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So getting ready ?

Here we compile a few things for you to do and a few things to avoid in the next 4 weeks. Best of luck to all UrPercentile.com subscribers.

You must have already identified your weak and strong areas. Prepare a time table on the basis your strengths and weaknesses. Give more importance to areas where you think that by investing less time you can improve more. There may be areas where you can improve but will require a lot of time, we would suggest you to ignore these areas completely now. Don't invest too much time on the areas that you have never touched before. Just fine tune your strengths and the areas where you think improvement is possible by investing comparatively less time.

Take at least 6 Mocks in the next 4 weeks. Spend at least 2 hours on analysis of each paper. Analyse the Mocks you took earlier, attempt the questions that you could not solve correctly that time.

Don't get bogged down at one section. Spread your study time evenly .

Take 4 to 5 days off from your college / office during the next 4 weeks, preferably on Fridays or Mondays to have a long study weekend. Don't take all these holidays at the same time, take one or two in a week.

The Final Thrust
Prepare  your own priority list on the topics to be covered in the last few weeks depending upon your...
  During the Test
We would suggest you to start with the section in which you are most comfortable .
  Selection Of Questions In the Test
Selection of proper question during the exam is very important and may be the deciding factor.

Keep fit, do light exercise for 15 minutes a day should be enough. Eat well and sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Reward yourself for the hard work you put in. Go to your favorite restaurant/ hang out place at least twice in the next 4 weeks. Do it when you feel that you had enough of studies and when your mind is not able to grasp any more.

Watch one latest movie or attend one social gathering (marriage party etc), this could be one of the reward you give to yourself for your good performance at a MOCK. Keep in regular touch with your exam buddies who are taking CAT over the phone. Call your friends who are not taking the CAT on the phone once in while to know the world outside CAT.

Avoid going to far away places as it consume time and energy. Drive less. Try to do as many tasks as possible over the phone or on internet. Share your problems and doubts with other members of UrPercentile. It will help.

Forget about the cricket matches that will be held in the coming weeks as these are very time consuming. If you are really a cricket enthusiastic manage just by checking the scores once in a while. For next few weeks, think on these line :- Player play it to get fame and money, TV channels telecast it to make money, sponsors do so to attract more customers.....and silly me.... watching it to spoil my career. You may resume your love for Cricket after the exams.   (UrPercentile.com)

A few days before the exam, we are sure that at least 1000 candidates out of all those planning to take CAT will report that they have lost the hall ticket. We don't want anyone from UrPercentile to be among those 1000 unlucky ones. Please take care.

All your preparation should be over by 24 hours before the exam. Don't even touch the study materials/ book etc after that time. Enjoy the time with your friends and family and give some time to yourself. Don't indulge in any activity that put strain on you physically, mentally or emotionally. Sleep early on the night before the exam and wake up early the next morning, make sure you sleep at least 8 hours. (UrPercentile.com) Do a bit of exercise and if you really need, spend half an hour on final touch up by revising those important formulas etc.

Make sure you reach your examination center 45 minutes before the required time and that you have all the necessary documentation with you.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants