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UrApplication Review :

This service involves reviewing of your applications, SOP, resume, etc for admission to MBA institutes in India and the tests accepted by them.

Every year there are so many MBA aspirant who do not get the final call from the institute of their choice because of the poorly written application, SOP, resume, essay etc. Get your application form and other documentation reviewed by us before you apply to any MBA exam or  management institute in India. Your application and the information you provide forms the basis of the interview once you clear the written exam. So even if you have a good score in the written exam your chances of success are bleak if your application is not upto mark. Remember there are many other candidates who have scored the same score as you did, so your application has to stand out. The selection board of the institutes forms the first impression about you even before seeing you for the interview by the application form and other documentation you have submitted, and the first impression is usually the last impression.   Get a second opinion and improve your chances of selection by getting your application form, SOP, resume, essay etc reviewed by us before you submit the same  to the MBA institute.

We will guide you to avoid making mistakes, and help you in developing an improved application while maintaining the originality and uniqueness of your application. Each and every application is dealt on individual basis. We will make sure that the information provided in different section of the application is consistent and not ambiguous.  If you need to submit your resume, SOP or any essay along with your admission application we will help you in improving that also.

You may buy any of the following package for MBA admission for year 2007-08 :

Any 2 applications ( For any test and/or institute) : Rs 1280
Any 3 applications ( For any 3 tests and/or institutes ) : Rs 1780
Any 4 applications ( For any 4 tests and/or institutes ) : Rs 2280
Any 5 applications ( For any 5 tests and/or institutes ) : Rs 2780
Any 6 applications ( For any 6 tests and/or institutes ) : Rs 3280

All correspondance will be on email , we do not accept hard copies of applications for review. Our response will also be sent by email.  We will review your application and send our suggestions to improve after 6 days of receiving the same from you , so you need to plan accordingly.

If you are applying to institute outside  India and want us to review your application contact us for more details and rates.

Kindly note that it will be your responsibility to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria and that you have provided all the information and documentation required, we will help only in improving the documentation provided to us.   

If interested contact urpercentile@yahoo.co.in and cc to manisha at urpercentile dot com

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants