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JMET 06  (Held on11-Dec-2005) -
( Pattern and Analysis) The pattern was as defined in their brochure with almost no element of surprise in it, though the difficulty level in maths was much higher than expected. The paper did not mention that one need to perform well in all sections indicating that there were no sectional cut off, but we never know some of the IITs may ask for sectional cut offs at a later date.

There were 4 sections in the paper with 150 questions in all. 1 marks for each correct answer and -.25 for a wrong answer. Total Time allocated was 2 hours. The four sections were :

A) Verbal (Total 40 questions) section had 3 passage of varying length with 12 questions in total, 14 questions on Vocabulary and 14 questions based on grammar .

B) Quantitative section ( Total 40 questions) had questions on following area : Geometry (10 Questions) , Functions ( 4 questions), Maximum and Minimum ( 3 questions) , Limits (3 questions) , Complex Numbers ( 3 questions), Differentiation and Integration ( 3 questions) and 1 or 2 questions each on areas like vectors, Number system, Mixtures, Logarithm, Permutation and combinations, Set Theory etc.

C) Logical Reasoning ( Total 40 questions) included Data Sufficiency , Caselets in forms of tables , critical , logical and analytical reasoning.

D) Data interpretation (Total 30 questions) had questions on Tables, Bar Chart, Line charts , Pie Charts etc.

JMET 2005 : The test was of 2 hours with 150 questions with negative marking and had following break up.

1. English : Reading comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar: 40 questions

2. Logical reasoning, Analytical, Deductive and DS : 40 questions

3. Quantitative ability. : 30 questions

4. Data interpretation : 30 questions


JMET  2004:
The test was of 2 hours with negative marking and had following section.

Reading Comprehension :   15 Questions

Logical Reasoning :   40 Questions

Quantitative Aptitude :   40 Questions

Data Interpretation :    40 Questions

BA / GK :  15 Questions

Total  150 Questions

JMET prior to 2004
It was typically of two-hours long with 150 multiple-choice questions divided into five sections with each section of around 30 questions. The sections were:

1. English : Reading comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar.

2. Logical reasoning, Analytical, Deductive and DS.

3. Quantitative ability.

4. Data interpretation .

5. General business environment awareness

The Quant questions of JMET are of higher level than CAT.  You can expect more questions on topics like Trigonometry, Vectors, Binomial Expansion, Co-ordinate geometry, Logarithm, Calendar, Maxima & Minima Progression, Surds & Indices and Complex numbers. The difficulty level will be same as you have in the screening test of IIT engineering admission test.

Feedback on Exams
  Pattern of FMS
Following is the analysis and feedback of FMS (FT) and FMS (MS).
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MAT is typically of 150 minutes with 200 questions to be solved. There is negative marking ..
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