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UrStrike Analysis :
Need an honest Opinion on your success? Want to know your chances of getting call this year from CAT affiliated institutes?
Don't know how to start , where to start from ? What to do ?
Preparing for second time, don't know what went wrong and where to improve ?
Follow this Link to Know More : http://urpercentile.com/UrStrike.htm


Hurdles Package:
While Hurdle 1 to 30 are available to everyone free of cost , Hurdle 31 to 78 are to be bought. UrPercentile group members can get Hurdles 31 to 78 for free.
For more information visit : http://urpercentile.com/Hurdle31onwards.htm


UrInterview :
Till last year Mock interviews were carried out free of charge . From now onwards there will be charge for interview preparation as we will make it more personalised. OnLine GD will continue to be free service for a selected few ( those who actively participate and contribute at UrPercentile) and will start in in month of Decemeber for 3 months. For details on interview preparation visit :
For more details visit : http://urpercentile.com/UrInterview.htm


UrResume :
Resume improvement and development for Fresh MBAs and MBA's with upto 4 years of work experience looking for their first, second or third job. Follow this link to know more. From each institute 2 MBAs can get it done free of cost.
For more details visit : http://urpercentile.com/UrResume.htm

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants