A Paradise for MBA Aspirants
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Comments from IIMA students:

From Tushara Nair:
hectic...very demanding...you got to be on your toes all the time... and also lots of fun...you have gotto be here to know what it is like!!!!

From Nirav Kanodra :
like hell .. too hectic and totally sleep deprived. But u do find time to play sports and follow ur interests if u manage time well. Be prepared to read on an average 70-100 or even 150 pages per day

From Joseph Akkarappatty :
During first year, academic pressures are pretty high.  but you can chill during the second year.  we see our seniors have a lot of time to pursue various interests.  We have a number of clubs catering to varied interests.  also ramp parties every alternate saturday thats about it.

From Devadas Krishnan :
Very hectic and stressful. IIMA is not a picnic party. I can handle stress (I was in mktg for nearly 5 yrs) but have seen many breaking down.  

From Sushanth:
Many ppl must have already told you this, IT IS TOUGH. But definitely worth it. So stop thinking abt whether the place is worth the effort that you would be required to put in ..because no amount of effort is too much to get here. The kind of people you will get to interact with ( students and profs) is amazing. All the facilities are provided but you will just not have the time to use them. So if you can kiss enjoyment away for an year .. my advice would be go for it.

From Aishwarya Pratap Singh:
I think u are not in a position to know much about IIMA. still if u need, showing u just a window- come to IIMA if u hv the urge to excel among the best, if u can face the extreme pressure, if u can work constantly and still say i m enjoying life. thats IIMA- very demanding, very competitive but deserving to be the best. after all not everyone enters here.

From Abhishek Gupta :
Awesome experience!!!!!!! Learning, learning and learning and yes with a whole lot of enjoyment.

From Sandeep :
Apart from the academics, life at IIM-A is a big big learning.. the most important being u learn how to balance ur life when u r being stretched from different corners.. initially u may get totally lost, but, take my word, once u get used to it, u wud love it!!! Better be prepared for the big thing!


A Paradise for MBA Aspirants