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Pankaj : I am currently working as project manager in india’s top software company.i think that an engineering graduate must do MBA after some experience if he she wants to do that but the most important thing is that you should be proved very much useful to the industry. I have seen MBA from reputed iims being kicked out of the company because they did not perform well enough on the other hand people with not mba are at much higher managerial position.even our GM is not MBA. So it depends.but remember one thing MBA would be entirely different thing than engineering.and there is much greater job risk.

Amit : I think At least one should have a work-ex of atleast 24 months before joining a B school as one should have a feel of market trend, Customer interaction ,Team work and most important Self confidence before pursuing the MBA degree and I think 2 years of work- ex is enough to makes u competent & confident in all these fields.

Asad :First of all we will have to consider four thing before deciding at what stage one should do MBA. MBA is a Post graduation degree valued by the Industry.   People from diversified educational backgrounds join an MBA course.   Involves high pressure and time-packed schedule. Really tests one’s time management skills Teaches you how to manage yourself, your time, people, situations, success and failure. Specialization and other things are just a part of it.  So my answer is at any stage one can start his MBA (but at least after 15 years of education) and when one start feeling that its time be above average in ever aspect of life.

Avadhoot: Obviously a simple answer would be after graduation,   but still  I feel some kind of work experience will be needful of about 2 years.  If one has experience of working with teams handling people like some social work some events etc then he or she need not be thinking of experience.
Saurabh : One should pursue MBA when one finds himself or herself capable enough to manage big industries. One should opt for MBA when one has a desire not to be a ‘just another employee’ in a particular firm; instead be so important at the workplace that if you are not present, the entire work might get affected. When one is obsessed with his work and passionate to do new things.  

Rekha: I personally feel that one should go for an MBA after at least 2 years of work-ex. By that time, he/she would get an idea of what is required of him/her to be successful.

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Robin : I would say one should go for MBA after few years of work experience preferably 2,3 years. This would make them to get a feel of an oranization. Few years of work will make them to understand the importance of management study for equiping one to go forward in the oraganization faster.
: Personally, I feel that MBA is more relevant after a few years in any organisation. The period here can be as long as one needs to understand the functional aspects of the organisation at a minimum, though not completely.

Ashish : I feel the answer to this question is individual dependent. At present I am working as a software engineer in a MNC and I find my job not that challenging so I have decided to go for MBA, at the same time I feel the blend of technical knowledge and business skills will be the one which will be required in the long run. I always wanted to have some work experience before MBA.

Prashant: I think one could do MBA after completing his under graduate degree.Whether it is an engineering or arts degree one could attain knowledge regarding the technology or methodolgy implemented in Industry or company related.Inorder to apply it effectively,along with the skills he acquired he also needs proper management skills.It is the right juncture for one to opt MBA as a career option.Definitely it will be proved as an additional asset to one's career.

Parag: I think anyone can do an MBA if he/she wants some knowledge on managing businesses. Since companies look for young, enterprising and enthusiastic individuals, anyone in the age-group 20-30 can expect good returns from an MBA education

Maalwika:   MBA should be done between the age of 24-30 as this is the most crucial phase of any ones career.
Jitentdra : I dont think there is any age limit but u can not do MBA at the age of 55 but one should do MBA when he thinks he can and there should be a long way to go . Age between 18 - 30 is the best because  these are the energetic year in one's life
Sapna :  There is no specified age limit or particular stage in life when one should do MBA because it only depends on how keen you are to pursue it seriously when you plan to do so as it needs a lot of hard work and determination to excel as a manager in today's industry.
Vinoth :I opine that one should enroll of MBA after gaining a decent work experience as this would aid in performing well as manager as the people oriented approach would be learnt effectively only through practical experience. This combined with  class room education would gel well.
Aditya : I believe that one should only do an MBA if one is in a position to manage and handle teams and projects and can deliver whatever would be expected from his as a manager. The sooner one reaches this position, the better.
Pradeep : A person should have completed at least 4 years of his professional life before taking up MBA as it give him more understanding of the management knowledge .
Upen :  Anytime you  feel that an MBA is needed. 
Jyot :  After one year of job one can go for MBA to sharpen the management skill.
Ritesh: When one feels that he requires his skill sets to be fine tuned in accordance those already in the competitive business world.
King :    I believe there is not any upper limit...but one needs to be mature enough to understand why one is opting for an MBA

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants