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Those satisfying the eligibility requirements had to undergo an essay test, objective test and group discussion. On basis of Academics, performance of essay test, objective test and GD, candidates were short listed for the final interview.

Essay Test : The essay test (ET) aims at assessment of knowledge about contemporary issues, expressed through written analysis in English. The time allotted was 45 minutes.

Objective Test : Objective type test was of 20 minutes duration. The test tests candidates on logic, verbal reasoning, data interpretation and quantitative ability.

SAMPLE ESSAY TOPICS: Topics are usually from social issues, current topics and management issues. Usually there is  a choice.

1. Poverty - a curse.

2. WHO's role in India.

3. Ways to motivate employees .

4. Co-operative sector and its role in Indian Economy.

5. New millennium : What to expect ?

6. Privatisation of Public sector

7. Role of UN in Iraq war.

8. Public Health system as defined in rural India

9. Politics and Secularism

10. Status of Women in Indian Society.

11. Indian-Pakistan relations

12. Business process reengineering

13. Individual Goals should aim to fulfil society's gaol.

14. Impact of WTO on Indian Farmers.

15. Professional people should aim to be the job provider and not job seekers.

16. Accountability in PSU

17. Ways to introduce a Change in an organisation.

18. India need to invest in infrastructure.

19. Incredible India.

20. India in year 2030.

More details on Selection Procedure for TISS is available at www.tiss.edu.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants