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Himanshu : I think 1 yr full time MBA programs are a boon to people who have already worked in the industry and dont want to be away from their jobs for long. Now its a matter of 11-12 months to complete MBA from ISB, S P Jain, IIMs, Great Lakes. These institutes are offering 1 yr full time MBA programs in India based on GMAT score. ISB is most famous & is 7-8 yrs old, S P Jain is 4-5 yrs old in 1 yr MBA although S P Jain Institute has been offering 2 yr course since long. Its 1 yr course is equally popular in companies like TCS, Infosys, TATA Motors, Cognizant, HPCL, Sapient, NTPC, TATA Steel etc. Great Lakes is around 2-3 yrs old and was started by ISB founders. IIMs are also pitching in this market. These institutes are placing people at fairly high positions and at high packages.

Kumar Rahul : The general perception is that one year MBA is best suited for the people who have 4-5 years of work experience, and the younger people should go for the 2 years full time MBA. I agree with this idea, and will prescribe for people with up to 3 years of work-ex, to not to go for one year MBA programs. But one can consider a foreign degree, if the same is old enough. Indian MBA institutes don’t have much expertise and experience in conducting such 1 year courses.

Rahul : It is really hearting to see professionals showing interest in doing one year MBA . i am myself interested in doing one year MBA , because i feel that one year time is more than enough for experienced professionals (atleast 3 years of relevant experience). professionals need more managerial skills to attain better positions in their fields.

Gagan :  One year Management program is most worthy things for those people who are in industry for more than 5 or 6 years and want to gain a growth in their career education-wise and money-wise both. One year program deal with managements concepts with sharpness in one year time and hence gives you more time space to build your earning career. This kind of program best suits to those who are in their middle age, have families and responsibilities and can't plan to devote much time for their education from their ongoing career. Currently many Institutions are providing their 1-year management programs for working class, among which ISB's program is considered highly respected by Indian and Global Industry. One must score a good sum in GMAT to get admission in this program. A score of 640+ assures to get admission the institute. Though the fee and expenditures are more but campus placements assure you to get a good salary packages.
Anbarasan : One year MBA is a better match for good experienced people who missed MBA during their young age and for those who can not spend their precious time in the campuses. Reputed institutions like IIMs allow people of aged minimum 27, for these courses. Also, it requires good field experience.
 So, Instead of getting fingers burnt in the due course of work, people can learn good Management perspective case studies and knowledge that enhances their career. But its not for the young ones, who can spend a prolonged time in the campuses and can get more intensive knowledge.
 The curriculum is different from the regular MBA one since it is pertaining to the executives who are experienced which will add up a star to their career.
 Its appreciable that placement is also provided for non-sponsored candidates. Even though this course cant give a full fledged campus experience, it will be good value addition for the people for whom it is really focusing on.

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Arvind : I would like to do comment on the one year MBA course. It is my opinion that one year is not sufficient for a student to grasp all the essentials in a course which requires hard work and dedication. if at all, it is considered, it should be for candidates with at least 3 years work experience.
Vibhuti :  This is the best way of completing MBA, while being in touch with the real life situation and getting classroom learning as well.

Pawan :  Traditionally MBA course has been 2 years long. This was believed to be necessary to educate students various disciplines and nuances of business administration. However these kind of courses assume that students did not have basic knowledge of how various business and corporate operate and factor that in while designing the course content. As a results these kind of courses are best suited for candidates who have zero or little work experience.
For candidate who have some work experience (like more than 4 years) 2 years of education is not needed to teach them all principals of  business administration as they have had learned many of these principals by virtue of their work experience. Keeping this in mind many institutes have come up with 1 year MBA program. These programs are becoming more popular day-by-day and as a result more and more institutes are offering them.
I believe from companies who hire MBA will want people who have substantial work experience so that they can take managerial or management roles without much ramp-up. As a result going forward more institutes will start offering such programs.
Suresh : One year MBA program is good for those who are in good position in their job and want more and more promotions. Indian business school  is the one which has good history in all aspects. My dream is to study M.B.A in that school.
Aditya : One year MBA's are a boon for experienced professionals working as an executive in any industry. Already seen the operations closely, they know the nitty-gritty's of the work and just required a fine polishing to come out as a successful manager in the industry. This is what a one-year MBA tries to achieve. I feel it is specifically targeted to this set of people who would like to make it big in their industry adding onto their existing experience.
How is it going to benefit me - I am currently working as a team lead in Infosys Tech Ltd, a leading software firm in India and feel the need to hone my skills to climb up the ladder of being a successful manager. I also see this as an opportunity to work with experienced professionals from other work areas and gain from their experiences. After investing an year into it - I foresee myself coming out as a better executive/manager after completion of the course, a very important factor to be successful in my career.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants