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We at UrPercentile.com recommend to pursue MBA after a work experience of 18 to 36 months. It helps a great deal to have a job experience of 18 months plus, before joining any MBA.

A) It gives you enough time to prepare after your graduation is over. You become more mature and have more exposure to the business world and this gives you an advantage over the fresh graduates. 

B) As most of the institutes give some additional marks for work experience, it helps you at the selection process and you get admission in a better institute.

C) It helps you when you are doing MBA as you are   able to understand better the subject matter being taught as you have already worked in an organisation. You  will be able to  correlate what is being taught to what you have experienced during your job. Students with experience are found to be  more mature and complete manager at the end of the MBA program.

D) At the end of MBA, it helps you to get a better placement compared to the fresh graduates and thus increases the prospects of a good final placement.

E) It helps to finance the MBA with your savings during the job. Though it may not be able to finance all of your expenses but surely should be enough to take care of some of your expenses.

This is not to discourage freshers from applying for management institute, but it is to highlight the advantages of having work experience. One can find many cases where freshers perform better in all the stages mentioned above. 

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A Paradise for MBA Aspirants