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Time Management is very important these days. To be a good manager you must have the ability to manage your time well. Know the difference between important tasks and urgent tasks. All Urgent tasks may not be important. People usually tend to devote more time on urgent task and forget about the important tasks.

In the last 6 months you will somehow manage two and half hours a day for your preparation and this include around 1 hour on reading newspapers, magazines etc. Manage your time well, try to identify the difference between the important and urgent tasks. All urgent tasks may not be important. You may have to compromise a bit on your social activities and entertainment.

Some ways to save time :

1) Reduce time on Traveling by staying near to the place of your college or office. If your total traveling time is more than 1:30 hours a day, use public transport and use the traveling time to read magazines ( will depend on how good the public transport is in your city )

2) Forget about the Cricket matches, Movies, Traveling to other cities for the next few months. These things consume a lot of time. Once in a while you can reward yourself for your hard work by indulging in these activities.

3) Form a small study group of 3 to 6 people, it helps a lot. Share your problems and doubts with other members of UrPercentile. It will help.

4) Let your friends and relatives know that you are preparing for exams for the next 6 months so that they unknowingly don't disturb your study schedule.

5) Try to do as many tasks as possible over the phone or on internet. ( www.UrPercentile.com)

6) Plan your time and keep in mind the activities you need to carry out in near future.

You don't need to shed any of your responsibility to be successful, all you need is to manage your time well. Prepare a schedule on basis of your strength and weaknesses and try to stick to it so that you don't miss any area and don't over do any area. There are some task that one needs to do, to exist in this world which we can call Type 1 tasks, while other tasks are the ones that one need to do to improve the quality of life, which we can call Type 2 tasks. Try to minimise the time consumed for the Type 1 tasks and spend the time saved on Type 2 task. Identify the difference between the important and urgent Tasks. Not all urgent tasks are important.

Example of Type 1 tasks : Cooking, cleaning, laundry, commuting to office, working in office etc.

Examples of Type 2 tasks : Gaining Knowledge, Learning new things, Developing good relationship with family members, friends and colleagues etc.

Ways to save time :

1) Outsource some of the work for type 1 tasks . Can hire maid to do cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.

2) Do Type 2 task along with Type 1 task. You can work in the office or meet your guest and at the same time gain knowledge ,develop good relationship , learn new things etc.

3) Seek expert's opinion before taking up any big task. You don't have to re-invent the wheel. If you need a legal opinion , consult a lawyer instead of reading through the law books. If preparing for MBA spend sometime to find out what you are suppose to do from those who have gone through it.

4) Minimise the time spent on Type 1 task, like you can reduce the traveling time by staying near office , use public transport ( depends on city you are in ) and utilise the time studying magazines etc.

When to Start Preparation
We recommend that you start preparation for the exam around 1 year before the exam,
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There are about 1.7 Lakh students writing the MBA entrance exams..
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A Paradise for MBA Aspirants