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IRMA specialises in imparting management education for rural sector and so people with genuine interest for working in rural areas should join it. There have been many cases where IRMA students have done very good in  sectors other than rural sector.

IRMA : Dec 2005
There were 200 questions to be answered in 120 minutes. There were 4 sections and each question had 5 choices. There was negative marking of 1/4. There was no time limits for the section.

SECTION 1 : ENGLISH USAGE : There were 40 questions majority of which were on RC based on 2 passages. As expected passages were related to social/agricultural issues, one on education system and the other one related to dairy sector. 15 questions were on fill in the blanks in passage and jumbled paragraph.

SECTION 2 : MATHS . It had 50 questions based on DI, DS and Quantitative ability. There were questions on BODMAS, Number system, Mensurations, Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, Profit & Loss, Geometry , Compound & Simple Interest, Venn Diagrams etc. (UrPercentile.com) Data Interpretation was based on caselets, bar graph, line graph and tables.

SECTION 3 : REASONING : This section had 50 questions . Questions were based on Analogies , Odd man Out, Cause and Effect, Coding- decoding , Strong / Weak Arguments, Statement and conclusions, Probably True- Definitely True- Probably False- Definitely false , Decision making , Course of Action.

SECTION 4: GENERAL AWARENESS ; There were 60 questions in this section. Questions were based on general awareness, agricultural issues, recent policies, budget and policies effecting the rural areas and agricultural areas, recent happening in World bodies and impact on rural and agricultural areas, genetically modified food, food and consumption etc. We at UrPercentile.com expect the Cut off to be 93 marks for IRMA.

IRMA Paper Prior to 2005
It was typically of 2 hours with 200 questions and no sectional time limits. 1 mark for every correct answer and –1/4 for every incorrect answer.

Quantitative including DI : 50 question
Logical Reasoning : 50 question
English : 40 questions
GK/ GA : 60 question

Questions on GK and GA gave more importance to social and agricultural issues. Questions related to co-operative societies, farmers, agricultural, dairy and food products, food production and processing, import and export of food products, irrigation and dams , NGOs, Non profit organisations, etc were there

In RC section also  passages on issues mentioned above were there. 

Pattern of IRMA 2006
There was  no surprise element in the IRMA test.  The pattern and difficulty level remained the same.
  Syllabus for the Entrance Test
The exam pattern for different exams is different and may change without prior notice.
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