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The paper had 150 questions in total and was to be solved in 120 minutes.
There were 4 sections in the paper . There were 30 questions in Analytical and reasoning section and each of these question carried 2 marks while the other three section which were on General Awareness, QA and English Usage had 30 questions each and carried 1 marks each.
The total maximum marks thus were 180. There were 4 options in each question and negative marking for each wrong answer was 25 % of the marks allocated. The pattern was as expected and as announced in by the SNAP authorities prior to the exam.


ANALYTICAL AND LOGICAL REASONING : The 30 question in this question were from Linear arrangement (3 questions) and Matrix arrangement (3 questions) , Set Theory ( 3 question) , Pictorial reasoning and patterns ( 6 questions) and the remaining questions were based on verbal reasoning, puzzles and quizzes, family tree, clocks, dice etc. The question were simple in nature and as the question carried 2 marks each one could have spent few extra minutes in this section.

QA , DI AND DS SECTION : This section had 40 questions in total out of which 20 questions were on QA , 17 questions were on data Interpretation and 3 questions on data Sufficiency. 75 % of the questions were easy in this section and could have been solved in 75 seconds each.
The 20 questions in QA were based on Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Modern maths which included questions on Time, Distance & speed, Averages, Number System, Equation, Geometry, Probability etc.
The 17 questions of DI were based on 5 caselets out of which 3 sets were on Tabular form data , one on Pie Chart and one on bar graph.

ENGLISH USAGE and RC : It had 19 questions based on RC and remaining 21 question on English Usage.
The RC part was based on 4 passages one each on Medical Science, International Business rules and regulations, Business and Society and one on Scholars. The passages were simple and most of the questions were straight forward.
The English Usage part had questions based on Vocabulary, Spellings, punctuation, Grammar , Jumbled sentences ,synonym, antonym, analogy and odd man out.

GENERAL AWARENESS QUESTIONS : There were 40 question in this section based on Sports, Science, Politics, History , current affairs, Business & corporate world, economics, personalities, Information Technology and Internet terms, International bodies etc.


Students getting score of 120 or more in SNAP 2006 will not be interested in joining SNAP affiliated institutes as with same level of performance at CAT , XAT , JMET they are likely to get calls from better institutes ) . We expect there to be more than one cut off list , the first list will be of higher cut off , the cut off mentioned below is the last cut off list)

SIBM ( MBA Dual and MBA Marcom) : A score of 95 will likely take you to the GD/PI level. If you have good work experience you can expect call at 85 also.

SCMHRD : Expected cut off is 85 marks. If you have a good work experience you can expect call at 70 also.

SIIB : ( MPIB) Expected cut off 75 marks. If you have relevant work experience and education background 65 also should be good enough. Expected cut off by urpercentile.com.

SITM : Expected cut off is 70 marks. If you have relevant work experience and education background 60 also should be good enough.

SCIT ( ITBM course) : Expected cut off is 65 marks . . If you have relevant work experience and education background 50 also should be good enough.

For all other SNAP accepting institutes and courses if you a score of 50, it will be good enough. If you have relevant work experience and education background you may expect call even if you have not performed well in written exam.

Pattern of SNAP 2006
The pattern and difficulty level was as expected . There were 165 questions in total to be solved in 120 minutes....
  Pattern of SNAP (Before 2006)
SNAP is conducted by Symbiosis .There were 5 sections with 160 questions in total to be solved in 2 hours....
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