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Mohit : I think that MBA abroad is better for those people who have big bank balances. They shud definetely opt for MBA overseas. For a midlle class people, MBA in an IIM is the zenith that they shud strive for. MBA overses is important b'cause it gives u a n exposure to the various businees views. There will be all kinds of blends of talents from across the world with which u will be competing. That will prepare u for future business dealings with international clients.

Jayesh : In my view an MBA abroad is a better option only if u r getting admission into a reputed as well as well known university. A lot also depends on the way the course is conducted and the industrial relations of the University. Its always better to get in touch with the past/current students of the university in order to really understand the situation. And believe me best schools out there do get u in touch with their students.

Ankit :   An MBA abroad is not necessarily a better option. Unless you are aiming for the top 20 business schools across the world, a top Indian MBA may be better. The top 15-20 US business schools and a few other European schools like London Business School, INSEAD and IMD Switzerland are about the only schools that promise better prospects than a top Indian MBA.
MBA in the lesser known schools in UK, Australia and Canada may not be worth the effort. You would end up spending a lot of money and may have to return to India for a job that requires you to compete with MBAs from the top schools in India. Indian companies are likely to prefer an Indian MBA to an MBA from a lesser known university abroad.
An MBA abroad can cost anywhere between $120,000 in the top international schools to about $30,000 in the mediocre schools. An Indian MBA on the other hand can be obtained at a fraction of this cost.
While you may find the CAT and other Indian MBA entrance exams daunting, an admission in a good MBA programme abroad comes with its own set of challenges. You will need a high GMAT score, take the TOEFL, fill out multiple applications, write essays for each application, arrange recommendation letters and official transcripts. 5-6 months of study could get you admitted to an MBA programme in India. Applying to a good school abroad could take about a year to complete.
Even if you are ready to take these challenges, competition for a place in the top international business schools can be several times tougher than gaining an admission in an IIM. You would be competing with the top students from across the world as against the top students in India. 4-5 years of good work experience is necessary; top academic grades, international experience, extracurricular involvement are absolutely necessary.
Applying for an MBA in a top school abroad usually makes sense if you have had an excellent career till now, have had all-round achievements to speak about in academics, work and extracurricular involvements and aspire for a international career in management.
Applying for an MBA in mediocre schools in UK and Australia can be justified if working and living abroad is very high on your life agenda. If that is the case and you have the money to spend go ahead with your plans.

Karan :  The course offered   abroad include many reputed universities like Oxford, Harvard etc. but in my point of view the colleges in India like  IIMs and Xavier  etc are also good. We have the requirements  for education in this field to reach the highest  level. The faculty teaching in India is also world class, so there is no need for any Indian to go abroad to get this degree. The brain drain procedure should be stopped and effort should be made  to grow  Indian education level. Some colleges abroad offer nice facilities but are expensive and so are not suitable economically. The  faculties in India are  also invited in these universities abroad for guidance. The level of CAT in India also has all the requirements to select future responsible and intelligent manager in India or any place outside India and we have lot of examples for this. So finally according to my point of view no Indian need to go abroad for getting MBA degree. .

Manish:  In my view MBA from abroad can be more valuable than the one from India only if it is done from a reputed institute like Harward. It`s well known that all MBA pass outs from reputed foreign business schools are paid a handsome amount of money and the reason behind it is that all these institutes feed their students with the required fundas to rule the contemporary market and this attracts the business companies. It`s only due to the great managerial skills of these MBA pass outs that they are offered the posts of chief executive officer in leading companies. So getting an MBA degree from a reputed Business school abroad is much better than any Indian MBA degree, but given in all the cases the institute of studies must have a prestigious position among all the Business schools of the world.

Amit : Indian Education is the best education one can get anywhere in the world. The quality of students you can find in a top Indian B School is unmatched, in terms of their aptitude and level of understanding. I believe going abroad for an MBA is the salvation of those people who are not able to crack the CAT or as a matter of fact any decent B School in India. Doing an MBA abroad involves a lot of expenditure which everyone can't bear. The ideal scenario is pursuing your MBA from a decent Indian B School and at a later stage if required, go in for a 1 Year MBA Program abroad.

Manaswini  :  The international courses on business administration offered by institutes abroad includes a short trip to overseas destination, which helps a student in gaining a global view. They are appreciated for their international experience on curricular and personal perspective with the moolah around these days an MBA from abroad seems a viable option.
Amit :  Today MBA is a lot necessary to all those who expect a bright career in their future. But doing MBA from a renowned institute or from abroad is carrying a special status. MBA in abroad is prefered more because there you get more sources of study. Also there is more job opportunity so one should prefer more  doing MBA from abroad. For instance, the salaries being provided here is ridiculously low and disappointing as it did not even cover the expenses of education.

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A Paradise for MBA Aspirants