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The important thing you have to do is give up the fear of Mathematics. Start playing with numbers mentally. You can do mental calculation while watching TV, traveling, eating at restaurants, etc with the numbers being provided to you.  Formulas should be on your finger tips which will not only save time but will also reduce chances of error. Try to solve as many questions as possible during preparation and solve them with paper and pen. Just reading through the solved questions WILL NOT HELP. This gives a false impression to self that one has the ability to solve the question , but when he/she sits down to solve the problem , the problem cannot be solved. You have to solve the questions on paper to gain confidence. Expose yourself to questions from different sources. If you are not able to solve a question in first attempt, record down the question number, page number and the book name in a dairy.

Check the dairy once a week and solve again all those question that you could not solve at the first attempt. If you are not able to grasp a method of a particular book, look for similar questions solved elsewhere to check different method to solve the same questions. Try to find out different ways to solve a question and select the best method out.

Multiplication of numbers till 25*25 should be remembered. Squares, cubes and multiplication of any 2 numbers below 25 should be on finger tips. Pythogoras triplets with any all the arms less than 200 should be remembered. Start working on mental calculations with percentages, fractions etc. Corresponding % value of digits till 25 should be in memory, for example corresponding % value of 3 is 33.33%, of 4 is 25 %, of 5 is 20 % and so on. 5. Fraction value of some of the important % and vice versa should be remembered. Like 45% = 9/20 , 60% = 3/5, 33.33% = 1/3. Remembering all the above mentioned points will not only save time but will also reduce chances of error. 

Identify the types of questions that are scoring for you. There may be a few topics which you can leave but make sure you have enough practise to attempt any easy question that may come from these areas.

After you attempt questions , be it right or wrong check the method used to solve the question by the writer of the book/ reference material.  (UrPercentile.com) Keep a record of all the questions you are not able to attempt correctly in the first go (Just write down Q.No. Page No. and Book Name) and attempt these questions again after a few days.

Some people  think that remembering the formulas will be enough . There is no harm in keeping a list of formulas, but remember that just learning the formulas by heart won't help much. One must also know the different types of question where a particular formula can be used and this will come by solving more and more questions on paper.  When the questions comes in the test they are not able to solve the same due to lack of practice and confidence. It is very important that you know how and when to implement the formulas, just remembering the formulas won't help.
If you want to start from basics on any certain topic, you may refer the NCERT books of Maths for Class 1X, X, X1 and X11. (UrPercentile.com) Note not all topics of these books are required for CAT. There should be at least 10 months in hand if you want to start from basics.

Comments By UrPercentile Subscribers:

Sweta : Improve speed and accuracy in Quantitative aptitude :
This can improved by first of all making the basics of mathematics very clear and then having practice for Quantitative problems, solving as many as possible but with the check on time & try to reduce time. One should start playing with the numbers & also he/she can do mental calculations during the course of time eg. While traveling, going to restaurants, watching television etc. with the numbers provided.
But just reducing the time will not help if the answers are not right and so accuracy in solving the questions is very necessary. Solving problems from different sources is the most important as just reading the problems & their solutions cannot improve speed & accuracy needed for Quantitative aptitude.

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