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Harnish Singh : Well I think this is a very broad topic of discussion and depends on a lot of parameters. Some of them are-
1. B-School from where you passout- Well there will obviously be a difference in the final salary that an MBA frm IIM or FMS etc will get vs that a passout from a second tier B School will get.
2. Student Profile - There is something called lateral placement in which only students with prior work ex are allowed to sit. And obviously they attract better packages then others cz of there prior experience and are recruited to a higher post. Anyways whether or not the B-School has lateral placements or not the students with work ex do expect to get better paid in the beginning then freshers or those with negligible work ex.
3. Your area of specialization - Although m not too sure as to how much of effect this has but Investement Banks have has the reputation of paying the highest salaries as compared to others who come to recruit. And not too mention that I Banks take in mainly Finance students. However, this doesnt man tht finance students get paid the most coz its unfair to compare finance with marketing companies coz even if the basic salary that a marketing passout gets is less still they have lots of perks. So finally there over salary might be higher then a finance or a HR or a IB or any other specialization graduate.
4. And finally a lot will depend on how you perform in those 2 yrs at the B-School and in your job also.........

Venus : It depends on the candidate and the institute frm where he/she had done MBA.
If he/she already has some good work exp. and that too with a very good company..then after MBA they may get a middle or even senior management job.(And salary may be beyond expectation :) .Even freshers with very pleasing and vibrant personality may get such positions,only if they can prove themselves better than others.
And the same for people haviing some work exp but not from a good company.
But if done MBA frm a not so good institute may give some other results.

Kumar Rahul : I expect a job in the corporate HR field of an MNC in India ; a change from my present engineering field. Expected salary: Min. Rs 10 LPA after 2 years of MBA.

Hardik : I would want a profile of a Business Analyst/Process consultant. I would slowly look to move to Pre-sales and eventually to sales in the IT sector. Salary expected would be 10+ since I am a lateral and have relevant experience.

theybacis : iam currently pursuing PGDBM from iimc, after this , i expect a salary of at least 7 lac p.a.

Ritesh:  Mid managerial post in excess of 9 lakh per annum. 

King :       hmmmm...exciting question...the  word salary excites me like none other, but if U ask me, I wud prefer to pursue the financial sector and I would like  to get a decent salary as in the market...

Upen :  Rs. 10K to 15K per month. A better planning and setting up the right  priorities will help better utilized the money spent

Asad:   I hope after MBA I will manage to get post of Astt. Manager in some MNC and Rs.60000-75000 Per month.
Vinoth:    I am doing my 3rd year BE(CSE),  after completing my MBA degree i am expecting a started pack of around 7.5-8 lacs per annum and I want to take it to around 15 lacs in another ten years thereafter.
Rekha :    I want to start a company on my own.

Avadhoot :   Currently I am into engineering  final year.  I am placed through college placements. Package offered to Engineers is about 2.5lakhs per annum. So after MBA i will expect obviously management level jobs. Where i would be asked to handle people also work with teams. Salary package I expect at least 10 lakhs per annum if i get an admission into good MBA college

Saurabh :     I expect a hardcore managerial job, which include a lot of projects and targets to be reached. The salary expectations are not less than Rs.7,00,000/- annually, and naturally, there is no upper limit for my expectations.

Ashish :  I want to move to specific stream. I am looking for management in marketing or IT as I want to work with a software company as a consultant or in the sales team. i am already earning around 3 lakh per annum so after two years my salary will be around 4.5 lpa even in software industry as a s/w engineer. Two years and a degree and technical skills and the work experience should fetch me around 8 lpa. That is the salary i am expecting after  MBA.
Parag :  I expect a salary of 5 lacs and above after an MBA. If its an IIM, then the minimum i expect is 6 or 7.
Maalwika :  Of course a mangers post in international firm with a  salary of 7+ lacs p.a   
Sapna :   I want to do a job in finance with a decent package of 8 to 12 lakhs per annum.
Sourav :  After completing my mba i can expect in around 5 -6 lakhs per annum.
Aditya :  Job of a project manager with salary at least 12 lacs/annum.  
Robin :  I am planning to PGSEM from IIMB. I am expecting a 100%(15Lakhs to 20 Lakhs per annum) hike after i get to the level i am expecting once i complete the course. I am expecting to be at a senior management level after completing the course.
Upen :  I don’t expect any job change or salary hike after completing MBA. I want to do it to learn management formally from management school so that I can manage my organization better and effectively.
Prashant :  I expect myself to be at the managerial position in the industry related to my branch of engineering .I also seek an MBA job which poses continuous challenges to me, so that those experiences may enhance my career .Coming to the salary I expect it to be according to the trend that will be going on at my work place and I expect it to increase depending on my quality of services provided to the company. Probably I expect salary in five figures per month.    
Mahesh : I would like to continue with my current employer but take up a different set of roles and responsibilities after I get through the program. 

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