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By : Pankaj  Prasade 
    Importance of Mock tests: Mock tests when taken sincerely mirror our preparations. With each progressing tests one can set certain benchmark and analyse his/ her shortcomings. But just taking mock tests for the sake of it may not bear fruits it is very much essential to analyse the tests properly.
    Things to check before buying Mock tests: The difficulty level of papers (we can chk this with existing students or last year papers) the papers should not be too difficult, also shouldnt be too simple either. Its better to get tests from more than one source (test series), its better as tests/ patterns would be more diverse)
    How to analyse your performance of Mock tests? : After the test, once we have the marks calculated, analysis can be done section wise. It may be done in following steps:
1. Check all the wrong answers, try to solve them again by self, in this step, most of the times we realise our mistake and after that look at the solutions provided.
 2. Go through solutions of all the correct Qs. this step is imp. because by this, we may optimize our problem solving ability. As we may be using any long method to arrive at a answer (and hence spend more time at the exam) but actually it may prove unnecessary.
 3. try and solve all the remaining Qs & then go through soln provided. test durtn: 2.5 hrs then Analysis may take 8-10 hrs odd.(depends on individual.)
Pankaj .

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By : ashu i2001
hi everybody
First of all my gratitude to whomsoever is behind running this pretty useful website. It's really great to share thoughts from the same minded people.
Anyways, on the topic regarding the mock tests. I'd like to say that mock tests are really good tools for growth and development but it's good as long as we the candidates appear for it seriously and analyse ourselves.  We should not rely on institutes to judge for us, becoz, this can be done most efficiently by us only. One more point i'd like to say regarding mock tests is that one should not rely completely on and should not depend upon the results of  these tests coz these are just indicators not the actual result.   You never know what's there for u in store in those 2 or 2.5 hrs. so, just be practical and judge urself for mock tests.
Before buying mock tests, one should definitely see all nitty-gritties of the institute. like, the past record of the mock tests of the institute, the pattern of previous year questions, the optimality of the questions(should neither be too tough nor too easy) and above all must contact any person who has done the course last year.
this'll definitely help everyone.
For analysis part, u must not see the score first, u must see the percentile part coz he level of difficulty is different for different tests. one more thing is that the analysis must be on cumulative basis ,that is, the progress in the percentile should be measured.
And finally, u should wait for those 2 or 2.5 hrs. to do magic for u. mock tests can prove to be boosters as well as deceptive. so, please think many times before taking any decision.
thanks a lot

By : Vickram Asokan
Hi ,
 Im Vickram Asokan. My Feedback on the Mock tests :-
 1) Importance of Mock tests
       i) Gives the same atmosphere(feel) as that of CAT.
      ii) More number of MOCKs help in trying out  different strategies.
     iii) Helps in identifying our Strong and Weak areas.
     iv) Helps us monitor where we are amongst others.
 2) Things to check before buying Mock tests.
       i) Level of Preparedness.
      ii) Tentative no. of MOCKs one plans to take.
     iii) Quality of Previous Year MOCKs (in case of a specific Coaching Institute)
 3) How to analyse your performance of Mock tests?
      i) Calculate Hit Ratio (No. of Qns exactly answered / No. of Qns attended .  [ This will be the accuracy pointer]
     ii) Work out the unanswered  Qns.
     iii) Check if the Qns. answered wrong are due to Silly mistakes  (calc errors, mis-interpretation of data...etc) and rectify them.
     iv) If a Qn is left out due to insufficiency of Concepts, conc. on the topic well  for next MOCK.

By : Varma Ami 
I believe that the mock tests are very important provided we are serious while appearing for the tests.
It could give us the kind of feel we would get while giving the actual test.
Also it helps us in managing our time so that we could manage on the D day.
We can understand what are the aspects that we are lagging in so that we could pull our socks and work hard on those topics in which we are not that good.
So the mock tests are very important.
Thanks & Regards,
Ami Varma

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