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Apart from analysing the overall result you should spend time analysing each question and check the answers.
This will help you in

1) Identifying the type of questions which could have been solved but were not attempted.

2) Identifying the type of question which should have been left but were attempted.

3) Identifying questions which could have been solved in much less time than you actually consumed.

Keep a record of the kind of problem you always get wrong. Try to solve more questions of that particular kind of problem and try to master the rules required to solve those problems. You still got time to improve on your weak areas. If in month of Oct and Nov you still find a particular kind of problem always being solved wrongly by you, the best way would be to skip that question in the Mock test and the real CAT. Selection of question is a very important skill required to clear the CAT, and for this you must be able to identify the question as soon as you have glance at it. Needless to say, this will by practise only.

There are 3 kind of analysis that you have to do.

1) Compare your score with others who took the same test. Find out in which section you performed better than others and in which section were you lagging behind. Get hold of a result of the person who was ranked in top 1 percentile. Compare your score with his for each section. Calculate how many questions more you had to attempt to reach to that level. This will fix your target for each section. Compare the accuracy rate and speed . This will help you in knowing exactly where you need to improve and by how much.

2) The second analysis is listing down your mistakes that you made in the current Mock. Check for the mistakes that you could have avoided. Check for the questions that were easy to attempt but you did not. Check if you used the shortest method to solve the questions that you attempted correctly. Compare your performance of each section and identify the section in which you scored the lowest and the section you scored the highest. Check and identify for your strong and weak areas.

3) Third kind of analysis involves comparison of your score in the current mock with your previous Mocks. Check if there is any improvement in the different sections and in total. You may prepare an Excel file to feed in your score and for calculation. Check the rate of improvement in accuracy and speed. You must use a running average method of say last 4 tests to check if there is improvement in score, speed and accuracy. By using Running average method you will get a better idea if there is improvement or if the performance is staying stable. Check if the same mistakes are being repeated over and again in different test. Try to improve in these areas, and if you fail to improve in any particular area ( Lets say in Arranging the sequence of sentence to form a paragraph) after a lot of effort, it would be better that you skip the area completely.

Comments By UrPercentile Subscibers

Swati : The Mock Tests are the most important part of the preparation. Through the tests, one gets to know where s/he stands in the competition. But then taking the test does not fulfill the purpose. Taking the test is like half battle won. But then you cannot conquer your enemy until you know your weaknesses and strengths and for that you need to analyze your performance properly. So, after taking the test the steps you need to perform are:

1)       Evaluate the test yourself and check your answers.
2)       Try to solve the questions you are not able to solve during the test.
3)       Solving the questions that were incorrect.
4)       Finding out short cut and different methods for some questions.
5)       Now, checking with the given answer script the methods for solving all the questions.
6)       If a given method is better in the answer script than the one you have followed, then following it meticulously and try to apply in the similar types of questions.

How Many Practice / Mock Test to Take
We recommend that you take at least 25 Mocks (including the past CAT papers ....

  Tips for Practice Test
Don't get bogged down on few questions, and Don't get demoralised if you are not able to solve a few quest.

  Comments on Mock Tests
Importance of Mock tests: Mock tests when taken sincerely mirror our preparations.

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