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There are about 1.7 Lakh students writing the MBA entrance exams. You have to be among the top 4000 to be sure to be called for interview by a good institute. The competition is really tough. Based on the feedback we have from our previous year subscribers you need to solve approximately between 90 to 100 questions of CAT with around 75 to 80 correct attempts to be in the comfortable zone for calls from good institute. This may change depending upon the difficulty level of the test.

Each and every institute has its own criteria of short-listing the candidates and many of the institute are secretive about it. So, it is very difficult to say with assurance that by scoring certain percentile score you will get call from a particular institute. Besides the score at written exam , there are other factors like work experience, government rules on reservation, education qualification, the details provided in the application form etc that are taken into consideration before calling a student for interview or GD. Some institutes also require the candidates to score above a certain score in each section. The institutes makes sure that they have the right student mix at their campus with required number of Engineers, Accountants, experienced, non-experienced, Master degree holders, PHDs to name a few. These criteria changes each year for most of the institute depending upon the market requirement. To give you a very rough idea, following was the cut off of the last year of some institutes :

IIM A,B,C,L : 98.6

IIM I,K : 98.1

MDI: 96.6

SP Jain: 96.2 ( May shortlist the candidates for GD/PI before theCAT is declared on the basis of the details provided in application form)

NITIE : 95.5 with 90 in Quant.

TAPMI: 91.0

IMT: 86.0

MICA: 78

Nirma (NIIM) : 72.0

Somaiya: 72.0

Fore : 72.0

Here are score cards of a few students who got calls from different institute, but this does not mean that another student scoring more than that or may be the same percentile score also got call from the same institute. It is very difficult to make out how the institute decides to call candidates for interview as sometime a person scoring lower total percentile score may get call from a institute and the one who scored higher total score may not get call from the same institute. The criteria changes every year and so will not be same this year, the information provided below is for reference only and not for any decision making purpose.


75.45, 96.88, 93.31, 95.62, No IIM Call

89.04, 92.72, 86.51, 94.64, No-IIM Call

91.53, 68.29, 97.64, 95.63, NMIMS and MICA 

89.93, 89.38, 86.55, 93.94, TAPMI 

92.21, 97.27, 94.32, 98.19, IIM-KI 

94.43, 90.37, 85.46, 95.48, TAPMI 

97.53, 88.43, 85.49, 96.49, MDI,TAPMI,MICA 

97.79, 95.14, 93.82, 98.74, IIMK and MDI 

98.25, 99.72, 88.29, 99.51, IIM-A,B,L,I 

98.61, 99.02, 94.88, 99.59, IIM-A,B,CI,K,L 

98.72, 79.42, 98.75 99.03, IIM- A,C. 

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Neccesity is the mother of invention.
Engineers joining management is a national waste.

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A Paradise for MBA Aspirants