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1. Don't get bogged down on few questions, and

2. Don't get demoralised if you are not able to solve a few question. Take it as a learning process. Continue with your hard work.

3. Try to read the full question paper

4. Plan it well and follow the plan, success will soon be there.

5. Sometimes it is less time consuming when one solves the question backward with the options available. Unless one is taking Mock papers or the real exam, one should concentrate in solving the questions for better understanding. It will help in clearing fundas.

Don't get bogged down on any particular question. If you are not able to solve any particular question within a minute just leave it and move to the next question. Don't let your ego force you to stay on that particular question that you are not able to solve quickly. Read the questions properly, if you feel that you can solve it, then go ahead and solve it , otherwise just leave it and move to the next one. The ability to judge, if a question is to be solved or to be left will come with more practice. Practice more, try to solve as many questions as possible from diverse sources.

Try to read the full question paper and improve in your ability to select the proper questions. While preparing you need to cover all the topics. Usually people don't prepare question on Clocks, Calendars, Trigonometry, Logarithm, functions and leave the questions on these topics without reading. Some of the questions on these topics may be really easy and could be solved in less than a minute. So try to cover all the topics, you may leave the difficult and time consuming questions of these topics. Don't be so selective that you have to leave a very simple question on certain topic , just because you have not prepared it. You need to have a mix of selective and intensive preparation.

You can learn from the mistakes of others and don't necessarily have to commit the same mistakes to learn how to tackle them. Try to discuss with other CAT aspirants at urpercentile.com about their performance in mock test and where they went wrong. By doing this, you come to know about the various approaches others are adopting, how they are preparing, what they are doing to improve, how many mocks they are taking and the list continues.

We have noticed a few cases where people do solve correctly but by mistake mark the wrong option. Make sure you don’t make that mistake.

Comments By Subscribers :

Hardik Doshi - One simple advice is not to follow rankings and percentiles in your Mock Tests very religiously. They can be highly misleading. Just have target scores and ensure that you figure somewhere in the top percentiles/ranks and clear the projected cut-off comfortably. Use mocks to compare yourself with your own past performances, rather than comparing with others.

- MOST IMP: Pls do not take mocks of only one coaching institue. Try and give mocks of diff institutes in between to get more diversity. Most institutes conduct free national mocks in between and I used to take them up to get a different flair. For eg. In my institute's mocks, the VA section was quite simple compared to the CAT, which I realised when taking up other institutes' mocks.  
- Concentrate on the type of questions that characterise each entrance test. For eg. CAT is more about Numbers and diff types related to Numbers, alongwith geometry. The Verbal and DI is completely based on reasoning. No word-lists, No intense calculations. However, FMS, NMAT, SNAP, CET etc test all varieties in Math alongwith your word-power and GK. So take respective mocks with a corresponding plan, prep and mind-set.

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