preparations sometime around march.I feel that is the best time where I had two months to brush up the basics and start preparations in full swing.Six months with a coaching institute  and my preparations has helped me gain the confidence that I too can become a good manager.:) 




The best to start preparation is 6 months before the exam. 6 months is just more than enough to make it . If you don’t have the aptitude you will not be able to make it even if you put 2 years for preparation.

I started 5 months before the exam last year and got final calls from IIM-A, IIM-B and IIM-K.





I think the time to start preparation will be different for different people. For example if you are an Arts graduate you will certainly need to start at least 1 year before the exam for your Qunats, and may be just few months before the exam for your English section. Prepartion for GD/ Interview is an ongoing process and you cannot do it in within few months. The only things you can do in last few months is brush up things.




Hi There,

I think 3 month is enough if you have the right background.

If you have been winning debates, extempore, essay writing competition from your schools days you don’t need to work for your English section.

If you have always been the brightest student of Maths of your class , won different Maths competition like Olympiad etc you just need few weeks to prepare for your Maths/ DI.

If you were always afraid of Maths, flunked almost all the Maths exams unless helped by your friend sitting next to you , you better start 2 years before the exam.

You went to a vernacular  school again start 2 year before the exam.

Everyone need to know his or her plus points and negative points and decide accordingly.

I am a engineer, won a few essay writing competition got few articles published in local magazines and newspapers ,  guess will need 4-5 months to prepare.


Dumbo I am.


Hello UrPercentile Subscribers,

1 year before the exam is the right time to start. You have enough time to brush your fundamentals, improve your vocabulary , grammar , improve your personality , improve your knowledge. I think in one year even a moron can make it if he/she works hard. My friends sitting next to me argues this and says he has never seen a moron work hard and making it, because morons are morons and they shall remain so. He says aptitude is God gifted and aptitude is not something you can work on .

Well I say, though aptitude is God gifted but now a days because of tough competition one has to work on it. It is no more an aptitude test it has become test of knowledge and it tests how much effort and time you have put in preparation.


Vikas along with Rohan


Hi Groupies,

I think you need to devote a small amount of time everyday over 2 years to clear the exam. Devoting 10 hours a day for 50 days will not help , but devoting 1 hour a day for 500 day will certainly help. You don’t have to really sit down and start your preparation it is an ongoing process and can start as early as your first year in college.

I casullay started prepeartion by going through study material 1 year back  putting 5-6 hours a week and now that only few months are left I put in around 12- 15 hours a week.



When to Start Preparation
We recommend that you start preparation for the exam around 1 year before the exam,
  Books During Last 12 Months (Comments)
I m doing coaching at T.I.M.E and they have provided me with the material..
  Books to be Read atleast 1 Year Prior to Test
Word Power Made Easy by Goyal saab. Introduces the roots. 
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