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Most important part is to understand your weaknesses and strong areas. When you have limited time first attempt the questions you are strong at. When you get a question wrong analyse it and try to understand why you got it wrong . 

The most likely reason are :

1. Lack of knowledge

2. Lack of practise

3. Silly Mistake.

If it is due to lack of knowledge you need to go back and start working on fundamentals. When it is due to lack of practice you need to solve more questions of similar type. Notice the trend of your silly mistakes. People tend to repeat the same silly mistakes over and again. Be cautious when you are solving a question where you tend to commit a silly mistake.

Feeling Low due to Poor Performance
Well most of the MBA aspirants feel the same way around 3 months before..

  Analysis of Practice Test
Apart from analysing the overall result you should spend time analysing each question

  Comments on Mock Tests
Importance of Mock tests: Mock tests when taken sincerely mirror our preparations.


When attempting a MOCK test, don't get bogged down on any particular question. If you are not able to solve any particular question within a minute just leave it and move to the next question. Don't let your ego force you to stay on that particular question that you are not able to solve quickly. Read the questions properly, if you feel that you can solve it, then go ahead and solve it , otherwise just leave it and move to the next one.

The ability to judge, if a question is to be solved or to be left will come with more practice. Practice more, try to solve as many questions as possible, from diverse sources.

It is very important that you reduce repeating the same silly mistakes over and again. You have to identify the areas where you commit errors and work on these areas. When you take MOCK tests you will be surprised to notice that around 75 % of the questions that you got wrong were due to silly mistakes and out of these 75% around 70 % of the mistakes are the ones you have committed many times before.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants