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You are not the only one , by an rough estimate around 50 % of the MBA aspirants have tried to get it to the institute of their choice for more than an year.  If you have a job in hand or are involved in other productive activities then time is in your favor, but if you dropped a year just for preparation and still could not make it then it is a serious loss for you. We recommend not to make the same mistake again and find a job and prepare at the same time.

Do I Need to Join Coaching to Clear Tests
If you have the will power to follow a tight study schedule by ...

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Reasons why one should join a coaching institute for preparation:

  To Prepare in Group or Not
I am of  the view that self study & group study in combination both are important.


Try to learn from your past mistake, identify the reasons why you could not succeed  at the first time.  Discuss with others who are preparing  and see what went wrong. Don’t expect something different to happen this year unless you do something different to get it. If you want to achieve something you have never achieved before , you have to do something that you have never done before.

1. It would be better to consult another set of study material this time as  it would be boring to read through the same study material again.

2. If you took coaching last year, contact the coaching institute to see if they allow you to sit in the classes where you consider yourself weak , free of cost.

Comments By UrPercentile Subscribers

Salar Mohd Bijili: One has an added advantage over others while taking CAT for the second time. He/She would have a clear idea of how the feel would be and might not get nervous on the D-day. The best strategy would be to enroll for mock test or any fast paced program for CAT (typically in august/September). At the same one must be clear with the basics by July so that the path ahead would be smooth.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants