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Saji : I will surely select marketing as my specialisation . I have a belief that I will be surely able to proove my self in this branch, on the basis my evaluation about my character.the informations that I have gathered from proffesionals also make me confident to say that marketing will be my best option.

Ambreesh :I  would like to do an mba in HR ....preferably, that is my inclination .In general I think I can do well in any of streams .

Mitu: I will go for Finance. I have worked with Citibank and Hewitt Associates as a Financial analyst so in order to sharpen my skills I will choose Finance as my specializaton. My undergarduate degree is in " banking and Insurance" and I am very much interested in this sector. My dream company is JP morgan chase and I wanted a managerial position there. This is the reason because I wanted to do MBA form any of  top 10 MBA institutes in USA. 

Santosh :  I would like to take marketing as my specialisation and the reason for this is that I am fond to become and accomplish something in marketing arena. I want to be achieve something very high and internally I believe that I am good for marketing.

Partha : I  will specialise in finance in my MBA. I have done projects as an undergraduate in Finance and have the area quite exciting. I  am interested in knowing about the structure and ramifications of the finance world and how it runs an organisation. Today more than ever before,  finance is being looked upon as a prime factor in business administration in the wake of such fluctuating markets. I would like to be a part of the mechanism.

Mokshi :   I will take Finance. I have an Honours degree in Economics along with  an engineering degree and doing an MBA will leverage my interest in  economics. This will help me find opportunities in the field I'm interested  in.

Anchal :   I have come across this question for quite a good number of times now. I believe that to select a field of specialization at any stage, one needs to have a very good idea about that field, of how things work there, and what characteristics go with it. One must also have a very good idea of the field one is rejecting, because without any kind of knowledge about something you cannot and should not reject it (that is what I believe). Currently I know something about FINANCE and also like HR, but I would rather prefer to decide on specialization after studying for almost an year(1st year) in MBA which is common.
Shyam : Most likely in finance and consulting. This is the area I want to be in.

Nilay :   I want to specialise in finance, as I have was always inclined towards this field.

Yogesh :
  I am interested in specalisation in finance because it enhance my skill towards accounts as I am from  a commerce background .  On other side  I also feel about nation and want to work for national integration and for welfare so I am also interested in welfare economics, and international affairs . I m also interested in entrepreneurship.

Rohit :   I plan to take up Finance. For an organization every one - Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, is equally important and none of these functions can become a stand alone system.
 I like playing with numbers a lot and thats the basis for my interest in Finance, which I guess has a lot of number crunching apart from crucial decision making.

Saumya :   Currently, I have not boiled down on any one single stream. Consulting, Marketing seem to be a good choice. But I am planning to go in with an open mind so that it will help me to make an informed choice later.

Uma :  I prefer marketing as my specialisation .so that i can meet various kinds of people. I can make myself busy.

Sunny :  I will opt for Marketing & Systems as me being an engineer, this option works out for me and of course I have interest in this particular sector.

Akshay : During MBA, I am planning to specialise in Finance area.  I have already done B.M.S. (from Mumbai University) as part  of my graduation program so I am aware of the various areas.  I have also done 12th in commerce so it would be better to  specialise in Finance as I am already aware of the basics.

Vbk : 
  I  will do specialization in administration as it will help not only in managing the business but also in life to achieve aim. Also it will help me start my own business.

Suraj :  I would go for specialisations in Information Technology. Currently I am working in Software Company as a Technology Consultant and this specialisation is obvious choice

Sunil :   I am currently working in an software company and my interest is to go back to the software industry once I complete MBA and I would then definitely want to relate what I learnt during my MBA with my past software experience. Hence I am looking for a specialisation in Management information systems.

Narayana : Human resource management because its has very high demand and lot chance to grow. Moreover a lot demand for these professionals, that’s why I am chosen this one

Satish :  I would  take finances ,I have a specific liking to it and the company’s progress is based on it .I would like to be a part of it and in future start my own company !!

Satish :  My Aim is to get into PGSEM in IIMB,I believe its a course designed specifically for working professionals, I love to work ,I don’t want to quit. And more over I believe that its a person own initiatives and intuition which takes him to places, same time I am not saying IIM MBA . Are of little use. I am saying Action speaks louder that words in this case degree.

Santosh: If admitted, I'll go for Systems and Finance.

Swapnil : Specialisation related to computers  &  second preference  will be  Finance.

Ria : I would go for marketing as currently I am working in a company which deals with market research and I would like to continue it further.

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